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Ukraine Is Famous For?

What is Ukraine famous for? Of course beautiful women, but also a country of scams! It is famous for not many know where it is, some think it is in Russia. I hope one day Ukraine will be famous for the kind, caring people that live there.


I am constantly getting emails from men that want to know if the girl they are communicating with is real. How can I tell if my online girlfriend is real? The best type is I have strong feelings for this woman I never met how can I be sure she is not scamming me? I have one answer to all these questions if you have even the slightest doubt about an online girl. Then you have to understand she is not real, please do not fall in Love with a photo!

 If you want to meet a real girl with a private date guide, book a tour with us. Personal Date Guide Ukraine. We will take care of everything from where you will stay, a nice apartment in the city center.

To all your ground transportation from city to city if you choose. The biggest thing we will provide is a real-life experience with real Ukrainian women. If you have a hard time meeting women we can help you we have been doing this for 4 years now. Please do not be like so many men that write me to late. Saying I am in Ukraine I got scammed can you help me find a good woman? It will be too late most of the times to ask this. You see we have men plan for this it would not be fair to add a new member to a tour in progress. You can write maybe we can help but it is not for sure.

 Don’t be one of those guys that are stuck in Kiev wondering what should I do now because you were scammed by some online dating group.

Lugansk Woman

I see and hear about this all the time it happens very often. Why waste your time and money on something you know is not real don’t fall for it. Plus you will not be able to see how great a place this is how incredible the women are. Stuck at a bar in downtown Kiev hoping for a miracle. I am the guy that can make your terrible trip to Ukraine special. I did before look for these stranded men, I would show them the right way to meet and date the women. This is how I started my business by helping the stranded foreign men.

Some of my clients ask me what is Ukraine famous for? There are only a few it is famous for not many good things.

I hope to change this I have not had one person I was with in Ukraine that did not like it. Whether they found a woman or not they found a good place. This is what happened to me eight years ago. Now I help men like I was back then. It is a good feeling to help a couple get together. For the lonely men of the world and also the lonely women of Ukraine.

So what is it famous for well here are some not so well known facts about this great country. Read More