Sexy Middle Age Women

I have met many Ukraine women that are over 35 that are incredibly sexy. Some are divorced others were single moms never married. Some did not have a child are just single women.

But a lot of these women were very sexy! The one thing I absolutely loved about these older women, was how passionate they were. I could see it in their eyes, the way they would touch me, and the attention I received. They were not judgmental or uncompromising. I do have a great respect for the middle-aged woman of Ukraine.

 One one of my trips I was in the gym, I met these two trainers. Both with incredible bodies, both were over 40 years old.Tatyana and Sveta! The three of us would go out together to lunch, dinner, or to walk.

Beautiful Middle Age Woman

It was so nice to be cared for looked after by these two wonderful women. The funny thing was they were not jealous of one another, they actually complemented each other. One spoke English very well the other not bad at all. Both were very affectionate with me, hugging holding hands. People would look at us strange sometimes, Sveta love this.

One afternoon we three had a long talk about life and our past. Sveta was married to a man for 15 years until one day she caught him in bed with a girl half his age.

She said she was off from work a little early that day. She opened the door to her apartment, there they were on the floor. The girl was so surprised she left holding her clothes in her arms. Her husband was a heavy man and could not get up off the floor, begging her to help him. She said, he finally crawled to the couch and pulled himself up. He was sweating so bad she thought he might have a heart attack! She left him, went to live with her sister in a different city. She laughed very hard while she told me this story. Such an easy going woman.

Tatyana was never married but had a son that is a jeweler in Crimea. She told me he had a very good life there, would send her money every month.

Pretty Woman

She also had some bad stories to tell, one was a foreign man she met online. He wrote her almost every day he was from Spain, divorced he told her. He came to meet her one summer in Ukraine, they met in Odessa. She said he was very kind to her, even promised to marry her one day. They had a one year romance, where he would come to see her twice a month. One day his brother called her, told Tatyana my brother died three days ago. She was so upset she cried for days. She did not have a passport to go to his funeral, very sad.

 A few months go by when she gets a call from a woman. The woman asked Tati, do you know my husband Jose? Tati said yes I did know him, dated him for over a year.

The woman said he is my husband, why would you do this to me? Tati said I did not know he was married he would come and see me two times a month. The woman asked where are you from? Tati said I am from Ukraine, I am sorry for your loss. What did I lose the woman asked? Tati said I received a call from his brother telling me he passed away a few months ago! My husband does not have a brother, he is alive in the other room. Then she said he will not be after I hang up the phone.

 These women are the best, in my opinion, they do not take life so seriously. One trip I had to Odessa I met a woman named Anya. She had these gray violet eyes. Very beautiful woman, she had a business of a makeup artist.

Never Guess How Old She Is?

She lived with a man for 12 years, one day she came home he was gone. Only a note saying he could not live with her any longer. When we first met she told me, Rod, I hope you are not looking for me to marry you one day? I have been on my own for 5 years and don’t want a man to hurt me again. I asked why would you think I want to marry you? Anya said all you American men come here looking for a wife. I said not all of us, I have been coming here for 5 years now I don’t have a wife! Well, what are you doing here then? I said I love your country the food the people maybe one day I will find that woman.

 I have been asked a few times why do I not have a Ukraine wife after 8 years of visiting Ukraine. A few times if you have read some of my other articles, I was close.

I always seemed to mess things up because I did not know the dating culture, for the most part. Plus this way I get to help men from around the world and meet many beautiful women. I am sure she is somewhere in Ukraine, either I have not met her or she is waiting for me to come back for her. A man in his late 30’s to early 60’s would have no problem finding a good middle age woman with my help. I do this the old way take you to a park or some other places where you will find women like this. Be careful you might just fall in love.

 If you have tried other dating agencies in Ukraine or online dating sites don’t give up. Give me a try I promise it will be much different with me.

38 Years Young

I will not show you a portfolio of single women from Ukraine, with untrue profiles. I will not lie to you and tell you it will be easy or difficult. Some meet their future partners in 2 days or like me, it has been 8 years now. I will not promise you anything more than you will meet women. What happens after that I make no guarantees, but I will be with you to help you not make the same mistakes I did. Who would you rather trust some online date site that does not care if you meet a woman? Or a guy that has helped men in the past with the same problem or concerns you have?

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  1. These women are so sexy how could any man cheat on such a beauty? I have been to Ukraine but did not see any women like these here. Are they real women? Or some photo tricks?

  2. Hi Matt, If you were on a tour with another company I am sure you only met sexy young girls right? Here is where I am different, we will take you to places where these women are. Not in some nightclub!

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