Sexy Ukraine Women Over Forty

Are there many sexy Ukraine women over forty? Yes, there are many sexy women over 40 in Ukraine.

I was reminded this by a close friend in Ukraine the other day. She read my post I wrote on October 10th and was a little disappointed in me. She is a very sexy woman over 40, and very smart too. She told me there is always so much talk about young sexy Ukraine girls. What about us, the older women we are more faithful have big life experience and are more welcome to compromise. A lot of women in Ukraine that are over 40 go to the gym and take very good care of their bodies and appearance. I of course like these women, most have amazing personalities and a good sense of humor.

Sexy Ukraine woman over 40
My Friend

This video is a little strange this girl use to help men with scamming women, but now she starts a dating a dating agency. Why? Money, of course!

It is sad she will join the side that she was supposed to protect and advise and help men. You can see from this video she has no idea what she is doing. I do not understand why she has to recruit women and then set them in a surrounding like all other dating sites do. Again this is not how you meet someone, why do they think the rules of dating are different in Ukraine?? I get a little-pissed off when I see this happening over and over. With me you will not be put in a prearranged setting with other men, you will be a tourist in Ukraine. We will be with two maybe three guys and will go to the mall or a cafe. When one of you sees a woman, they like we will meet her. If you two get along well we will be on our way without you, of course, we will handle everything for you.

It is difficult to watch this video men are getting dating advice about dating Ukraine girls from a girl that doesn’t seem to know what is going on!

Are these women real or just want to have a free date? So you pay 1500$ for one evening with five women over 40? Ok, I have a better idea, wouldn’t it be better to not make such foolish plans. Go to Ukraine and meet women with a seasoned Ukraine traveler. I have many friends in Ukraine, and they all tell me how hard life they have. So to meet a man from a country where the economy is better it is not to take advantage of him. In other words, if you tell a Ukraine woman or girl no matter what the age. If they would like to meet an American man, 90{77d98b13d243b44f31c75ad84883e5d111de0b8c49265fea6922cba70cebec2f} of the single girls would, Just to experience and talk with an American man.

I have asked this question to many Ukraine girls if you met an American man would you move to America with him. 90 percent give this answer only if I fall in love with him, not for any other reason!!

sexy ukraine woman over 40
Alla 41 Sexy Woman

I know this to be true because if not I would have at least 50 girls living with me by now. A Ukraine girl does not fall in love very easily and to be honest they live a decent life there most of them. So to give up their family and friends just to go to America it will not happen. Not with a Ukraine girl, maybe some other countries girls will do this. OK back to the over 40 years old women, like I wrote earlier these women are some of the best. They have been through some bad times in their lives, all of them remember being part of the USSR. I hear the stories of how bad things were at this time in history.

This makes these women have a greater appreciation for life now. If you are lucky enough to meet and fall in love with one of these women, I am sure you will be more than happy.

I have met a few women over 40, and they are great most have a child and over half have raised the child or children by themselves. They are ready to get on with the second part of their lives with a man that will love the way they always hoped and dreamed. If you want a real companion someone that will appreciate you no matter who or what you are.  These are the women any older man would be lucky to have, all they ask from you is to be kind to them. I remember this woman Alla; she was a very sexy and a big smile. She had been single for over 15 years her daughter was grown and married all she wished for was a man.

When I met her, she looked about in her late 30’s, come to find out she was almost 50. I was so surprised when she told me this it made her even more attractive to me.

sexy ukraine woman over 40
She Is 49 And Very Sexy

I was with her for a couple of days her English was not the best, but with a phone translator, we communicated fine. I could not believe how much fun we had together she was very young at heart and playful. What a sweet woman she was, and she would not let me take her to an expensive restaurant. We went to the local places, and I found a new part of Vinnitsa. Where the locals go is no different than the downtown area, except for one thing it is half the price. Believe it or not, we had a big sausage plater with potatoes and braised cabbage for $7.50! In Ukraine, you will get a great home cooked meal nothing fancy but very inexpensive.

I have been asked quite often is it true there are many single Ukraine women over 40?

Yes, there are quite a few that are ready to find someone to love. To find a man they will be with for the rest or their lives. From what I see and what I understand about the Ukraine culture women want only one man, and she will be loyal. The women that I date and my female friends say the same thing. I have seen this to be true with men that marry Ukraine women it is their custom their culture. I am not saying I guarantee this, so come with me to Ukraine and see for yourself.

If you have a question or comment please feel free to contact me.

If you want to have the trip of your life and meet some beautiful women come with me to Ukraine. DATE UKRAINE WOMEN.COM


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16 Replies to “Sexy Ukraine Women Over Forty”

  1. This article makes me want to move to the Ukraine never mind just to visit! If I was single I would be booking my flights now lol. On a more serious note it is true a lot of young girls not just from Ukraine get disillusioned by false promises of grandeur and it very much becomes a money thing. Its a shame that the reputation then of the country from outsiders becomes tainted when really in reality there are many older women who are honest and loving and dont deserve to be tainted with the same brush. They just need a chance to change peoples perceptions. I hope this site achieves that. good luck!

  2. These older women are very attractive. They have a low value dating market to work with in their country, so they are much more attentive to their own appearance and are always keeping themselves available to potential quality men. Ukraine has never looked like as a great travel destination as it does now. Ukraine here I come!

  3. You have done well on your site. Lots of good information here. I’m sure many who come to your site will find it helpful. About 10 years ago I was in Vinnista. Had a nice visit and it is a very pleasant and friendly city.

  4. Wow, Craig, Vinnitsa is my favorite city in Ukraine yes they are great there.Thanks for the compliments I am trying to help both women and men find their love.

  5. Yes, Dan, Ukraine is a great place to see. I tell people to go to Ukraine and see a beautiful country great food nice people and you might even find your love there!

  6. Thank you, Greg, I know people are in general good and Ukraine women are some of the best I have known. It is a shame they are getting a bad reputation from these online Ukraine dating sites. I hope to at least I can take some of that negativity from what these sites are doing it is not the women’s fault.

  7. am here with serious intention to build a serious re;ationship witha woman from 36to45 years old who know what she want in a relationshipa prefer a fat woman or joycy am ever ready to meet her in real and build a strong relation for the rest of our lifeam reaky serious about this my name is SEYDOU BA

  8. Hi Seydou, I see you know what you want in a woman. Yes, there are many big women in Ukraine and it would not be very hard to meet and date one if you came on one of my tours. My next tour is in January but I suggest you take the tour to Kiev mush better chance to find what you are looking for. If you have any other questions write me

  9. I am a 53 year old man divorced 3 years now what are the requirements to meet a woman like you show here? I am not in the best shape. what are my chances???

  10. Michael, the only requirement is you have to go to Ukraine. I have written over and over these women are smart and loving. For the most part age, income or looks are not much of a factor. I could help you find one of these beauties.

  11. Hi, Im from South Africa and looking for a 40-50 year young lady. I would like to meet over skype or some chat platform. When I have fallen in love I will come and get my girl

  12. I am a 39 year old man that would like to find a 40 to 46 year old lady that would like to come live with me in America and help me rais my 9 year old daughter

  13. Hello Travis, I can easily help you find a good woman that would also like to help you with raising you, child.

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