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Propose To A Ukrainian Woman

What is the proper way to make a marriage proposal to a Ukrainian girl? In Ukraine is it custom to be engaged to a woman first? Should you write it down first? Does anyone know how to write a proposal to marry a Ukrainian woman?

Beautiful Young Woman

In my time in Ukraine I have proposed a lot of things to women in the eight years I have been dating here. I have proposed to marry two times. I have witnessed a few not so glamorous proposals in Ukraine and some very emotional ones. The first one that comes to mind is when I was in Lviv, a city in the western part of the country. I was coming home from the gym but I wanted to get some cardio in. I decided to walk up the steps of the High Castle The High Castle Hill, 413 m (1355 feet) above sea level, is the best vantage point for a panoramic view of Lviv. The base of the steel flag mast in the center of the viewing area shows the cardinal points to help in orientation. This is one of the highest spots of the low range of hills stretching through Lviv and across the border into Poland. Read More

When I came to the first steps of High Castle there was an odd young man walking in front of me. He had something in his jacket, he would walk up a few steps then back down.

I was a little nervous about what he was going to do, so I stayed back a bit from him. What usually take 15 to 20 minutes to walk up took me almost 45 minutes. When we were about to the top he came running down towards me. I noticed in his jacket there were some flowers. Now I was starting to understand what was going on, I walked as fast as I could to the top. When I arrived there were two men and a young woman on top. The young man came up so fast got on his knee in front of the girl. He asked her if she would marry him, a long pause occurred. Finally, she said yes they hugged and kiss everything was good. Very romantic some would think.

I was with a client, Mark that met a woman with my help, they knew one another for 6 days. He came to me this morning to ask me what do I think about him asking Evgenia to marry him?


Being a little apprehensive I ask are you sure this is what you both want? I knew this man he was not a guy that did something without thinking about it. I said let’s go to lunch the three of us so I can feel out how she is thinking about you. I knew they would make a good couple, I saw how they would be with each other very loving. Mark treated her with much respect, I could see the feelings he had for her were real. But was this too soon? I have heard of other men proposing to a Ukrainian woman only to be turned down because it was too soon.

As we ate lunch I asked Evgenia what her plans were in life? She said I have no plans I only hope to go where my heart is happy.

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Marry A Ukrainian Woman

I have been traveling to Ukraine for over eight years now. Why have I not married a Ukrainian woman yet? Do the Ukraine women make good wives? Should you marry a sexy girl? Are these girls loyal? 

So many men ask me these questions, why don’t I have a Ukrainian wife? The answer is a little complicated. I was engaged two times with women from there, it just wasn’t right for me at the time. I look back and wonder where would I be right now if I would have married one of the first women I met in Donetsk. Sweet Dasha was what I called her, so cute very sexy girl. On my second trip back to Ukraine I was planning to see my two friends Dasha and Marina.

I was sidetracked by a beautiful woman in Lugansk Nastia who I met online. She had black hair and a sexy body, her hobby was singing so she told me.

The day I arrived to meet Nastia I was very surprised. She did not have a sexy body anymore she was heavy, to say the least. We were together for four days, but it did not work out between us. She is what you call a bitch, yes she was the most demanding woman I have ever met in Ukraine. I wish I had a personal date guide back then to help me figure things out. I was alone in Lugansk for two days then I met Nelia. What a beautiful woman she was, smart, sexy, with a great sense of humor.

Nelia 2012

Nelia and I dated for several months, we talked about getting married. She wanted to go to stylest school, she needed $2400 to do this. Now it is not a lot of money, but then it was all that I had.

I wanted to help her I just could not give her the last of my money. It was a little problem for us to overcome. We did, after some weeks of talking about it, I was at fault. I remember I told her if she needed anything ask and I would help her. When I explained I did not have that much money, she was better about it. Many people in Ukraine assume all Americans are rich. Do not ever talk to a woman about how much money you have if you do not have it. Once you get caught in a lie they will remember it for many years.

What broke us up was not misunderstandings it was Russia, when they invaded Eastern Ukraine. Nelia lived right in the path of both armies, she would call me tell me she hears rockets launching all night.

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Are Kiev Women Strong?

 Is there a difference between Kiev women and the other cities women? Are Kyiv women stronger or harder to date? Kiev women do have a few differences from other Ukraine women. Are they more difficult for dating?

Tough Woman

One of the biggest differences is you will meet women from all over Ukraine. Women that came to Kiev for work or to escape the conflict in the east. does this make them more difficult to date? No, I think the Kiev women are more independent. The women that migrated to Kiev, are more open to change. They have already left their old lives behind, so will be more willing to move to another country. I will have to say some of these women have been hardened. Hardened from their past, but also from being alone in a big new city. These women are not nieve, some will take time to prove to them they can trust you.

Kiev is a big city, not the easiest to get around in. if you can read Ukrainian you will have no problem using the subway. If not you will have a lot of walking to do.Taking a taxi in the city center is not the best during the daytime.

I have been lost in Kiev a few times, once you learn the major landmarks you will be fine. With my company, you will not have a problem finding your way. The city can be a lot of fun once you learn the system there. There are some very nice restaurants many cafes and pubs. I will give you the basic layout of the area you will be in, so you will feel comfortable during your stay. The first time I was in Kiev was a nightmare for me. I did not go more than 500 meters from my hotel, scared to look around. Thinking back, I was a very pathetic man or should I say, child! Read More

Is There A Typical Ukraine Woman?

Many people think of a Ukraine or Russia woman as dark hair brown eyes. But also I have had friends say the typical Slavic woman is Blonde blue eyes. Which

Dark Hair Brown Eyes

is correct? 

Blue Eyed Blonde

I personally found that in the eastern part of Ukraine Donetsk, Lugansk, and Alchevsk have the dark hair but some of the women have blue or gray eyes. I will not forget the first time I saw a woman with gray eyes. Kiev is hard to say there are women from all over Ukraine that settle there. In the west Rivne, Lutsk, and Lviv the women are more fare complected. Light brown hair blonde hair and light eye color.  Ukraine women are like the women of America all different types light dark green eye blue eyes and dark eyes. Which is better? it is up to you all I am saying if you can not find your type of woman in Ukraine then she probably does not exist.

The one thing I find typical of Ukraine women and girls is their personality. After you get to know a woman she will not hold back ask her a question and she will have an opinion.

Rarely will you get “oh baby I don’t know whatever you like!” I was told many times by Ukrainian women if you don’t want an honest answer then don’t ask the question. I still get a little offended sometimes by their answers to my questions. I was going on a date with a girl in Odessa, I had my favorite shirt on. When she saw me she gave me a look like something smelled bad. She said are you going to wear that shirt? I asked don’t you like it? Nope take it off is is so ugly! My favorite shirt is now in the bottom of my closet. Read More


Single Moms OF Ukraine

There are many single moms all around the world. So why date single moms from Ukraine? The first reason is that they will make a great wife, second is they are alone and need a good man.

When I started to go to Ukraine, I was like most men from the west very nieve about this country. I thought it was like in the old movies where they did not have all the modern conveniences of the modern world. I soon found out I was terribly wrong; there is not much we have here in America that you will not be able to find in Ukraine. But there is one thing that I have not been able to find there, ziplock bags!  Maybe I have not looked for them everywhere, but in the markets, I have been to no zip bags! They do have every brand of American products shampoo, candy bars, even clothing. I looked for a t-shirt with Ukraine writing on it one trip, and could not find a

Tatyana Single Mom

single shirt. All T-shirts have English slogans or saying.

 OK back to the single moms. When I met the first single mom Tatyana, of course, I did not know she had a child when I met her. We talked a lot but not about her life.

When it was getting late her phone rang, she said she had to get home to help her mom. I asked if I could see her tomorrow, she smiled and said she would call me in the morning. We met in the morning at a cafe near her house. Tatyana was a little weird all through the meal we had. She all of a sudden said, Rod, I have to tell you something! She had a very serious look on her face. What is it Tatyana I asked are you OK? She said I have a child his name is Oleg he is five years old. I waited for her to say something more, was this all she wanted to tell me.

She said, Rod, why don’t you say something? I smiled and said I thought you were going to tell me something bad or that you have a big problem. 

Tatyana asked me if I minded she had a child, I answered no I have two kids myself. I ask her if I could meet him. She said you want to meet my son, of course, you can meet him. She stood up and said I will call you later and walked away very fast with a big smile on her face. Read More


Does Age Matter In Ukraine

Does age difference matter in Ukraine? I have dated women with a 20-year difference in age. Some might think this is wrong or perverted.

So when movie stars marry with a 20-year difference or a pop star marries a man 30 years older then she it is perverted? Or do we have a double standard for celebrities? It is not uncommon for a 23-year-old girl to marry a 40 years old man in Ukraine. Most women in Ukraine are looking for security, a man that will be loyal and trustworthy. How many young men do you know with these qualities?

In this article, there are some excellent point about Ukraine girls it was written by Marriage Wolrd.com


Should I marry a Ukrainian Woman?

The first thing that you have to understand is that nearly all Ukrainian women want to marry foreign men and move to his homeland. In most cases, they believe of a life outside Ukraine as a more decent one compared to Ukraine. So, the point is not about well-mannered foreign men. Moreover, for some women marrying a foreigner is a simple way to get other country’s citizenship. But in general, most Ukrainian women will only marry a man if they love him.

Nastya From Vinnitsa

So why should I marry a Ukrainian woman

– Ukrainian women will want to have children and a family. A Ukrainian lady will want to be a wife and mother. Many will be completely happy in this role alone. Some women will like to work outside the home as well; some will not. By and large, these women know how to be a loyal wife and a good mother. The whole Ukrainian culture teaches that a woman finds her highest fulfillment by being a mother.

– Ukrainian women tend to take care of their appearance and always like to look their best. They dress more femininely than American and European women and love to look stylish, sexy and classy. Skirts, heels, and sexy dresses are the norm. Just spend a few minutes on the streets of Kiev, Odessa, Lviv or Kharkiv, and you’ll see what we mean. Read More