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Best Time To Travel Ukraine

When is the best time to travel to Ukraine? Is the best time travel to Ukraine the same as the best time to travel to Russia?

I would say absolutely no! I would only go to Russia in the summertime. In Ukraine, the winter is not that bad it gets down to the low 20’s at night. During the winter months, the day temperature is around 40 degrees. But the best time for going when it is cold, most of the time you will be indoors with your woman. The time you are outside is perfect to hold her and keep her warm! I have been there in all

Winter Princess

seasons and I would have to say the best time would be late winter to early spring. Or Late fall to early winter. The coldest time is January average temperature is 23F at night and 30F during the day.

I have to say I meet more women when it is cold out, I think it is because they are tired of sitting at home. There are many nice places to take your girl in Ukraine.

The most common apartment does not have a fireplace, so taking your girl to a cafe with a big fireplace would make her very happy. There are a few restaurant complexes they are a few miles out of town, great place to take a woman in the winter. I once did this in

Natasha Snow Queen

Vinnitsa the place was called Hostynnyy Pan it was not far from the city. Was a very nice date I had there, halfway through our meal it started to snow. By the time we were ready to leave there was quite a bit of snow on the ground. It was snowing so hard that we could not get a taxi to pick us up. That was not a problem it was a beautiful scene and my girl thought it was so romantic. Read More