Right Way To Date Ukrainian Woman

 I want to tell you about the proper or correct way to date a Ukrainian woman. Dating advice for dating Ukraine women. Now once you find her, there are a few things you should and should not do.


First, compliment her but make it real when you see her if there is something you like about her tell her. Like your eyes are very pretty, or the color of her lipstick is nice. Don’t tell her she looks hot or sexy, make it real, Women know when you are lying.  You have no idea how many Ukraine women tell me their ex never complimented her. Another thing, even women up to around 35 years old like to be called girls, not women.

I know Americans almost always pay for a women’s dinner but not Ukrainian men.

You will always get a smile and a thank you for doing this. They do appreciate being taken care of by their man. Also, tell her a story of you being brave even if you might think it is small what you did tell it. Ukraine women love a brave man and a confident man.Be confident I do not mean puff out your chest but be a man. Take her to a nice place it does not have to be expensive.If she asks you where you want to sit do not say anywhere is fine. Take control let’s sit by the window, or maybe they have a floor upstairs. By the way, most cafe or restaurants in Ukraine have an upstairs in Ukraine.

Do not order alcohol never, never! Until you know one another if you like it that is. A glass of wine or a beer is fine. Beer or wine is not considered alcohol!

So Sexy

They like to be treated like a lady open the door for them help them be seated. Also, this may sound a little weird, but many of the Women I have dated take the sugar packets from the cafes. Not all of them but some will, please do not offend them either help or ignore it. You see, to some women sugar is an expense they can’t afford. They tell me they like to have coffee in the morning but can’t afford sugar.

Now the date is over it is getting late and always tell her I will get you a taxi especially on the first few dates.

In the big cities, it will only be around 5 to 8 dollars smaller cities it should be about 3 to 4 dollars. If you want to make an impression tell her you would like to ride with her in the taxi. To make sure she gets home alright! If she says no it is OK. But ask her to text you that she gets home all right because you worry about her. Never expect a kiss on the first date sometimes it takes a few, it is just their custom. The woman will let you know when she wants to kiss you. She will show you signs to kiss her don’t miss them you might not get a second chance.

 I would suggest you do not bring her a gift for the first date flowers are OK but not anything more. On the second date is when you need to let her know she is special to you.

Single Mom

Now bring her maybe some chocolate or perfume. Perfume os around $50 to us it is not much for our woman. To A Ukrainian woman, it is 1-week salary. Don’t ever brag about how much money you have or the stuff you have back home. If you were married she will definitely ask you what happened to your marriage. Be as honest as you can she is looking to see if you were an abusive man. From what I understand some men can be abusive, especially the men who drink a lot.

If you are looking to date a woman over 40 there are many women that need a good man.

Beautiful Middle Age Woman

I have met a few women over 40, they are great most have a child, over half have raised the child or children by themselves. They are ready to get on with the second part of their lives. With a man that will love them the way they always hoped and dreamed. If you want a real companion someone that will appreciate you no matter who or what you are.  These are the women any older man would be lucky to have, all they ask from you is to be kind to them. I remember this woman Alla; she was a very sexy and a big smile. She had been single for over 15 years her daughter was grown and married all she wished for was a good man.

 I have been dating Women in Ukraine for over eight years now it took me a long time to understand the dating customs.

I made many mistakes it cost me to lose some of the best most beautiful women I have ever met. You might think like a lot of men that beautiful women are hard to get, but if most of the women are beautiful then beautiful is average there. Book a tour with me I will show you all you need to meet and date one of these beauties! You would not rent a boat to go tuna fishing if you have never tried it right? So why would you go to Ukraine without an experienced date guide?

Here is what I will do for you, I will be your Personal Date Guide. I can show you all you need to date these beautiful women.



I meet with you in Ukraine and help you meet and date Ukraine women. I will not do any online dating, it will all be real dating in Person.
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