Secret To Meet Girls

What is the secret to meet sexy Ukrainian girls? Is there a secret to meeting them? What would you pay to meet and date these sexy girls? First, you need a dating guide. Some guides say they are professional is this what you need?

Beautiful Girl

Professional means you pay someone to provide services. I prefer an experienced guide, yes you still have to pay him. The difference is one is self-proclaimed the other has many years of not only providing a service. But like you there was a time when he was in your shoes. Wondering around a country that was so big and different that is was overwhelming.

In my early times of going to Ukraine, I was in a situation lost in Lugansk a city that is not used to foreign men. I look through the internet for some help someone to point me in the right direction.

I found nothing but ads for nightclubs. What did I do in this strange city for 6 days? Not much. Day after day I tried to talk with the girls there nothing happened. The last day I was there it was 10 hours before I needed to go to the airport. Sitting outside of my hotel I noticed this amazing looking girl walking towards me. She was wearing a short black skirt, the closer she came I could see how beautiful she was.

My focus was completely on her. When she was only a few feet away I stood up said hello. She smiled walked over to me and asked where are you from? I said America, she asked what is it like in America.

The night went on very fast for us knowing I had to leave in a few hours. We had a great time went to a cafe walked but mostly talked. About her life about my life, in the middle of the conversation, she asked. Rod can I have your phone number and email address? I asked of course why now? She said I want to see you again and I have to have your information. I do not want to take a chance of not seeing you again. It was the craziest thing and at the same time the best thing. I asked her Nelia why did you come over and meet with me? I said I tried to meet many girls but none would talk with me here. She asked where did you try to meet them, I said on the street or in the hotel bar.

She replied I am happy about this because now I am with you. Then went on to say silly Rod you cannot meet girls in the street or at bars it is not acceptable.

Nelia, why did you come and meet me? she whispered in my ear because you treated me like I was special. Went on to tell me how I made her feel this way. At the time it made no sense to me, now I look back and know exactly how I made her feel special. These are the thing I can help any man with when they take a tour with me. Like I said I have many years of experience in failure with these girls.

 The men that want to go to Ukraine ask me what do these women want? Well, it is a bit different than their western girls. Ukrainian girls love real compliments from a confident man.

A Ukrainian girl will let you know when it is time to touch her.  It is not like American girls that give you false signals. There are many ways to meet girls, but it is not always the same. If you go online, read some of what other sites think. All I have to ask them, is do they have the experience that I do?

If not then you could not possibly know what it takes to meet a Ukrainian girl for men from America. Most men that go to Ukraine to find love are over 40, most do not have a dating game as they call it.

Do you know what all women want and need from a man?  There are so many variables on what to say how to say it and who to say it to. It can not be a general thing like “5 ways to meet Ukrainian girls” Or read my e-book on dating women.

I have met quite a few women, learned quite a lot of information from them. One incredible looking girl told me if a good looking guy gives her a compliment she does not take it so seriously. 

If an average man gives her a compliment, sometimes she gets a flutter in her stomach. The average guy she thought had the courage to approach her. So there are some secrets to date Ukrainian girls.

The Ukraine girls are smart, they know this about men from the local guys. They do not fall in love with their eyes. Customs tell them the need to meet a good man start a family.

Here is the problem for Ukrainian women, they want to marry but there are few men that want to marry. I know they will not just settle for a guy that does not love and care for them. If they did this there would not be a problem in Ukraine. Here is where most dating advice writers on the internet go wrong about how to date a Ukrainian woman.

It is like this with most dating sites dating advice sites they all assume we have a Ukraine girlfriend! Or everyone knows how to meet Ukrainian girls!

First, you are in a foreign country so are you so brave to walk up to a woman, ask her her name? It was my third trip to Ukraine, I thought I was this cool American from my previous trip because I knew so much now. Walking down the street in Kiev saw a pretty woman, walked right up to her. She then turned her whole body away from me. I did not know it was rude to talk with girls on the street.

I was embarrassed, so many insecurities came to me. What did I do wrong? I now know what I did wrong that day I did not follow the cultural rules.

It was considered rude to her what I did. Now I had so many doubts about what to do! Here is where my tour comes in. I will personally walk with you up to a woman and meet her. How to meet a woman or more importantly how to meet Ukrainian women. It is the only reason for most men to come to Ukraine. Like I have written before it is not a difficult thing to accomplish. You just have to know the rules.

  There are some rules to approach a woman. It is rude to try to approach women in certain places I could be like all the other dating advice sites. 

Show up in Ukraine and get scammed.  Well, there I was in Ukraine alone again. Until my Friend, Igor from Kiev showed me the correct way to approach a Ukrainian woman. Yes, sometimes it does not work for me. Sometimes a woman with say sorry, not interested or please leave us alone. But like the blind squirrel even he finds a nut every now and then!


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