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Why date Ukraine divorced women?

I have dated and met many divorced women and girls in Ukraine! Some with children and some wanting to have children. Why are these women so approachable, what will you get if you marry one?  

Tati Divorced

I remember the first divorced woman I met in Ukraine Dasha was her name. She was so cute very friendly and did not speak much English at all. She was with a friend Marina another cute girl Marina was 23 at the time. It was over eight years ago, my first trip to Ukraine. It was an awful time that turned out to be one of the best times of my life. I went to meet a girl I met online. She did not show up, just another man that was scammed by a Ukraine online dating site.

But the best thing happened to me. I was in the park and feeling sorry for myself, and I met three sweet young girls. They helped me with the problem of being in a strange country alone!

They assured me it was safe and to go and introduce myself to people in the city. So I did, and this is where I met Dasha and Marina. Marina was the outspoken one spoke perfect English. Dasha quiet and so sweet I introduce sushi to Dasha very cool night. As we got to know each other, I started to feel Dasha’s pain and sadness. She seemed to be happy, but I felt there was something sad about her. One night while we were drinking beer, I said to Dasha why you are so sad? Read More


90 Day Fiance

Posted September,4th updated December, 9th

It is happening over and over by these greedy online dating Ukraine companies. If you are thinking of using an online dating company to go to Ukraine, please read this story before you go.  READ

Do you want a real tour to some of the most beautiful women in the world? Not only charming but smart, friendly and loyal. If your answer is yes come with me to Ukraine! I work with just a few men at a time; there is no online dating with me. I will personally help you meet and date as many Ukraine women as you like. My friends and clients call me Ukraine Personal Date Guide!!  Before you can have your own 90 Day Fiance story you have to go to Ukraine right?

I watched this show with my daughter. You can watch 90 day fiance online through Hulu or Netflix. Is this show real or just another not so real reality show? I have two answers for this some of it is real, but there is a lot of drama also.

I have my own 90 day fiance experience, and it was a little more drama than I expected.  

It is not easy for the girl or the man having their lives turned upside down. It was not just the matter of a girl coming to live with me but it was the complete responsibility to care for someone else. It was like taking care of a child sometimes. Not that she was immature but she knew nothing about this country.

My 90 day fiance

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