Private Tour Guide To Ukraine

I have read there are many private tour guides to Ukraine. But there is not many like me your private tour guide to Ukraine. Not only do you have an American as your private guide, but also a private date guide in Ukraine.

Beautiful Ukraine Woman
I meet with you in Ukraine and help you meet and date Ukraine women. I will not do any online dating, it will all be real dating in Person.
Type Of Tour Personal Date Tour
5 travelers max, dedicated tour escorts & guides throughout
Departures Scheduled Dates; check dates here
Price Includes  

  •  All ground transportation and transfers from airport
    • Accommodations in Modern Apartment
    • Professional, English-speaking driver/guide
    • I will provide interpreters, first 5 hours free. ($10 per. hour extended)
    •  Flat cost for date tour! No hidden fees! interested click here Date Ukraine Women

I have been asked over and over why are you so inexpensive? The main reason is so an average man can book me, have my help. You see my main focus is on the Ukraine women. I hope to find them a good man, a man that is normal and wants and needs a good woman. I did some research on Ukraine tours. Now the tours that are just for site seeing will cost around $150 a day. You have to make all the travel plans where to stay and how to get around in the city on your own. They are only day tours. If you want a package tour it will cost from  $2500 to $5000 depending on where you want to stay. These tours are just for seeing the sites of certain cities.

Would You Like To Date A Girl Like Katya?

Now if you want a private tour with the intentions of meeting Ukraine women the cost goes up fast. Most tours that include meeting Ukraine women start around $3000, this is a basic tour package.

It does not include hotel stay or transfers from the airport. It also does not include dating a woman only meeting them! If you would like to date a woman, it will be from $100 to $250 for every new woman you want to date. Oh, I forgot to mention this is not a private tour it is a tour with 20 to 40 men. If you would like a private tour the cost will be from $5000 to $11000, yes you read it right. If you have doubts go to this site Quest Tours it amazes me sometimes what people will pay. They do have a purpose I guess if they can charge men this amount, and they pay more power to them.

For me and my clients, I prefer to make it reasonable for almost anyone to afford a tour to Ukraine. I have always said it is not so much about the men but helping the great Ukraine woman. 

In A Nightclub

I do think back and remember there were times, I would pay $1000’s of dollars if someone would show me how to date these women and I was already in Ukraine. Many times I would be sitting in my hotel afraid to go out and see what the city had to offer. The times I did go out trying to find a woman to date, I became so frustrated. I would say the wrong thing or approach her when I shouldn’t walk up to a girl in a nightclub. Only to be stared at like I was some kind of freak. Or the worst was for the girls to turn their back to me.

Here is one of the biggest reasons I decided to start helping Western men in Ukraine. The cultural differences do not seem so different but they are.

You can not treat these women like western women! It was one of the hardest things for me to understand when I first started to go to Ukraine. Over the years it is now a very simple task for me to change the way I am when in Ukraine. I have to tell myself I am not in America now think like a Ukrainian. Let me ask you a question what would you think is better when trying to meet and date a foreign woman? Have a guide from the country you are in, hoping they will understand your culture? Or a man that has a western way of thinking, but is also able to introduce you to a new culture? Because he learned the hard way making so many mistakes on his own?

I have friends in Ukraine, sometimes they just expect me to understand their culture. When I do something rude or so crazy they look at me like I am ridiculous.

Warm Up With Dasha

There was one time some friends and I were in a nice jazz club. We were talking about Putin and how he has changed the way Ukrainians think about Russia. Russia brought the war to Eastern Ukraine, the people are very upset. I was on my way to the washroom, it was a little loud in the club. As I stood I said very loud “fuck Putin” as the music died. Everyone stopped and looked at me!! Luckily my friend stood up and explain what the stupid American said so loudly. Then everyone in the place started to shout “fuck Putin” I got a nice ovation that night. One of the things most people will not tolerate is someone being loud in a public place. Who knew?

 Over the years I have learned so much of the Ukraine culture and customs, you would be in good hands with me. Come With Me To Ukraine and meet the woman of your dreams.

I will not promise you anything other then you will have one of the best times of your life with my group.I have many posts that will show you how successful I have been in my travels to Ukraine. Also, many comments from my clients, if you have a question or comment please write me!


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  1. you are a private tour guide for dating girls I have not heard of this before. I had a friend that went to Ukraine with a bunch of blokes. he told me they met a lot of girls but no dates it was more of a tour of the cities they went to. how are you different??

  2. Hey Lester, I am different in that all I do is help you date Ukraine girls. If you want a tour of her city that is up to you, I am not a tour guide. It is difficult to date these women if you do not know the culture.Honestly, who would you rather give you a tour of the city me, or a beautiful woman you are dating??

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