Story Of A Ukraine Bride

Should you marry a Ukraine women? Do Ukraine women make good wives? These are questions many men have. Let me help with the answer, Story of a Ukrainian bride.

A few months ago I was in an Eastern Europen market in the USA, most cities have these markets. I bought some things that you can only find in Ukraine. I saw a very pretty women walking down the aisles of the store. We both went to the cashier at the same time. I said to her in Russian hello you first, thank you she replied. She said you do not look to be Russian, but you have a nice accent. I told her I go to Ukraine for work, she asked what do you do? I am a personal date guide. What is that, your a dating guide? I was telling her part of my story, she said would you like to have coffee I want to know how you do this. (The photos in this article are some women that are looking for their hero)

Beautiful Woman

 We went to a Starbucks, I told her how and when I started my company. She said it must be very interesting for you to help people find love

. I asked when did she come to America, about 9 years ago. Why did you come to America I asked. She said to marry my husband, my love, and my savior. She asked me if I wanted to hear her story, it is very personal. She began it was 13 years ago I graduated from the university, I studied ecology. I received an offer to go to Thailand to help with the environmental issues they were having.

I knew nothing about Thailand at the time, but I was up for an adventure. In 2 months I was in Phuket, Thailand. I had no idea it was so hot, the bugs were so big it drove me crazy!

I was not being paid a lot, after five months I decided to go back home to Kharkov. My profession was not in demand in Ukraine I decided to move to Kiev. Kiev was very scary for me, I was young and knew no one there. I looked for a job but found nothing, day after day I look for something anything. I did not know what to do! I met a man that told me he could help me find work. He was nice so I thought. He asked me if I needed money to get some things for myself I accepted. It was a lot of money $500, but at the time I was very nieve.

One night he calls me and told me he found a job for me, I needed to come right then. It was late at night but I needed work. I get the address call a taxi, when I arrive it was a



Not a normal club but a strip bar with sexy girls everywhere. He comes to me tells me what he wanted for me to do, I could not. I could not take my clothes off for strange men. He told me I owe him money, this is how I could repay him. I told him no not this. He grabbed my arm took me downstairs to an office he was very rough with me. He said you owe me money you will do this and slapped my face. My mind was everywhere at that moment I could not think, I was so afraid.

The next thing I realized he was having a man give me a tattoo on my hip. I was in pain had no idea what was going to happen to me. He told me you owe me $5000 and you will pay me back if you want your freedom.

I told him it was only $500 why so much you want from me. He said this is business, do what I say if you want to be OK. Over the years I was a dancer in the club, it was very humiliating for me. I would give him all my money every night for 2 years. I stayed in a building with about 10 other girls we were not allowed to leave. If we need to shop a man would go with us, we were always watched. It was so terrible for me and the other girls.

One night a man came to the club from Belgium, he was watching me dance. I came over to him asked if he wanted a private dance? He agreed, we went to the room, but he did not want me to dance he wanted to talk.


We talked for the 10 minutes or so for the two songs. All night he sat and watched me! He came over, asked if I would dance for him again in the private room. We went inside, again no dancing he asked me if I was happy at my job? I told him, no but I have no choice but to do this. He looked at me stood up and put something in my top, he said hide this. When the song was over he walked out, I never saw him again.

In the restroom, I looked what he gave me it was five 500 euro bills. I went to the man that was keeping me there, I ask how much more do I owe you. He laughed at me and said $1500 you will never get that much money.

His boss was there also, I asked if I give him the money can I leave? The boss said yes pretty girl I will let you go. I pulled out three of the bills said here you go! Can I leave now? The boss called a guard into the room, told him to escort me out I am no longer welcome there. I did not stop to get any of my things, I had only my coat. When I was in the street I looked back to see if anyone was following me. I took off my shoes started to run as fast as I could.

I came around the side of a building and ran right into the back of a man, almost knocked him down. He looked at me like he wanted to hit me or something. Then he asked are you OK, are you hurt?

I think he saw the fear in my eyes, said can I help you? No, I am OK, thank you. He would not accept my answer and said let’s go get something to eat? This is the man I married, he took care of me that night and for the rest of my life. I told him I got into a fight with my boyfriend, that is why I was running. We now have two kids I work as a legal aid, my life is so incredible now. She said he will come meet me in a few minutes if you would like to meet him.

Nice Woman

I decided to stay and meet the man that saved this beautiful woman. He introduced himself, sat and had some coffee. She told him what I did for work he shook my hand told me good you are helping the Ukraine women.

I told him your wife told me how you met in Ukraine. Ya, she almost killed me laughing. She looked at me with her finger to her lips. I knew what she meant not to say anything more. We had a good afternoon the three of us, they were on their way back to L.A. He stood up as she walked to the car. Shook my hand once again, said help those women, nobody else will. He said something that shocked me, he asked did she tell you she worked in a strip club. I did not know what to say! He said, I saw her show you not to speak, I know she is hiding it from me. She probably needed to tell someone, thanks, Rod. He then said I was at her club the night she ran into me.

It was a great story to see two people come together at the right moment in time. I wish to help more of these lost Ukraine women find a good man to love. Do not be scared to come with me to Ukraine, maybe you can be a hero yourself!

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