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Secret To Meet Girls

What is the secret to meet sexy Ukrainian girls? Is there a secret to meeting them? What would you pay to meet and date these sexy girls? First, you need a dating guide. Some guides say they are professional is this what you need?

Beautiful Girl

Professional means you pay someone to provide services. I prefer an experienced guide, yes you still have to pay him. The difference is one is self-proclaimed the other has many years of not only providing a service. But like you there was a time when he was in your shoes. Wondering around a country that was so big and different that is was overwhelming.

In my early times of going to Ukraine, I was in a situation lost in Lugansk a city that is not used to foreign men. I look through the internet for some help someone to point me in the right direction.

I found nothing but ads for nightclubs. What did I do in this strange city for 6 days? Not much. Day after day I tried to talk with the girls there nothing happened. The last day I was there it was 10 hours before I needed to go to the airport. Sitting outside of my hotel I noticed this amazing looking girl walking towards me. She was wearing a short black skirt, the closer she came I could see how beautiful she was.

My focus was completely on her. When she was only a few feet away I stood up said hello. She smiled walked over to me and asked where are you from? I said America, she asked what is it like in America.

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Good Bad And Ugly Ukraine

 Is Ukraine safe right now in 2018? The Ukrainian women are good for relationships? The Ukraine girls are the best to date? Is it good to live in Ukraine?


I have been telling people for years all these questions above are true, Ukraine is a very nice place to live. There is a big feeling of community awareness, people come together every day in Ukraine. Go to a park or walk along the waterfront, you will see many people enjoying the outdoors. In the summer in certain cities, you will see some of the sexiest women in short skirts or short shorts.

I always feel welcome when I am in Ukraine. My first few visits I was not sure how the people would feel towards me.

I did not talk much to many people. When I came to understand they do like American men very much it was easy to become friends with many people in Ukraine. I can help you navigate through all the customs the things to do and not to do when dating a woman. One mistake many Western men make on the first date is flowers. It is OK to give flowers to a woman but not yellow roses, also in odd numbers. It is bad luck to give a woman 12 roses, which is the norm in America.

Many different sites will tell you many different ways to date a Ukrainian woman. There is no one way to date any woman.

But we all know when we meet someone that is kind has good manners we like them. Here is the problem with most men in Ukraine, what now? I met a woman how do I go about dating her? One thing I can tell you that will make her feel very uncomfortable is some man being loud. You know the guy I am talking about, the one that loves attention speaks loud so everyone can hear him. This is a big problem in this country. I saw this the first time in Vinnitsa. There were some German men drinking and being loud. They would be fine in most countries, for just having fun. They were asked by a few different men to keep it down or leave, they left.

Here is an article was written by a man that lives in Ukraine and the good and bad he feels this country has.

Bad Girl In A Good Way


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Right Way To Date Ukrainian Woman

 I want to tell you about the proper or correct way to date a Ukrainian woman. Dating advice for dating Ukraine women. Now once you find her, there are a few things you should and should not do.


First, compliment her but make it real when you see her if there is something you like about her tell her. Like your eyes are very pretty, or the color of her lipstick is nice. Don’t tell her she looks hot or sexy, make it real, Women know when you are lying.  You have no idea how many Ukraine women tell me their ex never complimented her. Another thing, even women up to around 35 years old like to be called girls, not women.

I know Americans almost always pay for a women’s dinner but not Ukrainian men.

You will always get a smile and a thank you for doing this. They do appreciate being taken care of by their man. Also, tell her a story of you being brave even if you might think it is small what you did tell it. Ukraine women love a brave man and a confident man.Be confident I do not mean puff out your chest but be a man. Take her to a nice place it does not have to be expensive.If she asks you where you want to sit do not say anywhere is fine. Take control let’s sit by the window, or maybe they have a floor upstairs. By the way, most cafe or restaurants in Ukraine have an upstairs in Ukraine.

Do not order alcohol never, never! Until you know one another if you like it that is. A glass of wine or a beer is fine. Beer or wine is not considered alcohol!

So Sexy

They like to be treated like a lady open the door for them help them be seated. Also, this may sound a little weird, but many of the Women I have dated take the sugar packets from the cafes. Not all of them but some will, please do not offend them either help or ignore it. You see, to some women sugar is an expense they can’t afford. They tell me they like to have coffee in the morning but can’t afford sugar.

Now the date is over it is getting late and always tell her I will get you a taxi especially on the first few dates.

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Marry A Ukrainian Woman

I have been traveling to Ukraine for over eight years now. Why have I not married a Ukrainian woman yet? Do the Ukraine women make good wives? Should you marry a sexy girl? Are these girls loyal? 

So many men ask me these questions, why don’t I have a Ukrainian wife? The answer is a little complicated. I was engaged two times with women from there, it just wasn’t right for me at the time. I look back and wonder where would I be right now if I would have married one of the first women I met in Donetsk. Sweet Dasha was what I called her, so cute very sexy girl. On my second trip back to Ukraine I was planning to see my two friends Dasha and Marina.

I was sidetracked by a beautiful woman in Lugansk Nastia who I met online. She had black hair and a sexy body, her hobby was singing so she told me.

The day I arrived to meet Nastia I was very surprised. She did not have a sexy body anymore she was heavy, to say the least. We were together for four days, but it did not work out between us. She is what you call a bitch, yes she was the most demanding woman I have ever met in Ukraine. I wish I had a personal date guide back then to help me figure things out. I was alone in Lugansk for two days then I met Nelia. What a beautiful woman she was, smart, sexy, with a great sense of humor.

Nelia 2012

Nelia and I dated for several months, we talked about getting married. She wanted to go to stylest school, she needed $2400 to do this. Now it is not a lot of money, but then it was all that I had.

I wanted to help her I just could not give her the last of my money. It was a little problem for us to overcome. We did, after some weeks of talking about it, I was at fault. I remember I told her if she needed anything ask and I would help her. When I explained I did not have that much money, she was better about it. Many people in Ukraine assume all Americans are rich. Do not ever talk to a woman about how much money you have if you do not have it. Once you get caught in a lie they will remember it for many years.

What broke us up was not misunderstandings it was Russia, when they invaded Eastern Ukraine. Nelia lived right in the path of both armies, she would call me tell me she hears rockets launching all night.

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The Truth Ukrainian girls Date Older Men

A question that many write about and many are afraid to admit! Do young Ukrainian women date older men? Is age difference important? Does the age of a man matter to the Ukraine girls?

I do not know why it is such a terrible thing. Some people think that if a couple is 20 years difference in age it is not right! OK, let me ask you when you were 23 years old did you know the difference, between what you wanted or what you needed?  Maybe not completely I am sure. I am sure we knew what we wanted! When I was 19 years old I dated a woman that was 38. Did she take advantage of me? No of course not I went with my own free will. I was curious, she was very sexy to me I do remember that. My friends would tease me, it was not that I wanted to marry her. it was just an experience for both of us.

  We dated for a few weeks, I will have to be honest she taught me some things. Things that some of my future girlfriends were thankful that I learned!!

23 Years Old

I have dated some girls or should I say, young women? Does writing young women make them any older or change their age? Not only in Ukraine but also here in Las Vegas. Once you become an adult you become curious about sex about the opposite sex.If it were a crime to date a girl 20 years younger then you I am sure the authorities would find out. Here is what so many men want to know about Ukrainian girls over 19 years old( to satisfy the uptight crowd).

 Yes, they do! I will have to say it is not the easiest or sanest thing to do. Sometimes I look back, think what was I thinking! It was an experience I will not forget.

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Help Ukraine Women

I have over the years helped some of the nicest women most from Ukraine. All of them either single or single moms! Now in Ukraine, the divorced women need help. Help for women is one of my main goals.

Nice Woman

The tricky part about trying to help these women is a lot of them are too proud to accept help. Sometimes you have to do it in a creative way. I have put money in women purses without them noticing, also in grocery bags. I love to hear stories about men helping the Ukraine women. I received an email from a man that I help in Ukraine, he was from Chicago. He met a very nice woman with my help but I  did not hear what happened to them. In his letter, he explains the story of the past two years of his life.

 He started with thank you, Rod! Then went on to tell me with my help he found the love of his life. But it was not the girl I helped him meet earlier. I asked if I could write his story, he told me sure maybe you can help some other Ukrainian women.

I was with the woman you help me meet but it all fell apart. I was very discouraged for a few months until I saw that show 90 Day Fiance! A story on the show was just like mine. So I thought to call you to see if you could help me again. I thought I do not need his help, I know how to get around in Kiev. Rod taught me how to date the women, so I decided to go on my own.

I was in Kiev for two days I met some women but was having a hard time finding the right one. I was in a cafe at the city center having a few beers, talking with the server.

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Are Kiev Women Strong?

 Is there a difference between Kiev women and the other cities women? Are Kyiv women stronger or harder to date? Kiev women do have a few differences from other Ukraine women. Are they more difficult for dating?

Tough Woman

One of the biggest differences is you will meet women from all over Ukraine. Women that came to Kiev for work or to escape the conflict in the east. does this make them more difficult to date? No, I think the Kiev women are more independent. The women that migrated to Kiev, are more open to change. They have already left their old lives behind, so will be more willing to move to another country. I will have to say some of these women have been hardened. Hardened from their past, but also from being alone in a big new city. These women are not nieve, some will take time to prove to them they can trust you.

Kiev is a big city, not the easiest to get around in. if you can read Ukrainian you will have no problem using the subway. If not you will have a lot of walking to do.Taking a taxi in the city center is not the best during the daytime.

I have been lost in Kiev a few times, once you learn the major landmarks you will be fine. With my company, you will not have a problem finding your way. The city can be a lot of fun once you learn the system there. There are some very nice restaurants many cafes and pubs. I will give you the basic layout of the area you will be in, so you will feel comfortable during your stay. The first time I was in Kiev was a nightmare for me. I did not go more than 500 meters from my hotel, scared to look around. Thinking back, I was a very pathetic man or should I say, child! Read More

Ukraine Online Dating Site Jobs

Ukraine online dating scams start here. Hiring people to do the dirty work for them. This is a fraction of the number of jobs offered. 

When you read through these adds, the first thing I see is the amount of money offered. If these jobs were real, well what I mean if they paid what they wrote here. There would not be any online dating jobs. If the word got out you could make this amount of money. Every Ukraine person I know that speaks English would work for them. 12000 UAH is the best pay you would find in Ukraine which is about $420. It is more than twice the amount most make in a month. Another thing it does not say anything about gender, both men and women can apply!

I am not saying every online dating Ukraine site is a scam, why do they need so much help? If the pay was that good no one would leave a job like that.

Trustworthy Girl?

Well, the truth is most people that have tried these jobs quit after the first month. Because they do not get paid what was promised. I know a few girls who did this type of work, only made $1 or $2 for the month. So they scam the foreign men, but also the translators that did all the work! This is why I do not want to be associated with Ukraine online dating. When you allow random people to sign up and do not check their identification there is no way to control it. But even if they do check whos to say the girl is trustworthy?

I have signed up for a few online dating sites as a woman. They did not ask me for anything more than a name and email address. I uploaded a few fake photos and I was approved, simple.

I was told some of the big companies check passports of the girls. If you are corresponding with a Ukraine woman, ask for her passport. If she says she does not have one she is lying they are required for every citizen over 16 years of age. It is a shame the Ukraine women and girls are being blamed for these scams. Most of the women I know either have tried online dating and quit or never tried it. This is another reason I do not have online profiles of women. It does not work for either side. Read More


Is There A Typical Ukraine Woman?

Many people think of a Ukraine or Russia woman as dark hair brown eyes. But also I have had friends say the typical Slavic woman is Blonde blue eyes. Which

Dark Hair Brown Eyes

is correct? 

Blue Eyed Blonde

I personally found that in the eastern part of Ukraine Donetsk, Lugansk, and Alchevsk have the dark hair but some of the women have blue or gray eyes. I will not forget the first time I saw a woman with gray eyes. Kiev is hard to say there are women from all over Ukraine that settle there. In the west Rivne, Lutsk, and Lviv the women are more fare complected. Light brown hair blonde hair and light eye color.  Ukraine women are like the women of America all different types light dark green eye blue eyes and dark eyes. Which is better? it is up to you all I am saying if you can not find your type of woman in Ukraine then she probably does not exist.

The one thing I find typical of Ukraine women and girls is their personality. After you get to know a woman she will not hold back ask her a question and she will have an opinion.

Rarely will you get “oh baby I don’t know whatever you like!” I was told many times by Ukrainian women if you don’t want an honest answer then don’t ask the question. I still get a little offended sometimes by their answers to my questions. I was going on a date with a girl in Odessa, I had my favorite shirt on. When she saw me she gave me a look like something smelled bad. She said are you going to wear that shirt? I asked don’t you like it? Nope take it off is is so ugly! My favorite shirt is now in the bottom of my closet. Read More