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Personal Date Guide Ukraine

Is Date Ukraine women different? I am asked over and over again why are we different? Are you a scam like so many other online dating sites.


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Seay Marina

Am I a scam many ask? If I were would I be honest with you?? It is hard nowadays to tell who is real or who is a scam. I can not convince you by you reading my world. I can only show you in real life in Ukraine side by side. After only one day with me, you will see as so many other clients of mine say, Rod, you are well worth the money!

Sure this is a business I do make money doing this. The reward is simple to see two people have some sense of hope and pleasure.

I was asked by a friend of mine how do people know you are real? I am sure everyone has heard about the scams the online girls that take your money. Not only in Ukraine but everywhere on the internet. This is why I do not have online profiles of women nor will you be able to video with any girls through my site. It is not natural to meet this way, well not for someone with serious intentions. This what I know about meeting someone. Let us start by online dating, can you really meet a girl online? You can look at her photos or see her in a video cam.

But did you meet her? Of course not! I will walk with you as many days as it takes to find you a real woman not some fake online.

How many of us have wanted to meet our favorite movie star? When the day come as it did for me when I met a supermodel. I will not tell you her name but it was very disappointing. She was so skinny and did not have much makeup on I did not know who she was until someone said that is whats her name the supermodel. We all know TV and the movies lie with all the computer generation tools soon we will not need real stars. Read More

The Ukraine Perfect Date

What would be the perfect date with a Ukrainian woman? What would she look like how would she smell? The best is how would she look at you?

Before you have the perfect date you need one thing, that is a Ukrainian woman! How do you go about doing this on your own? Most men are told go online to a dating site to meet the love of your life. Really, what ridiculous advice this is. Let me ask you how did you meet your last girlfriend? Was it online? If so did you chat only online until you met some five months later? Or was it a girl that was introduced to you or maybe you met her at work! These are all very good common places to meet your future woman.

So why do you think only in Ukraine and Russia do you have to meet her online? Is it the cultural problems maybe the language barrier?

Why are so many men tricked into believing the only way to meet Slavic women are through an online dating site? I read there are 85,000 British men that go to Ukraine every year, but only a few thousand marriages. Why is this? Because most men have no idea how to date a Ukrainian woman. Yes, all these sites promise you will meet many beautiful women right?

Do any tell you the chances that you will date even one woman? No, they are not in the matchmaking business they are in the online dating business.


Which means they make their money from memberships or translation fees. I have noticed over the years all of the bigger companies have changed their names from marriage sites to online dating sites. They do not care if you find your love, they probably hope you never go to Ukraine so you will just stay a member for years to come.

This is where Personal Date Guide is different as you can read in the name we are a dating guide. Not an online dating site, we are a site seeing tour but instead of seeing the tourist sites.

We show you how to meet and date the most beautiful women! Over the years I was one of those men that had no idea how to date a Ukrainian woman. I use many different online sites I met many women but dated few. Until I went out there on my own. I learned from my Ukrainian friends how to date women. It was not so easy at first, but over the years I learned. Book a tour with me I will show you how to do this.

We do not expect anyone to go there by themselves without any knowledge of what they will find. It is very difficult to meet and date one of these women if you do not know the dating rules.

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Date Ukraine Tour Package

There are many different tour packages to travel to Ukraine. Day tours where a guide shows you the tourist attractions. Also tours to other cities like Lviv or Odessa 2 to 4-day tours. There are also package tours where a tour company provides most of your travel needs. From hotel to showing you the sites of Ukraine.

Nadezda Kiev

The above tours can run from $100 all the way up to $6000. What we at Personal Date Guide Ukraine do for men. We take care of all your travel needs from apartment to ground travel. There is one other thing we take care of for you. Meeting and dating Ukrainian girls. We show you the correct way to meet a woman, there are some cultural differences. Many men who travel to Ukraine without help end up broke and alone. I have seen this many times in the eight years I have been traveling and helping men meet women.

Personal Date Guide Ukraine

I meet with you in Ukraine and help you meet and date Ukraine women. I will not do any online dating, it will all be real dating in Person.
Type Of Tour Personal Date Tour
5 travelers max, dedicated tour escorts & guides throughout
Departures Scheduled Dates; There are many dates to choose from– check dates here
Price Includes  

  •  All ground transportation and transfers from the airport
    • Accommodations in Modern Apartment
    • Professional, English-speaking driver/guide (also several other Languages covered)
    • I will provide interpreters, first 5 hours free. ($10 per. hour extended)
    •  Flat cost for date tour! No hidden fees! interested click here Date Ukraine Women
    • We do all the preparation for you, show up in Kiev and we got the rest!

This is What we do for you an all-inclusive tour and you get to meet as many women as you like. There is no extra charge for meeting new women like some companies do.


Our Goal is to give you the time of your life, hopefully, introduce you to your future love! I do remember the first few times I went to Ukraine I tried online dating sites I tried Ukraine dating agencies. Every time I would be sitting on the plane going back home, wondering what just happened? Sure at the time I thought everything was good I was with beautiful women even dated her a few times. It was all staged for me and my money!!

Online dating companies are just that online dating companies. They do not care if you ever go to Ukraine as long as you pay them every month.

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Sexy Ukraine Women Over Forty

Are there many sexy Ukraine women over forty? Yes, there are many sexy women over 40 in Ukraine.

I was reminded this by a close friend in Ukraine the other day. She read my post I wrote on October 10th and was a little disappointed in me. She is a very sexy woman over 40, and very smart too. She told me there is always so much talk about young sexy Ukraine girls. What about us, the older women we are more faithful have big life experience and are more welcome to compromise. A lot of women in Ukraine that are over 40 go to the gym and take very good care of their bodies and appearance. I of course like these women, most have amazing personalities and a good sense of humor.

Sexy Ukraine woman over 40
My Friend

This video is a little strange this girl use to help men with scamming women, but now she starts a dating a dating agency. Why? Money, of course!

It is sad she will join the side that she was supposed to protect and advise and help men. You can see from this video she has no idea what she is doing. I do not understand why she has to recruit women and then set them in a surrounding like all other dating sites do. Again this is not how you meet someone, why do they think the rules of dating are different in Ukraine?? I get a little-pissed off when I see this happening over and over. With me you will not be put in a prearranged setting with other men, you will be a tourist in Ukraine. We will be with two maybe three guys and will go to the mall or a cafe. When one of you sees a woman, they like we will meet her. If you two get along well we will be on our way without you, of course, we will handle everything for you. Read More