Single Moms OF Ukraine

There are many single moms all around the world. So why date single moms from Ukraine? The first reason is that they will make a great wife, second is they are alone and need a good man.

When I started to go to Ukraine, I was like most men from the west very nieve about this country. I thought it was like in the old movies where they did not have all the modern conveniences of the modern world. I soon found out I was terribly wrong; there is not much we have here in America that you will not be able to find in Ukraine. But there is one thing that I have not been able to find there, ziplock bags!  Maybe I have not looked for them everywhere, but in the markets, I have been to no zip bags! They do have every brand of American products shampoo, candy bars, even clothing. I looked for a t-shirt with Ukraine writing on it one trip, and could not find a

Tatyana Single Mom

single shirt. All T-shirts have English slogans or saying.

 OK back to the single moms. When I met the first single mom Tatyana, of course, I did not know she had a child when I met her. We talked a lot but not about her life.

When it was getting late her phone rang, she said she had to get home to help her mom. I asked if I could see her tomorrow, she smiled and said she would call me in the morning. We met in the morning at a cafe near her house. Tatyana was a little weird all through the meal we had. She all of a sudden said, Rod, I have to tell you something! She had a very serious look on her face. What is it Tatyana I asked are you OK? She said I have a child his name is Oleg he is five years old. I waited for her to say something more, was this all she wanted to tell me.

She said, Rod, why don’t you say something? I smiled and said I thought you were going to tell me something bad or that you have a big problem. 

Tatyana asked me if I minded she had a child, I answered no I have two kids myself. I ask her if I could meet him. She said you want to meet my son, of course, you can meet him. She stood up and said I will call you later and walked away very fast with a big smile on her face. We met later in the park with her son; he is a very cute kid and very polite. I gave him a toy I bought earlier, and he was so excited to open it. While he played Tatyna and I had a great talk about her life how her Husband left her when Oleg was born. He did not want to raise a kid.She has not seen him again no calls no letters he just vanished. I felt so sad for the two of them but what could I do? It was getting late, and we decided to go and have dinner together.

Tatyana was so excited to have me with her and her son. She told me she had dated a little, but no man wanted to meet her son.

Single Mom Victoria.

I was the first man in five years that met her son wow that was crazy! The sad thing for Oleg was he did not know what a dad was. When we left each other that night, Oleg motioned me to bend down to him. He wanted to give the toy back to me; I told him that is your toy now. He kissed me on the cheek and said thank you, papa. Tatyana said I am so sorry he just called you dad, I said I am sorry he does not have one! We dated for a few weeks, but it was not possible for us to continue. She took care of her parents and would no way leave them alone.I did a few years later introduce her to a German man, and they were married and are happy.


If I had to choose between a woman that has a child or one that does not all things being the same. I would prefer a single mom every time. 

I like the way they think about life and how they are very positive about life. They say I have a child and this makes me very happy. If one day I can meet a man that will accept my child and me, I will marry again! It is true that most Ukraine men do not want a single mom for a wife. It is simple supply and demand; there are many young women looking to get married. So the single moms are not the first choice. I am sure that a western man would benefit with the single mom. Like I wrote earlier I have dated a few single moms and also have many friends that have a child. If you do not like attention, then do not date this type of woman. She will give you so much attention you might even think she is up to something.

Julia And Her Son

The difficult thing about dating a single mom is how do you meet one? Most of these women do not go out much and if they do they have their child with them.

Single Mom

It is not a good idea to approach a woman with a child; she will be very defensive. I can show you how to find and meet with them, but you will have to most things on her terms. Most work long days and have little time for silliness. Many of these women have not been married, they got pregnant, and the man left her. On the plus side when they trust you and let you into their life it can be amazing. Some of these women are so beautiful you will feel like a lucky man, and your friends will be envious. The single moms I have introduced men to all but one are happily married. An English man’s family would not approve of the marriage, so over time, they decided to divorce.

My goal is not only to help foreign men find a new love but more so to help these lonely moms of Ukraine. I do try to help as many women as I can. It is funny I went to Ukraine to find love, and now I am helping others find love!

Do you want to come with me to Ukraine and find a sexy single mom? Date Ukraine Women

Do you have a comment or question please write me. Rod L.

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  1. HI, Rod I have been to Ukraine on one of those tours from another company. I did see and meet a few women but I did not date any. It was quite a waste of time. I read this article and would like to date a single mom. Could you promise me I would date at least one woman?

  2. Hi Jinny, you come to Ukraine and I can promise you will date a few Ukraine women. If you are set on a single mom that is fine it will not be difficult to find with me. I will be your personal Date Guide! Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.

  3. Hi the date guy, I see you are a very nice guy helping the single moms od this country. I understand Ukraine is not a place of money. I have to thank you, I am also a single mom and like to hear someone cares about us.

  4. Hello, it is always to hear a woman’s point of view on my posts. Thank you for understanding I am here to help women and in turn, help some lonely men. Yes, Ukraine does not have the best economy.

  5. Hi Rod God bless u bcoz settle a single mom with a good guy it’s great holy work. Working job & handle kids is how dificult i know very well bcoz i passed 2 years with my sister who was single mom but blessing of god now she is happy &married. So many times she tried to susied but every time i m lucky & saved. now i m alone & come Ukraine marry with having kid or kids mom guide me my what’s up no +91 7016261674 india

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