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Best Ukrainian Food

I have been to Ukraine many times but my first trip there I did not even know what Ukrainian people ate. Come to find out it is very similar to Mexican food.

A lot of pork dishes dumplings is another favorite for them. My favorite is Vereniki dumplings. One great thing about Ukrainian women is most of them, cook! It is simple home cooking but soo good. There is nothing better than to go to Ukraine meet a beautiful woman, after a few dates she cooks for you. In your apartment that we provide with our tour. I have researched many sites to find out what are the typical Ukraine dishes. I do know most but some I have not tried.

The 12 Traditional Ukrainian Dishes You Must Try

The peculiar features of traditional Ukrainian food have been forming over centuries. The neighboring countries, climate conditions, rich soil and hard-working locals have influenced the complexity of the dishes. Ukrainian dishes are generously flavored (with garlic often the main seasoning) and, despite the contradictory tastes being used, come together in a harmonious blend.

Borscht with garlic fritters

Ukrainian dishes often use a number of ingredients. Borscht is a direct proof of this. Initially, this dish was made of 30 ingredients but, of course, over time that number has decreased. However, the technique remains unchanged. Beef is placed in cold water to make a meat broth. Then the meat is taken out and other ingredients are added and cooked in a closed saucepan. Garlic fritters are given instead of bread and called pampushki by locals. Traditionally, every Ukrainian girl learns how to cook borscht before getting married.

Ukrainian borscht | © liz west / Flickr

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