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We all have our insecurities and we all have this thing inside us telling or reminding us of what our limits are when it comes to the opposite sex.

When we see a sexy girl the first thing we think is she is so out of my league. I am the same when it comes to American girls. But I have learned over the years going to Ukraine that this is not so true. There is no rule ana luganskthere for beautiful men date beautiful girls, it took me many trips to figure this out. I remember the first time I met a sexy girl in Ukraine it was my second trip and I was in Lugansk and this hot girl is walking towards me in the park.

I looked at her as she walked closer and closer and my mind was thinking if I could be with a girl like that!

For some reason, she was looking straight at me and a small smile formed on her lips. What do I do what do I say? Well, she beat me to it and said where are you from? I said Las Vegas, oh Las Vegas it is my dream to one day see such a city. I asked what is your name she said Anya I replied my name is Rod. She then said what I would hear quite a few times this trip.

Anya said you are from America you can go anywhere in the world why are you here in Lugansk?

I asked her if she would like to get some lunch? I took her to this place called Melange to me it was a nice place but to the people of this city, it was a high-class cafe. I am wondering to myself why is this super hot girl with me now? I wonder what she wants from me, money to buy her something? We talked and she said she had to go to work and left me her phone number. I called her that night we went out had a good time she was so cool and not one of those stuck up type. The next day we met again and still I was wondering why she is with me!anya lugansk

Anya, you are a pretty girl but you know that right?  You could probably have any man you want in this city.

She said maybe but I am looking for that one man that is different the man that will never cheat on my a man that will be my one love and support me. Oh, I see she want a rich man to support her.

It all came clear to me now I am out of the picture now. I told Anya I had to see some friends and needed to leave her.

She said alright and walked away so sexy and smart girl too. I called her a few days later and she asked where I have been and why I did not call her? She said I do not want to see you, Rod, you just ignored me! But I knew I could not have such a sexy girl so I was OK with that.

The next sexy hot girl I met was Oksana she was very sexy I met her in a pizza place she was waiting in line behind me and looked to be in a hurry.

I waved to her to come over to me and she did I said you look like you

Oksana Lugansk

are in a hurry? She said yes I have to get this pizza and take it back to my coworkers, I said you can have my place and I walk and sat in a booth and waited for the line to go down.

She came over to me after she ordered and thank me for being so nice and asked if we could meet later?

I said of course and we met the next day. She was great nice friendly not what you would expect from a sexy girl. We went to the park and had a little lunch and walked and talk for hours and yes she also asks me why am I in her small nothing city! I said Oksana you are a very pretty girl and she had such a big smile, why don’t you have a boyfriend? She said I am waiting for that special man a man that will support me and love me a man I know would never hurt me or cheat on me.

OK, there it is again, support her! I am not a rich man I can not support a girl and myself.

We had such great conversations and I felt so comfortable with her. The sun went down and we went to a cafe and sat on the top floor outside. You could see all the stars it was a very nice place I decide to try to impress

Oksana Lugansk
Smart and Sexy

her. I looked up and said there is the big dipper and that is Cassiopeia and there are the Pleiades.She said no

Rod, you are looking at Orian. Then Oksana said there are Leo and Gemini, Rod what is your birth sign I said Taurus.

Taurus she said look over there, by the horizon and you will see Taurus. She said it looks kind of like a big K.

I was so embarrassed, she saw this in me and said don’t feel so bad you got two of them right and besides I have a degree in astrophysics. How could such a sexy girl be so smart too now I knew she was way out of my league. I So we left the cafe it was getting late and I wished her a good night and she left in a taxi. I called her a few times but nothing ever came of it.

I had some insecurity issues then like we all do!

I felt so weak and stupid I was with two sexy girls and just gave up on them what a loser. The next time I told myself I would not back down I will stay until she tells me to go away. The first time I went to Vinnitsa was 4 years ago I wanted to see some different cities. I read it was the best place to live in Ukraine, I took a train and was there in 4 hours from Kiev.The city was so clean green and parks everywhere and so many girls walking around I was very happy I made this trip. I like Georgine food the country not the state, I found a great

Inna Vinnitsa

restaurant call Tiflis.

 I found a table and sat down I saw 3 girls sitting across from me having dinner. One was so hot I could not believe it I could not help but to smile at her.

She smiled back and we went on eating, the food was great there. She smiled at me again and I went over to her and asked if she spoke English. She said a little and one of the girls she was with said I speak English, can I help you? I said I just wanted to tell your friend her she is beautiful. As the girl was going to translate she said thank you. I asked her name she said Inna I told her my name and they asked if I would sit with them.

This girl Inna was so beautiful I could not stop looking at her so sweet a face very nice girl. We ate and talked for a few hours and then it was time to leave. The two other girls stood up and I stood with them. Finally, Inna stood up and I was very impressed wow she was so sexy nice body very tall.I said it was nice meeting you girls.

The other Two girls walked away but Inna stayed. I said I thought you were leaving she said I am, with you do you mind?

I asked her what we should do she said let’s just walk. We walked and talked her English was not so bad after all. She told me she worked for a jewelry store and liked her job very much. Now that feeling I got before was coming back my insecurities were filling my head. When I saw her sitting she was very cute but now I see how completely sexy she is. I calmed myself and we had a great evening together, Inna asked me if we could see each other tomorrow. I told her yes any time, she told me after 11:00 am because she had to take her son to school.

I was sitting in the park when I see this incredible girl approaching me she was even better

then I remembered.

inna vinnitsa
Sexy Inna

I was so overwhelmed when she walked up to me and kissed me on the cheek, it was amazing. Then I asked her how was her son she had the biggest smile and said you do not mind that I have a child? I said Inna it does not matter besides I have two kids of my own. We had a great day it was getting late and Inna said I have to get my son now. I offered to buy her son a pizza because she would not have much time to cook for him being with me all day.

She refused my money she said you do not need to help me I am fine I make a good salary.

I was getting to like her even more now, she left me then and I was missing her through the night. I wrote her on Viber it is a free text app, it was late very late. I hope I did not disturb her so late at night, I did not receive a reply from her. In the morning I got a call from Inna and she said why did you text me so late last night? I said sorry but I missed you I won’t do it again. She said you missed me, Rod? That is so sweet of you to think of me like that, men I have dated never showed me they miss me.

Inna and I stayed in touch for several months until the day I asked her if she was serious with me. 

She said, Rod, what do you think I am doing we are writing almost every day we are getting to know one another. Why would you ask me this Rod? I said you are so beautiful and I am much older than you and want to know if this will be a real relationship? Inna said Rod you sound like some weak insecure child!

She went on to say I need a man, not a kid I am a weak woman and need a strong confident man for me and my son. That was the last time we talked!

I talked with my friend Dasha from Vinnitsa and told her about Inna Oksana and Anya told her they all said they needed someone special someone confident and willing to care for them and support them. Dasha said aren’t you that Rod? You are special for them because you come from America you are kind strong and very caring and I know you will support your girl when she needs it.

Dasha said they were telling you-you are their special man!

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  1. is it possible for a middel age man to find girls like that or are they looking for younger guys. And don’t they just want you for your money??

  2. It is not like that in Ukraine the girls are from a different culture sure you will find gold diggers but most girls just want a nice man and age is not a question they ask.

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