Sexy Asian Girls Or Ukrainian?

What country has the sexiest girls in the world? Is it Sweden maybe Russia, Ukraine, or is it an Asian country? Sexy Asian girls are the number one most searched when it comes to sexy girls.

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So I would have to agree that most men feel the Asin women are the most desirable in the world. Here is a funny fact a lot of Ukrainian women have Asian blood in them. If you would look at a map you would see Asia is only 400 miles from the edge of Ukraine also these women have Middle Eastern blood in them too. I feel this is the reason they are some of the sexiest women in the world. We know when different races are mixed the result can be very exotic.

I recently looked up where are the women that make the best wives. I was very surprised to find an article that wrote Ukrainian women make the best wives!

Most write about how bad Ukraine is how all the girls there just want money. It is not true the people online that promote or should I say take advantage of these women just want money. I think this was a very well written article, it says they most good women come from Asia or Eastern Europe. With the one exception of Columbia. I have dated a few Asian women they do like to take care of their man. Maybe this is why Ukrainian women make good wives, it was passed down from their Asian ancestors.


Top 7 countries where to find a wife!

In our age of easy traveling and easy access to the internet, men are getting curious where to find a wife abroad…

7. The ever-welcoming Philippines

The advantage of Philippines brides is that it is easy to take them out of their country. Unlike many Asian countries, the Philippines is a very easy come-and-go place; its regulations are friendly.

Top 7 countries where to find a wife

Most women from the Philippines are allowed to work elsewhere in the world, in the United States in particular. They speak good English.

The Philippines is a country of low income, and Philippines girls are always on the lookout for a husband from elsewhere.

The culture in the Philippines is considered very open in the Asian part of the world. The families are friendly and it is easy to get along with every member of a bride’s family.

6. Hot Colombian women

Where to find a wife in Latin America? We suggest Colombia. It is one of the most popular countries in the world from which the girls are taken to be wives.

Top 7 countries where to find a wife

The country is changing rapidly; it is no longer a narcos-driven country with the high crime rate and slave-holding, as it used to be in the middle of the past century.

Columbia is on the top in the list of South American countries in terms of where to find a wife. Colombian girls are stunningly well-shaped and gracefully moving.

A competition for a good man is very high in Colombia, as a lot of decent men went to war or got into prison due to the troubled history of the country.

Like many other Latino women, some Colombian girls do not care about age. They want a decent man to be a husband, regardless what age is he. That makes an easy search among Colombian girls for middle-aged men.

A lot of Colombian women are lone mothers who left their men because the latter didn’t treat them properly. This is also a factor if you want to marry a mature woman with a kid.

The only thing that would make things harder is a language barrier. Not many girls speak good English over there.

5. Find your Asian beauty in Thailand

Thailand is characterized by the high rates of poverty and beautiful women. These factors make Thailand one of the most lucrative places where to find a wife.

Top 7 countries where to find a wife

The Thai people believe that white-skinned people are in all ways preferable than the people with a skin of color. As Thai men are swarthy-looking, any man with a white skin has the advantage to find a good-looking wife there.

Thai women know how to take care of their beauty; at all times they look alluring.

On the downside, the Thai women are notorious for their oddities. They seem to project some out-of-this-world image and may be hard to socialize with. They also prefer keeping their elegance and charm to their husbands only and would rather not spare time in taking care of a family.

If you are looking for an exotic wife as opposed to a good housekeeper, this country is for you.

4. The diverse Brazilian beauties

Brazilian girls are famous for their diversity. They can be different from one another in everything from their outlook and body-shape to their manners and personalities. There is no stereotyped Brazilian woman, as this country went through many transformations and has its population spread in rapidly rising megalopolises like Sao-Paolo and Rio as well as in smaller villages with ancient traditions.

Top 7 countries where to find a wife

This diversity makes Brazil a true paradise and sometimes makes men puzzled as to where exactly to find a wife in Brazil.

Some Brazilian women may look like sultry Colombians, some resemble Australian women, and some look like women in Iran. There are no limits.

It is worth to note that most women in Brazil are Catholics and free to choose who they want to marry, which makes them rather hard to tame at times. Read More

3. A wife from exotic Vietnam


1. Where to find a wife in Ukraine?

The answer is: everywhere. Your stereotype of a Ukrainian girl would probably be a long-haired, hourglass-shaped, blue-eyed model from the top selection of a leading fashion house.

Top 7 countries where to find a wife

Close enough, but Ukrainian women come in a great variety of appearances and traditions. Populated throughout the diverse landscape of Ukraine, they blend the Slavic lascivious beauty with central-European mentality.

Even countryside Ukrainian women are ambitious, dignified and are looking for a decent relationship with a decent man.

They know how to take care of their outlook and how to appear great looking at all times with a help of makeup and all sorts of tricks bringing understated elegance and unabashed enigma to their appearance.

So you see these are some of the best women in the world but have been made to look like money, hungry girls. In all my years in Ukraine, I have met a few girls that were only looking for a quick dollar.

But I have not met a Woman that is this way, the women are looking for a good man. Come with me to Ukraine have the time of your life, maybe meet the woman of your life.


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