Soccer In Ukraine

I remember a time I was in Ukraine, and there was a soccer match Ukraine vs. Wales it was a crazy week.

I just happened to be in Kiev this week of an International soccer match. There were so so many welsh men and women in the cafes and hotels it felt like I was in the United Kingdom. I have to say it was a good week to see and learn how two cultures would come together. Now the Welsh are not a quiet people, and the Ukrainians are a somewhat reserved people but what happened that week was very good. A good show of how all people are for the most part good! In the first few days.

Ukraine soccer
Ukraine won 1-0

I talked with some Welsh men, and they were not sure about Ukraine. Said the service was slow and the people seem unfriendly.

But as the days went on I got some different comments. I heard the Welsh say this is a very nice place the food is good and very inexpensive. The Ukraine people were also adjusting to the foreigners, saying these people are so happy. I was staying in a hotel, and it was full of Welsh people, I do not know how many times I was offered a free ticket to the game. All in all, it

was a very good feeling to see how these two different cultures came together. My Ukraine friends told me these people are crazy but in a good happy way. The Welsh people I met said Ukraine people are so helpful and kind. Two totally different cultures and they got along great. Most people I meet in Ukraine say the same thing. Ukraine people are kind and caring and appreciate the simple things in life.

 This brings me to a problem I had in Ukraine late one night.

I was walking back to my apartment, and I saw the guy looking at flowers. Well, for the most part, you are not supposed to make eye contact with someone the street. I not only look at him but also smiled because I thought he was buying flowers for his girl. That was the wrong thing to do I found out later! It was about midnight, and most cafes and pubs were closed.

He started to follow me; I was starting to get into a panic of where to go everything was closed!! Heard some music off in the distance, and that is where I was headed.

Mafia club Ukraine
Mafia Club

He followed me up the stairs to a late night cafe. I sat at one of the tables, and he sat facing me. What do I do now, this is not my country all my friends are asleep! I sat and had a beer he also had a beer whatever I did he did I was getting a little nervous. There were not many people in the cafe, so I thought! Just then a door opened, and some people came from another room. It was a karaoke bar loud music and many people. I tried to enter, but it was a private party that night.

  A few minutes later I saw these two big guys come from the karaoke bar. I asked them if they spoke English one said I do! 

I quickly told him the problem I was having; he said don’t worry we will take care of this. The two men walked over to this guy that was following me and said something in Ukraine to him. He was gone in two seconds! They invited me to their party, and at the end of the night, they insisted on walking me home in case the guy was waiting for me. This is how Ukraine people are so very helpful and kind. I still keep in touch with my two savers.

So here is my point if two big men would help a total stranger what do you think a beautiful Ukraine woman would do for you!!

Sexy ukraine girl anastasia
Anastasia would you like to meet a girl like this

I know it is their culture to help people I see it time and time again. I have been asked many times don’t you think these Ukraine girls just want a to use a man to come to America? I can not speak for all of them, but most want a simple happy life it is sometimes hard to believe. Even I had a hard time believing a hot sexy Ukraine girl only wants to date me and see if as they say have chemistry together. Not to see how much money I have or if I will buy her a pair of shoes. Yes, there are women in Ukraine that are gold diggers that is why I take the approach of dating the natural way.Don’t you think to meet someone online and then after months of letters you decide to meet her? Only to find out she is playing you after all your time and money spent!


Wouldn’t it be great to see a pretty girl sitting in a cafe or walking in the park? You walk up to her and say something, and she decides to have coffee with you! 

I remember every time this happened to me in Ukraine! I would see this hot woman in the mall and think to myself wow I would love to meet a girl like that. I walk over to her, say something cleave or not and the next thing you hear. Is her soft voice asking you your name or where are you from? Sometimes when I am in Ukraine, I think it is a dream or some sort of game show. I hope to bring men to Ukraine to show them these girls are real and want a good man.

I also hope to help the women that have not much of a choice in men. Either because they are too old or have a child maybe they were once divorced.

Would you like to date Maria

Divorced women are not looked on very well by Ukraine men! The divorced women and girls are not wanted by the men. So these women are definitely looking for some man to help take care of them. I have heard some divorced women say no man would want me; I will be single the rest of my life. Again I answer the question do these women have ulterior motive to find a foreign man. No, it is to find a good man that will never leave her, take care or her protected her.


Do you know there is a study that says about 17{77d98b13d243b44f31c75ad84883e5d111de0b8c49265fea6922cba70cebec2f} of Ukraine women that marry foreign men end in divorce! What is the divorce rate in your country??

There are a lot of ways you can go about finding you love your happiness! But I can promise you this if you come to Ukraine with me you will have the trip of your life. And maybe just maybe find the woman of your life.

If you have a comment or question, please write me.

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  1. Yes, it was one of those nights I learned a lot about Ukraine and the people. I asked some friends what do you think the guy wanted with me. Most said he wanted to ask why you laugh at him.

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