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Date Ukrainian Beautiful Models.

What about the Ukrainian hot sexy models? Are these women real, do they want a simple man to marry? What do these women want look for in a foreign man?

I have met so many of these girls, I find it hard to say what I think about them. First, let me ask you if everyone around you tells you how beautiful sexy great you are you believe it! This is the first problem with these girls. If you were to ask them they would almost all say I am a simple woman. Which is sad because they have no idea what a simple woman in Ukraine is. I am talking about the women that work 12 hour days, the women that get nothing because of their looks or smile.

I was with a girl like this a short time ago Inna. She was amazing tall, sexy, friendly, easy to talk to. She had the biggest confidence! 

As we sat one day and talked about life. I realized how different she was from a simple woman. I asked her what she was looking for in a man to marry. She said the simple things he does not have to be handsome or rich. Then went on to tell me she just needs a good man and through time she would be able to fall in love with him. I asked her how many men she has dated? She told me maybe 5 this year alone.


I asked did you find that good man? No, she said I am looking for a special man for the rest of my life. So is she looking for a special or simple good man?

As we talked over the hours I found she was lost in her own world of self. I do not blame her so much but this is the life she chose. So here is the problem, she does not live in the same world as most do. As we talked she wanted more tea, it was very crowded there. She grabbed the waiters hand as he walked by, told him to bring her more tea. I saw the look in his eyes he was mesmerized by her. Tea was brought to her in seconds.

I am curious why we men almost always bow down to a beautiful woman? We know we can not have her, she is just using her looks and charm to get what she wants.

But we fall for it every time. I sometimes feel sorry for such a beautiful woman, yes because one day she will not have all those people telling her how great she is. Inna thought she was happy living the good life but I could hear from all here stories she did not find love in her life. I was once asked how do you know if the people around you like you or are just with you to talk advantage of you? If you have nothing that others want because you are a simple person no better than they are.

I would assume these people with you are your friends. How can you tell if your friends are your friends if you have much to offer? Sorry, you will not know until you lose everything.

Would She Talk With You?

Not everyone stays on top all their lives, you will fall someday. These women when it happens, have no idea how to provide for themselves in such a crisis. it is like going into the wilderness with makeup and an attitude. You won’t last long. After a few hours of talking with Inna, I asked her. Can I ask you some private questions? Sure she answered with a big smile on her face.

I asked Inna you are looking for a simple man to love right? Why haven’t you found him? Maybe you are looking with too high expectations? 

She said with all confidence no I have not met him yet. I said what about me? She smiled said Rod you are a very good man but not who I am looking for. I am confused Inna you said you are looking for a simple good man? You have one sitting right in front of you! How many other good men have sat next to you that you let go? I was hoping to upset her so I could get the truth out of her. She said you are funny Rod. I said no Inna you are sad and if you do not change you may be sad for the rest of your life. I asked her with a little loud voice what is wrong with me Inna? Now she was getting upset, she said you would not fit in my circle of friends.

You do not wear the right clothes or have the right kind of car. And you would never bow down to my people.

This is where I felt so sorry for this girl. I hope she has at least one good friend to get through her time when she falls. Over the years of me going to Ukraine, I have met and or dated some of these incredible or should I say incredible looking girls. I do keep in touch with some of them, 3 to be exact it has been 8 years later. They are no longer in the glamor business! It is hard to believe none are married, well not really.

We all have choices in life and nothing last forever right? Except for family and true love.

I am not saying all for these women are lonely some are genuine, found their happiness. It can be a difficult thing to find a woman you find beautiful and not settle for someone you are not attracted to. Here is where I can help you filter through women that are not interested only looking for more. When you take a tour with me I will not only provide most everything you need, for a safe easy stay. Also to help you and coach you on the ways to find a beautiful Ukrainian woman.

Come to Ukraine with me and have the time of your life, maybe find the woman of your life!


Russian Women Dating

 Dating Rusian women is the same as dating Ukrainian women? Is the dating culture the same in both countries? Are Ukrainian women as materialistic as Russian? 

Kiev Girl

I have dated both Ukrainian and Russian women in Ukraine. I have also dated a few Russian women in the USA. I have noticed the same thing both here and in Ukraine about Russian women. They are like most women in America, they want stuff. Not love but stuff, clothes, shoes, expensive perfume, and anything with value. Russia went through a really bad time years ago the economy crashed. When it recovered it recovered well, Russia was now a materialistic country. Where most have a decent way of life. Similar to the western world.

The average monthly salary is $591 in Russia in Ukraine it is $262. Russia has a greater disposable income. So they became like all other countries that want stuff.

In Ukraine, they are not materialistic why? Because they have not been spoiled in their lives. They do not make enough to buy things like perfume or clothes. I once dated a woman in Lugansk, she was very cute and sweet. The first day I met her she was wearing a sexy dress very tight to her body. On the third date she wore the same dress, I asked if it was her favorite dress? She said it is my only nice dress, the other two I have my mom made for me. I felt very bad for asking now knowing she did not have money for clothes. The next day I took her to a mall to do some shopping. She did not ask me for this.

When I told her she could get some clothes for herself. She looked at me with sad eyes and said I do not need clothing, I don’t want you to buy me things, Rod.

Sexy Poltava Girl

She said I have a good life I do not need clothes to make me happy I need a man to help take care of me. I have dated many girls that say the same thing. They do not want anything from me. I have also brought two women to live with me in Las Vegas from Ukraine. I had no problem with either wanting me to buy them expensive things. Sure they needed the basic thing women need shampoo, cosmetics, also some clothes. But not expensive things.

 I date a few Russian women in Ukraine in Odessa to be exact. I met these two women at a cafe very sexy girls. Also very friendly not like most women when you meet them in that part of the world.

We talked and drank wine for several hours, one of the girls told us she wanted to leave. The other stayed with me at the cafe. A few minutes later she came close to me and said if you buy me something I will have sex with you! That caught me way off guard. So me being me I said OK wait here a few minutes I will be right back.

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The Ukraine Perfect Date

What would be the perfect date with a Ukrainian woman? What would she look like how would she smell? The best is how would she look at you?

Before you have the perfect date you need one thing, that is a Ukrainian woman! How do you go about doing this on your own? Most men are told go online to a dating site to meet the love of your life. Really, what ridiculous advice this is. Let me ask you how did you meet your last girlfriend? Was it online? If so did you chat only online until you met some five months later? Or was it a girl that was introduced to you or maybe you met her at work! These are all very good common places to meet your future woman.

So why do you think only in Ukraine and Russia do you have to meet her online? Is it the cultural problems maybe the language barrier?

Why are so many men tricked into believing the only way to meet Slavic women are through an online dating site? I read there are 85,000 British men that go to Ukraine every year, but only a few thousand marriages. Why is this? Because most men have no idea how to date a Ukrainian woman. Yes, all these sites promise you will meet many beautiful women right?

Do any tell you the chances that you will date even one woman? No, they are not in the matchmaking business they are in the online dating business.


Which means they make their money from memberships or translation fees. I have noticed over the years all of the bigger companies have changed their names from marriage sites to online dating sites. They do not care if you find your love, they probably hope you never go to Ukraine so you will just stay a member for years to come.

This is where Personal Date Guide is different as you can read in the name we are a dating guide. Not an online dating site, we are a site seeing tour but instead of seeing the tourist sites.

We show you how to meet and date the most beautiful women! Over the years I was one of those men that had no idea how to date a Ukrainian woman. I use many different online sites I met many women but dated few. Until I went out there on my own. I learned from my Ukrainian friends how to date women. It was not so easy at first, but over the years I learned. Book a tour with me I will show you how to do this.

We do not expect anyone to go there by themselves without any knowledge of what they will find. It is very difficult to meet and date one of these women if you do not know the dating rules.

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Ukrainian Girls

Ukrainian Girls to me are magical! They can be sexy sometimes so cute and lovable. These young Ukraine women are very intelligent not silly or conceited at all. Most are looking for a man to marry, age is not a major concern to most young women.

Anna Poltava

The women I am talking about are from 18 to 25 years old. If you are a man from 30 to 40  you have a good chance to date this type of girl. Wouldn’t be nice to walk up to a beautiful young woman, ask her name and she tells you. No games no rolling of her eyes just a simple my name is Julia. That is what you will find in these Ukrainian girls, it is so refreshing to be able to sit and talk with them. When I was in Lugansk I met three young women 18 to 20 years old we talked for over three hours. They were so curious about me as I was about them. There is one trick to meet and talk with these girls, one thing that I had no idea I did it.

When you become a client of mine I will let you in on a few secrets or maybe I should say dating tips. Sometimes the two cultures clash, the next thing you know the girls get up and leave you.

I many times have talked with the girls in Ukraine, it was not about dating them it was very interesting how these young women think. How even though they live in a country that has many economic problems. They have a positive outlook on life, they would be the best support for a good young man. Even so the women there are the same maybe not so optimistic about life seeing how they are single. But they do have a good attitude for the most part. I can help you meet and date these beautiful women do not believe all the bad press about Ukrainian women.

I would like to tell you about some of the young women I had the lucky chance to meet with, in Vinnitsa. I was sitting in the park with some friends.


I saw these two women walk by I smiled at them, they smiled back then stopped and said hello. We just talked for a few minutes, I asked them to join us. The mom spoke English a little, the daughter spoke pretty well. The few hours I talked with Irina and Julia, I found out they were from a small farm grew potatoes and cucumbers.The Irina asks me if I wanted to get married again? I said yes, of course, if I find the right girl. She said you could marry my daughter Julia!

I was surprised by this was not expecting this at all, why would she want me for her daughter?. Julia said I would make you a good wife I can cook, do all house chores.

I ask her how old do you think I am? She said maybe 32 to 35 years old. I said I am older than that; she said OK it does not matter all that matters if you will be good to me. In Ukraine, it is not that odd to see younger women looking for older men. I could not see myself doing this, but it does happen. Read More


Sexy Asian Girls Or Ukrainian?

What country has the sexiest girls in the world? Is it Sweden maybe Russia, Ukraine, or is it an Asian country? Sexy Asian girls are the number one most searched when it comes to sexy girls.

Beautiful Woman

So I would have to agree that most men feel the Asin women are the most desirable in the world. Here is a funny fact a lot of Ukrainian women have Asian blood in them. If you would look at a map you would see Asia is only 400 miles from the edge of Ukraine also these women have Middle Eastern blood in them too. I feel this is the reason they are some of the sexiest women in the world. We know when different races are mixed the result can be very exotic.

I recently looked up where are the women that make the best wives. I was very surprised to find an article that wrote Ukrainian women make the best wives!

Most write about how bad Ukraine is how all the girls there just want money. It is not true the people online that promote or should I say take advantage of these women just want money. I think this was a very well written article, it says they most good women come from Asia or Eastern Europe. With the one exception of Columbia. I have dated a few Asian women they do like to take care of their man. Maybe this is why Ukrainian women make good wives, it was passed down from their Asian ancestors.


Top 7 countries where to find a wife!

In our age of easy traveling and easy access to the internet, men are getting curious where to find a wife abroad…

7. The ever-welcoming Philippines

The advantage of Philippines brides is that it is easy to take them out of their country. Unlike many Asian countries, the Philippines is a very easy come-and-go place; its regulations are friendly.

Top 7 countries where to find a wife

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Odessa Date Sexy Girls Here!

Odessa is a great city by the Black sea! Some of the most amazing sexy women in the world there. The girls do not have much on when they go to the beach. It is a great place to party, but also a great place to find your future wife.


I have been to Odessa quite a few times the first time was in the early spring, it was very cold at this time. I date two women on this trip Anya and Victoria. Anya was an image stylest she would help men and women dress in style. She was 38 years old have been divorced for 4 years. We would go from restaurant to restaurant and try different cuisines. With her, I was introduced to Georgian food one of my favorites now. There is a Georgian place in Kiev Mama Manana,  I have to go to as soon as I get settled. In Odessa, the place we went to was great a little cottage. I had my first shashlik there it is grilled pork with a plum sauce amazing.

One morning Anya comes by wants to go to the black sea! I have always wanted to see this famous sea. From in the USSR days when it was so secretive because this is where Russia had its nuclear sub base.

Now they have tours down into the tunnels where the subs were kept underground. But it is under Russian rule now Crimea. The day we were at the seaside it was so cold we could only be there for a few minutes. It was great for me to finally see this place. Anya was a little apprehensive about us dating because of her ex-left one morning. She woke up saw a letter that read sorry I am leaving I cannot


be with you any longer. We decided to date as only friends this seemed to make her more at ease. The afternoon I was going to leave Anya I almost missed my plane. She was very sad I was a little confused, she told me she would miss me. I said why we are just two friends, we can write anytime. She said I have strong feelings for you now, Rod! Our relationship did not last long.

The next time I went to Odessa I did not see Anya, but I met a woman. Elena, she was from Donetsk we decided to meet in Odessa because I could not go to Donetsk.

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Why Hire A Personal Date Guide

Why would you want to hire a personal date guide for Ukraine dating? Why not join a free online dating site? Is there a big difference in Ukrainian women dating? Why not take a day tour instead?


I have been asked these questions a few times by men that have no Idea the differences between the western world and Eastern Europe. If you are a serious man with intentions to travel to Ukraine to find love, either go at it alone or hire me. Most online dating sites are not interested to help men date real women. Even the women on their site are not real.

I am so curious why would a man spend thousands of dollars to chat with a girl online. You are going through a third party that makes millions off stupid men.

How do I know this? I was one of those stupid men. I do not want to think about how much money I spent looking for a Ukrainian woman online. But I can tell you it was over $4000 in a 3-year period. I got nothing from these sites except for more money out of my pocket, when I traveled to Ukraine alone. If you come with me to Ukraine as your personal guide I can promise you will meet real Ukrainian women or girls.

Many ask me about the cost of my services some ask why so much? The men that have been to Ukraine to find love but only were scammed by greedy dating agencies, ask why are you so cheap?

A few men I have met told me they spent over $10,000 looking for a wife in Ukraine. I always argue why would you want to prearrange a date with a woman in a foreign country? I have been to many countries, not once did I think to look for a woman to date online. I have been to Belgium, Netherland, Germany, and other European countries. I have date women from a few countries none were prearranged! So why do it this way in Ukraine? Because the dating companies want you to so they can make money off lonely men. Writing paid women and men to pretend to be interested in you. So you will send more letters, to chat more and buy more credits.

If the online dating agencies were really trying to help men and women meet from around the world. Why no guarantees?

I will guarantee you will meet real Ukrainian women in Ukraine. Here is what they should do if they were honest to give you half of your money back if the girl you are chatting with does not meet you in person. Why would they never do this Read More


Cost To Marry A Ukrainian Woman

What would it cost to bring a Ukrainian woman to America to marry her? Is it better to bring a Young Ukrainian girl to marry? Do The Ukraine men care if you marry their women?How long does it take to get a fiance visa for these women?

Sexy NataliI do have many answers to these questions. First how much would it cost to bring a Ukrainian woman to America? I have done this two times now in my life. The first was here for a short period of time, three weeks to be exact. She had a tourist visa so it was not much of a problem to bring her to me. It cost $1200 for the plane ticket, I also had to send her some spending money. Sometimes US customs will ask women from certain countries how much money they have on them. This is only for a tourist visa! They want to make sure you have enough money to stay for a week. I would say for the time she was here it cost me about $2500 total.

The second time that a Ukrainian woman came to stay with me was a much different story. We met in Kiev spent 10 days together it was a great time for both of us.

We talked for two months when we both decided she would come to see me. She had a son, because of this we decided to first try a tourist visa for her it is much cheaper and a lot faster. I know many women in Ukraine that have applied for a tourist visa and were denied many times. Kristina was different she had worked in Dubai for two years because she had a child that would stay in Ukraine she was granted her visa. The cost for the visa was $300, her plane fare $1100 and $400 for travel. We spent four weeks together for a total cost of $3000!

She went back home to get her personal things in order to move to the USA permanently. We decided to leave her son with his grandmother until we were married and settled in.

Sexy Teacher To Date

The second plane ticket was $1300 because it was now in the summer more expensive to travel. She asked if she should pay extra to bring all of her clothes and things she needed. Not thinking I told her no I will get you what you need here. Read More


Ukraine Girls Easy To Date?

Why do beautiful Ukraine women want to date and one day marry a foreign man? Simple, security love a better life?

Ukraine women are easy to date! Western women have it all already a good job a good life they can be picky stubborn. If they make good money, they can wait years before they marry a man because they do not need a man. Ukraine women have none of this all they have to offer is themselves. Everyone takes advantage of other people, and all through history women took advantage of the man to provide for them. Is it wrong? I do not think so but there is a line that some people cross, and that is where it gets to be wrong. When a woman is with a man only because he is rich, it is wrong. Living in Las Vegas, I see this all the time. Once when I was working in a casino, I saw this beautiful girl with a much older man. They were from Texas; this guy had a lot of money the way he was betting. I was going on break and saw the girl we talked a little. I asked her are you happy with your relationship? She said yes I love my husband very much. I asked if he was not rich would you still love him? She said no f…ing way.

Katya Ukraine girl
Katya Looking For A Man

The women of Ukraine that I have dated or met either are the best actors or are genuinely looking for the one man. To marry and support her, yes it is true.

But isn’t that what marriage is? Give and take? Maybe one day it will be different in Ukraine, but for now, the Ukraine girls are just looking to get married. Put yourself in their shoes for a second. If all you had to chose from was a young guy that did not have a good job or even a job at all what would you rather? To be alone or take a chance with a foreign man? There has to be a reason why there are so many Ukraine online dating agencies. If the Ukraine women were not interested, do you think these sites would still exist? Read More

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