Successful Couples From Online Dating!

Why don’t any of these sites talk about the successful couples that have married by using their site? The success rate of Ukraine online dating companies that have match two people together in Person?

The most successful online dating site for Ukraine women marrying or dating western men women. The top rated online dating sites for dating Ukraine girls? Do you know anyone who married a Ukraine woman, or even heard a story of such a thing? Me only twice, there are a few couples I helped that will marry this summer. Not from some Ukraine online dating sites because it doesn’t happen. All these

Vlada Photoshopped
Vlada Real

sites are in the business to make money off the membership dues or their translation fees. In this day with all the technology google translate for example. Who needs to have a real person translate a simple letter? They are taking your money!

If you google beautiful women in America and beautiful women in Ukraine. You will see some

gorgeous women from both countries. One problem I have is the amount of photoshop that is used on the Ukraine women. This woman to the right is very pretty, but it is had to tell that it the same women to the left.

If you google success stories for Ukraine dating sites there will not be much on the subject. Most testimonies I have read are either very vague or seem untrue. 


I read a few success letters one confused me. He writes “she came to see me in the USA now she is back in Russia waiting for her K1 visa”. OK, how did she visit him without a visa? If she has a tourist visa, which would be the only other way to meet in the USA. They can apply to have it changed to a fiance K1 visa. One company I researched had over 500,000 members, only four success stories! If you go to youtube search how many Ukraine companies scam their members. You will find quite a few videos on this subject! I once wrote to a dating agency that a certain woman scammed me. They first did not believe me, after I provided proof they apologized. Her profile is still on the dating site.

There are many Ukraine dating sites and all claim to be legit. They are rated by response percentage how many visits they get a day. Not on the members that actually meet one

Single Mom

another or the couples that marry.

Do you know why this is? These companies don’t care if you meet or date. They sure don’t care if members get married. From my research, I have found if there are success stories it is Russian women. Not Ukraine! Why is this? Ukraine has only in the last few years become popular for online dating. There are so many scams, real women do not really have a chance. When I ask Ukraine women what do they think about online dating to find a western man most have no opinion. As a matter of fact, they do not even know of such sites. They say online dating no I do not do that.

Have you ever heard that saying how can you tell if a lawyer is lying? His lips are moving!The same goes for Ukraine dating sites. How do you know if a Ukraine woman is a scammer? She is on a Ukraine online dating site!!



Most of the sites say they are free to join, but if you want to communicate with a woman it cost money. I have met some men that tell me they were on one of those sites. Communicated for several months decided to meet her. They talk about meeting set a date and when he shows up in Kiev. He soon finds out he is alone. I have heard this many times when I am in Kiev. It is a lot of the men’s fault, they also tell me they did not see her. Only wrote to her through the site. Are you kidding me they do not even know if she is real?

Very Cute Woman

This is part of the reason I decided to start my company, all these stranded men in Ukraine. I remember when I first came to Ukraine I was one of those lost men.

When I was stranded, I looked online for someone to help me meet a woman in Donetsk. I could not find any help only online dating sites. My company does not do any online dating I have no profiles for you to look through. The photos I have are real women unless I write scammer or photoshopped in the caption. The way I do it is we walk down the street go to certain places where I know there are women. We meet them to see her face to face, shake her hand. You would be surprised how welcoming the women are if you approach them the right way.

 The other reason I started doing this is the women, these beautiful, kind, smart women. I can guarantee most of the women you will meet do not belong to an online date site.

This does not mean they are not interested in marrying a foreign man. It means they are not scammers they do not know about online dating. Most of the Ukraine women I know are realistic they believe what is front of them, not cheap words on a computer screen.I have

Come Date Me

heard this many times from women do not tell me you love me show me you love me. How can you show her anything if you are not with her? So what I know about the Ukraine culture, goes against most things an online site provides.

If you prefer you can join one of these sites be fooled by all the photoshop pictures. Believe the BS letters someone is writing you. Or you can come with me to Ukraine I will be your personal date guide.

You will not have the problem so many men have when they go to Ukraine. What if the girl you write is real? She does show up to meet you and you just do not like her? This did happen to me! Where do you go what do you do? If you are with me and the girl you are dating is not for you. OK, let us go find another if she doesn’t work we can find another. With the other sites, you pay for every girl you meet. Some sites if it does not work out they leave you alone. With me, you pay once and for 7 days I help you find that right woman to meet. You will be able to go home knowing it was worth it, I can not guarantee you will meet that one special woman, but I know you will have a good or great time.

Book a dating tour with me, see what is out there for you!

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