Sex With Ukrainian Girls

What does sex mean in Ukraine? Is sex a forbidden topic when you meet a sexy Ukrainian girl? Could a man have a conversation about sex with girls in public? Is sex with Ukrainian girls better or worse than in other countries? What are the chances of a foreign man having sex with girls without knowing the customs?

Here are some of the questions I have been asked by potential clients. I could be upset that this is what they are looking for in Ukraine but it is natural. To ignore these questions would be very hypocritical I think. OK, first I would like to talk about professional girls or prostitutes. Being from Las Vegas I myself have become used to knowing about this lifestyle. Sex is everywhere in Vegas.

In Ukraine, it is not in your face as they say. The most you will see is strip club billboards on the highways. For a city as big as Kiev there are not many clubs like this.

There was a brothel on a riverboat but I understand it was closed a few years ago. I have met with men that ask me why are there so many sexy women in Kiev. Dressing in a short skirt very high heels skin showing all over the city, but no prostitutes? I do not know the answer to this, maybe it is not needed?

I have had a chance to talk with girls and women about sex in Ukraine. Most of the time it is in a group of more than 2 girls. The conversation usually goes like this.

Most girls think real life in America is like movies or TV. It is very eye-opening for me to know that sex or talking about sex is not that big of a deal there. I remember one group of girls they were from age 25 to 30 I would say. Once the conversation switched to talking about sex it was a long afternoon. There was no talking about the act itself but a lot about the process leading up to the act.

They were so curious to know if most American girls were willing to have sex with a man they just met. In so many TV shows it is shown to be like this.

After a few hours of talking, I realized sex is natural and not at all forbidden to speak about it in cretin company. I asked the girls would you go to a man’s apartment after you just met him. All said no they would not! One girl asked me if I were married or had a girlfriend? I answered no I am single.

The strangest thing happened. One of the girls unbuttoned her top to open her shirt just a little. Two others followed I could not help myself I had to ask what was going on?

They all giggled one said you are a single man we need to attract your attention. There are not many men to chose from, so when you find a good guy we have to at least try. The most outspoken girls said it is not us saying we want to have sex with you. We are just letting you know we are interested in you. The most interesting thought was one girl said when I date a man I am not thinking about sex like he is.

It is not the same in Ukraine there is not a date minimum. After three dates she will go to your home to spend the night.

If your plan is to go to Ukraine to have sex with a few girls, you will have a big problem with this. It was a matter of trust and respect. Every girl I dated it was different could be one date could be three weeks also could be never. If you push the issue it might not happen at all.  It is a different culture different country and laws are of course, different. 

Is sex better or worse than in other countries. Are these sexy Ukrainian girls better in bed than in America? I will not say but I will say it is different.

One of the good things that happen afterward is you are now her man. She will let you and everyone else know this. If she sees another girl look at you, she will hug or kiss you to let them know this is my man. Again if you are going to Ukraine to have sex with these girls try another group. We do not or will not help you with this type of tour. If you are planning to meet date and have a relationship this is exactly what we do.

Think about it you travel all the way across the world to have sex. If this is your goal stay home and find it there.

The men we have met with in Ukraine are looking for real feelings a real relationship with a good girl. A girl that is also looking for a man to start a new family. We started this group to help the stranded men that go to Ukraine to find love. Only to find it is a scam or she just does not like you. By doing this we have found we are helping these single, divorced lonely girls find someone that cares for them.

I have said it before I will say it again these girls are some of the sexiest girls on the planet. This does not make them an easy target for sex.

Many times a girl will say this I believe having sex for strong feelings or love. But I do not believe in having sex for fun, I do not see the point. I believe it is because most of the people in Ukraine are Christian. Here is another reason it is a good place to find a girl to have a relationship. I have met some of the sexiest but also kind, smart, and down to earth girls.

It is not all happy in Ukraine now the economy is not very good now. If you were to take a tour with us not only would you find a good girl but you would be helping a lonely girl have a better life. 

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