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Good Bad And Ugly Ukraine

 Is Ukraine safe right now in 2018? The Ukrainian women are good for relationships? The Ukraine girls are the best to date? Is it good to live in Ukraine?


I have been telling people for years all these questions above are true, Ukraine is a very nice place to live. There is a big feeling of community awareness, people come together every day in Ukraine. Go to a park or walk along the waterfront, you will see many people enjoying the outdoors. In the summer in certain cities, you will see some of the sexiest women in short skirts or short shorts.

I always feel welcome when I am in Ukraine. My first few visits I was not sure how the people would feel towards me.

I did not talk much to many people. When I came to understand they do like American men very much it was easy to become friends with many people in Ukraine. I can help you navigate through all the customs the things to do and not to do when dating a woman. One mistake many Western men make on the first date is flowers. It is OK to give flowers to a woman but not yellow roses, also in odd numbers. It is bad luck to give a woman 12 roses, which is the norm in America.

Many different sites will tell you many different ways to date a Ukrainian woman. There is no one way to date any woman.

But we all know when we meet someone that is kind has good manners we like them. Here is the problem with most men in Ukraine, what now? I met a woman how do I go about dating her? One thing I can tell you that will make her feel very uncomfortable is some man being loud. You know the guy I am talking about, the one that loves attention speaks loud so everyone can hear him. This is a big problem in this country. I saw this the first time in Vinnitsa. There were some German men drinking and being loud. They would be fine in most countries, for just having fun. They were asked by a few different men to keep it down or leave, they left.

Here is an article was written by a man that lives in Ukraine and the good and bad he feels this country has.

Bad Girl In A Good Way


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Ukrainian Women Follow The Man They Love

Would you go to the edge of the world for love? Ukraine girls tell me they would go almost anywhere for love. But few would go for money! Do Ukrainian women just want money? Everyone wants a better life, but the Ukrainian women want love happiness.


I had a discussion with a guy the other day about sexy women in Ukraine. He said most of them only want money or to marry a guy so they can live in America. Where did he get this information? Of course from the online Ukraine dating sites they want to scare you. I do understand their motive. Online dating sites serve a purpose. For the people who have no desire to leave the privacy of their home. I know these big companies do not force men to join their sites. Here is the problem I see and have seen. What happens to the man that after a few months decided to go to Ukraine who will help this guy?

It was a problem I faced the first time I went to Ukraine to meet a girl I met online. Katya was her name, we wrote many letters, spoke on the phone many times before I decided to go see her.

She did not show up to meet me in Donetsk! I was alone in a strange country I could not read the signs, speak the language, and had no idea about the customs. I had traveled a few times to Europe, I was not afraid to travel. Ukraine was so different I had no idea what to do in this strange country. I would have paid almost anything for someone to show me how to meet these incredibly sexy women. All I was able to meet were young girls 18 to 23 years old. Why? Because these were the only people there that spoke English. I made some friends but I want a girlfriend!

Single Mom

 So when a man goes to Ukraine thinking the dating company has his back, well it is not going to happen. As soon as you leave the site it is all up to you now.

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Ukraine Personal Tour Guide

I have been getting some email that asks why I have not written about my trips as a private tour guide to Ukraine!

The answer is these are private tours, and most men do not want to talk about it. It is about finding the love of your life not bragging about dating beautiful Ukraine women! I have asked some of my clients if they would mind me telling some of their stories and a few said OK. I will not mention any names here just a summary of some of the better and different events.

If I want to mention stories while in Ukraine I have to first tell you about a man from the midwest of the USA. He was in his early 50’s a bit shy and doubted everything he did.

When I met him the first thing he said to me was, I do not even know why I am doing this! I knew it would take some special care for this guy. On the first afternoon, we walked through the park, and I told him (OK let me just call him Carl) if you see someone you like let me

Sveta Carl’s Girl

know. Carl and I walked for a few hours and finally, I said did you see anyone you like and want to meet? He said yes a few, but they do not wish to meet me! I told him you need to stop thinking like an old American man and think like a police officer. Carl asked, why a cop? Because they are very confident and not afraid to talk with anyone right? Now I was watching him see when he would look at a woman.

A few minutes later a beautiful woman walked by. I walked over to her and told her my friend thinks you are amazing. She smiled and looked at Carl and smiled at him.

The look on his face was so nice as he smiled back at her. I said Carl come over here and meet Sveta! His whole demeanor changed as he walked to her. She put her hand on his arm and said you think I am amazing? But being Carl, he said how old are you? She looked at him and said you can not ask me this! Carl said well if you will not tell me we will leave, he then turned around. She mistook this for confidence, but he turned around because he thought she was too young and beautiful for him, he later told me. As she stood there, I thought what do I do now. I told her he does not like young girls, and Carl thinks you are very young. Read More


Ukraine Personal Date Guide!

I remember the first time I decided to help men to meet and date Ukraine women. It was in Kiev about three years ago. I was sitting in a pub, and I met a guy from Australia.

A Photoshop Girl

He seemed to be lost; I overheard him talking to the bartender and telling his story. It was a story that I have heard so many times now that I am in this business. I am a Ukraine personal date guide; this is what one of my female friends from Ukraine called me. The story is the same for so many men that came to Ukraine to find a wife and left confused and broke! They joined an online Ukraine dating

Photoshop Ukraine Girl

site. There are many such sites out there these days. All of them will try to get as much money from you as they can and then leave you wondering what just happened.

You will join for free they tell you, but you will have no access to the girls. They show you so many sexy Ukraine girls photos which are all photoshopped! So us being men we fall for the sexy girl, we do know better, but we are men, right? 

These two women left, and right are real girls, but they do not look like this it is all computer generated. I know many Ukraine women that joined a dating site but do not check their profiles. It is ironic that most of the men on these sites are there for fun not to date a Ukraine girl. So most girls are tired of empty promises from these foreign men, they get discouraged and quit. Funny thing is when a girl quits the site her profile and photos stay on the site! Read More


Ukraine Date Scams

It is happening over and over by these greedy online dating Ukraine companies. If you are thinking of using an online dating company to go to Ukraine, please read this story before you go.

Do you want a real tour of some of the most beautiful women in the world? Not only charming but smart, friendly and loyal. If your answer is yes come with me to Ukraine! I work with just a few men at a time; there is no online dating with me. I will personally help you meet and date as many Ukraine women as you like. My friends and customers call me Personal Date Guide Ukraine!! Here is a question for you. The photo on the right or photo on the left, which is a real girl? It doesn’t take a smart person to answer this. Don’t believe the online dating sites. Just like the two photos we know which are real. Me a simple guy with experience in Ukraine dating over eight years now or some huge company?

This story here was written by, The Independent 

They populate Odessa’s numerous terrace cafés, stroll in hordes through its parks, and fill the plush velvet seats of its 19thcentury opera house. A foreign man, usually though not always over 60 and American, sits with a Ukrainian girl, probably in her twenties and strikingly attractive. Habitually, they are joined by another young woman, the translator, who facilitates the dialogue.

“She says she likes a strong man who knows his mind.” “Tell her I love the idea of two cultures coming together in a relationship. Read More


Dating Ukraine Girls

Is it easy to date a Ukraine girl? Do you use the same tactics as you would in your country? What exactly are Ukraine women looking for, what do they want?

I have been asked many times how to date a Ukraine girl. My dating advice about dating a Ukraine girl is simple. But first, you have to be in Ukraine. How can you date a girl from a foreign country if you are not there?? My advice is, go to Ukraine! Men ask me all the time what it is I do. My title is “personal date guide Ukraine.” You will not find any profiles on my site there is no online dating. Nothing will be prearranged as far as meeting a Ukraine woman. The girls you see on my site are real, I have

Natali From Vinnitsa

dated a few and have met most of them. Why are so many men wanting to go to Ukraine to meet a woman? I found this article, and it does explain some of the reasons.


Why Ukrainian, Russian, or post-USSR women desire to marry foreign men
The short answer: Because they are indoctrinated that they NEED a husband to be happy, and they cannot find a husband at home.
The whole cultural notion in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus is: A woman’s happiness is in her family. She is not supposed to feel fulfilled making a career or pursuing her creative passions, but only once she is married with children. Politically, this approach allows the male minority to keep the female majority under control, Read More

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Cost Of Ukraine Online Dating.

Here is a question I am asked quite often how much is it to Travel with you to Ukraine?

First, let us discuss how much it would cost you if you were to go to Ukraine with an online dating agency. The first time I used an online dating agency to meet a girl was around 6000$. And the only girl that I dated was a girl that I met in a cafe; she had nothing to do with an online dating company. I to this day stay in contact with Marina. Let me break it down for you, first; it was 29$ a month for my membership cost.

Beautiful Katya
Katya my $5000 two day Date

I chatted with this girl (I could see her, but she could not see me) for well over four months before I met her. About 2 hours a week around 1000$ at 50 cents a minute.

When I asked her if she wanted to meet me in person, she said sure but you have to ask for my personal information, which cost 250$ I was up 1375$ and have not left my country. Next, there were airline tickets I did not know about discount airfare at the time 1500$ round trip. I was going to Donetsk, so I would have to stay in Kiev one night so I could fly to Donetsk the next day. Taxi roundtrip from the airport and one night stay in Kiev 140$ plus 25$ in food. In Donetsk, It was 40$ round trip from the airport to the Hotel, I stayed six days, in a nice hotel room 600$. I finally met Katya, but she did not speak English we had an interpreter that was 25$ an hour. I forgot to mention Katya was from a small city 1 hour away that was 100$ for a taxi. I was with her for a total of 16 hours which came to 400$  for the interpreter and around 300$ for food.

 After two days with Katya, she decided she did not want to date me anymore!! Now being alone I wanted to find maybe someone else to date.

I asked the front desk clerk where I should go he told me Sherries. An expensive nightclub, three hours at Sherries was 250$ Read More


90 Day Fiance

Posted September,4th updated December, 9th

It is happening over and over by these greedy online dating Ukraine companies. If you are thinking of using an online dating company to go to Ukraine, please read this story before you go.  READ

Do you want a real tour to some of the most beautiful women in the world? Not only charming but smart, friendly and loyal. If your answer is yes come with me to Ukraine! I work with just a few men at a time; there is no online dating with me. I will personally help you meet and date as many Ukraine women as you like. My friends and clients call me Ukraine Personal Date Guide!!  Before you can have your own 90 Day Fiance story you have to go to Ukraine right?

I watched this show with my daughter. You can watch 90 day fiance online through Hulu or Netflix. Is this show real or just another not so real reality show? I have two answers for this some of it is real, but there is a lot of drama also.

I have my own 90 day fiance experience, and it was a little more drama than I expected.  

It is not easy for the girl or the man having their lives turned upside down. It was not just the matter of a girl coming to live with me but it was the complete responsibility to care for someone else. It was like taking care of a child sometimes. Not that she was immature but she knew nothing about this country.

My 90 day fiance

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Ukraine Date Secrets

The day everything came together for me in Ukraine. The best dating advice for men is dating advice from men!

Nika Professional Dater

Not just any men but men that know about a country I am not saying some professional date counselor. But a man that knows the customs and what to say and what not to say to the native women of Ukraine.

I met Igor at a place that the internet said was one of the best places to meet single Ukraine girls. When I arrived at this place, it was empty except for the staff and a few guys smoking hookah. I was trying to ask one of the servers why there was not anybody there. But she did not understand me, a man came over and asked if he could help me. I explained what I wanted to know why no people? He said two reasons the Maidan shooting was only a few weeks ago and it is Tuesday night. Read More