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Is Date Ukraine women different? I am asked over and over again why are we different? Are you a scam like so many other online dating sites.


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Am I a scam many ask? If I were would I be honest with you?? It is hard nowadays to tell who is real or who is a scam. I can not convince you by you reading my world. I can only show you in real life in Ukraine side by side. After only one day with me, you will see as so many other clients of mine say, Rod, you are well worth the money!

Sure this is a business I do make money doing this. The reward is simple to see two people have some sense of hope and pleasure.

I was asked by a friend of mine how do people know you are real? I am sure everyone has heard about the scams the online girls that take your money. Not only in Ukraine but everywhere on the internet. This is why I do not have online profiles of women nor will you be able to video with any girls through my site. It is not natural to meet this way, well not for someone with serious intentions. This what I know about meeting someone. Let us start by online dating, can you really meet a girl online? You can look at her photos or see her in a video cam.

But did you meet her? Of course not! I will walk with you as many days as it takes to find you a real woman not some fake online.

How many of us have wanted to meet our favorite movie star? When the day come as it did for me when I met a supermodel. I will not tell you her name but it was very disappointing. She was so skinny and did not have much makeup on I did not know who she was until someone said that is whats her name the supermodel. We all know TV and the movies lie with all the computer generation tools soon we will not need real stars.

Wouldn’t be so much nicer to see a girl with her friends or her child, suddenly you get that feeling inside. That feeling of butterflies or wet hands your only focus is the amazing person in front of you.

Most of us do not have the courage to make the move to meet her. That is my job I not only bring you to meet beautiful women I will also help you meet them. When I say help you meet them I mean I will walk up to this person you like. In some way, I will get her to come over and meet you.

As scared as you might be I will be the best wingman you have ever had in your life. I know how these women think what turns them on and what will have them walk away from you.

In the past, I have actually had to drag some man over to meet a woman. But if you do it in the right way she will think it is so sweet. It does not take much for a Ukrainian girl to meet you, it does take some effort to get her to date you. Again this is where I come in. Me or one of my staff members will be able to read the girls thoughts. We have been doing this for some time we know when she is not interested.

You will be on a dating trip with me our one and only site to see at this time is beautiful women. Not some statue or historical monument.

I will tell you this once you are dating one of these women if you want to see her city she will be more than happy to give you a great tour. So what would be better me some guy that is not so sexy or a woman you met to show you around?

I am sure you will have some questions about your safety while in Ukraine. OK as long as you are not one of those loud needy or arrogant men you will not have a problem.

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There is not much violent crime there you will not find anyone fighting. Well maybe two girls fighting over a man, this does happen often. In some cities, there are not enough eligible men to date so when a girl finds a man she will not be so easily persuaded to lose him. When you find and date one of these Ukrainian women she will be yours. They can be a little jealous but not in a bad way more like this she will let everyone know you are her man.

From what is see or what my friends in Ukraine tell me the women are very loyal to their man. I am not saying you can treat her poorly or ignore her.

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All most of them want is love to be supported listened to. There is no big secret to marrying one of these girls. It is hard for most men to understand this. It was for me when I first started going to Ukraine. We have heard that saying the truth will set you free right? Here the truth will make you happy, do not lie to the women there. They will see you are not true and in an instant, she will be gone. Tell her the truth she will respect you even if she does not agree with you.

So get off the couch or from sitting at your desk and come to Ukraine. No one in the last days of their life regrets anything they have done. But does regret the things they should have done.

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