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Do Ukrainian People Smoke Marijuana

Do people in Ukraine smoke cannabis? Yes they do, I have met many people in Ukraine who smoke weed. I think most are like Americans were 20 years ago.

If you asked someone back then if they smoke weed the answer would always be no! Then they would go home and smoke weed. It was illegal you never knew who you were talking to. Now that cannabis is legal in many states all of a sudden everyone smokes weed. In Las Vegas where I am from it is completely legal, so guess where everyone comes to smoke? I do not know how much money as an industry it is making but I know it is bringing in millions in taxes every month.

This is how I know so many people in Ukraine smoke cannabis because they are safe with telling me. Almost every young person I asked if they tried it most said yes.

Last September there was a rally in Kiev in support of decriminalizing cannabis. It was very odd that the same young people that told me they thought it was OK, started a riot against the rally supporter. The police were called to break up the riot. It is odd how people act sometimes. I Las Vegas I have many friends and acquaintances, a few years back they were all against marijuana. Now that it is legal all of a sudden it is fine, most people here in America are in support of cannabis.

I was in a city in Ukraine, a young man was the hooka master or whatever he is called. I asked him if he smoked cannabis he said yes I do.

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We had a long talk on the subject, he wanted to know everything about how it was in the USA now pot is legal. If it was true you could go into a shop, buy cannabis like you would buy cigarettes? I told him yes as long as you are 21 years old, he that that was so cool. He asked me how much does it cost for 1 ounce of weed in those shops I said about $400. He laughed, said you can buy one once here for about $20. I said no way, he told me I will show you.

He called a friend and in a few minutes, his friend was with us. He said let’s go around back if you want to see it. I did, sure enough, it was weed. The price was a little higher than what I was quoted.

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