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Cost To Live In Ukraine

It is getting more and more popular with the number of people traveling to Ukraine. Is it cheap to live in Ukraine? Some of the men I met in Ukraine are planning to move there.

Quite a few have already moved to Ukraine. One man, I met had spent two weeks in Kiev. He met several beautiful women, had the best time of his life he told me. Next thing I know 3 months later I see him in Kiev. He told me he sold everything he has in California and

Would You Move To Ukraine For This Single Mom?

move to Ukraine. He went on to say he was looking to buy an apartment outside of Kiev. It was going to cost him $35,000 for a new three-year-old place. This sounds crazy to most people I know. I know exactly how he feels about this place. It is not only the sexy women but the culture the quality of life. It all moves a little slow there.

 Do I think this man is crazy for doing this sell all he has and moves to a foreign country! Nope, not even a little bit I actually envy him.

I would do the same thing if I did not have many responsibilities in the USA. Did not ask him how much money he had total for this move. So let me break it down on what it would cost to move to Ukraine. First I would not move to a big city like Kiev or Kharkov, these cities can get very congested. There are many cities you could get a good deal on an apartment, you wouldn’t have to buy one. So let’s say Vinnitsa or Poltava maybe Ternopil. Even Cherkasy. All of these places are very nice and depending on what your hobbies are, in which place you choose. If you want central Vinnitsa is the place, it is 3 hours in a train from Kiev which will cost you $8 round trip. If you wanted to go to Odessa area next to the black sea. It is 5 Hours away.

So let us pick Vinnitsa and the cost to live there. First, an apartment would run you between $250 to $400 a month.

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