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Marry 500 Ukrainian Girls

I would like to marry 500 Ukrainian women and or girls this coming year. The laws are different when it comes to marrying these super sexy women. I would be very happy to reach just half of my goal, I know I could make them all happy.

Elena Sexy Girl

Or at least happier than they have been in some time. But satisfying that many girls would be very time consuming and extremely difficult. I can already imagine all the problems I will face. It would be well worth it for the girls to have a man they could rely on. A man they could give their love and devotion to, in return they would get what most girls dream of.

A big house lost of money a great materialistic life. Who? sorry I am not talking about Ukrainian girls!!

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A Ukrainian Woman’s Life

 Do Ukrainian women have a good life? Most men know they are sexy or beautiful. Do we think that is all they do is sit around and be sexy? The women of Ukraine get a bad name for being scammers. Are they all scammers?

Sexy Woman

Most of the women I know have a somewhat difficult life. If they are a single mom, they work six days a week 12 hours a day. The average monthly salary is $200 a month in most cities. How do they stay so sexy? Do they go to the gym, have a personal trainer? No, maybe only 5% can afford this lifestyle. The reason they are so fit is that they walk everywhere they go. Most do not have a car, although the public transportation is very good they do not get dropped off at home. 

 The Ukrainian women have a hard life but most do not complain. It is all they know except for TV or the movies. If anyone tells me these women are materialist I say you are crazy!

They have no money to buy anything more than food. Some women I have met can not afford sugar for their coffee. In the winter when there is not much fresh food they live on pickled products they made in the summer. They pickle everything from cucumbers of course to apples, watermelon even beets and garlic. This is another reason they are so fit, they eat very little processed food. For a single woman to have a TV is big but it will not be a flat screen. A 19-inch box old tube set they will have. Do I feel sorry for these women? Absolutely not they have a good life, money is not everything. So when an American tells me all Ukrainian women just want money, sure why not they have none. Please do not judge these women until you have been there met them.

 I found an article the other day online it was written a few years ago. It is a good read for someone interested in going to Ukraine and dating a woman.

Being a woman in Ukraine

Written By: Nataliya Rudnichenko

A poll conducted by the Ukrainian Institute of Social Studies last year showed that most of the Ukrainians polled — 61 percent of women and 51 percent of men — were of the opinion that the social status of men was higher than that of women. At the same time, 81 percent of the women were determined to champion more actively the cause of women in their struggle against social injustice and traditions favoring male dominance.

A cursory look

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Help Find My Man To Love

 Are Ukrainian women worth the trouble? Why date a Ukrainian girl, does she only want a visa? Are the women of Ukraine good women to marry? Does mail order brides still exist? Should you find a woman online or in Ukraine?

I have read all of this on the internet, I have also been asked this many times by friends client and family members. What do these women really want? I will tell you what many women have told me or should I say asked me. Rod, why can’t I find some who loves me? One of the biggest reasons I started this company for the women of Ukraine. I do not know the reason, so many single girls and women there. Some say it is because there are more females than males. There are a small percent more women than men there, so why all the single women? Some Ukrainian girls tell me a lot of Ukraine men do not work, who wants to marry a guy like that? Some say it is because of the war all the men are taken from their cities to help fight!

This is the perfect place for a man that can’t find love in their countries. We have the single women, we have the single guys so why not match them?

Because of these Ukraine online dating sites, you will not see many success stories. Whatever the reason is all I know, that I meet so many single girls in Ukraine more than any place I have traveled. It upset me when I research videos or blogs that talk about all the scamming going on in Ukraine dating sites. The comments always blame the women, the girls are not the problem. Unless they are hired by a dating agency to date men for commission or a free photo session.

90 percent of the girls that signup for these dating sites is a real woman. At the time when they signed up, they were interested in dating a foreign man.

So Cute

But they soon found out that most men that use the Ukraine dating sites are there for entertainment. To see sexy girls in tiny clothing. I have talked to some girls that used sites, most say the same thing the men are not serious. One woman told me her story about a man that promised her he would come and see her.

 Gave her the date he would be there to meet with her. She made plans to go to Kiev to see him. She said he wrote her for many months so she decided to take time off from work.

She waited in the lobby of the hotel where he told her he was staying, he did not show. She waited for five hours for a phone call, or an email from the man, which did not come. She went back home, did not heard from him again! She told me she would never use online dating agencies again. Then asked me if I had any man that would want to marry her? Read More

Help Ukraine Women

I have over the years helped some of the nicest women most from Ukraine. All of them either single or single moms! Now in Ukraine, the divorced women need help. Help for women is one of my main goals.

Nice Woman

The tricky part about trying to help these women is a lot of them are too proud to accept help. Sometimes you have to do it in a creative way. I have put money in women purses without them noticing, also in grocery bags. I love to hear stories about men helping the Ukraine women. I received an email from a man that I help in Ukraine, he was from Chicago. He met a very nice woman with my help but I  did not hear what happened to them. In his letter, he explains the story of the past two years of his life.

 He started with thank you, Rod! Then went on to tell me with my help he found the love of his life. But it was not the girl I helped him meet earlier. I asked if I could write his story, he told me sure maybe you can help some other Ukrainian women.

I was with the woman you help me meet but it all fell apart. I was very discouraged for a few months until I saw that show 90 Day Fiance! A story on the show was just like mine. So I thought to call you to see if you could help me again. I thought I do not need his help, I know how to get around in Kiev. Rod taught me how to date the women, so I decided to go on my own.

I was in Kiev for two days I met some women but was having a hard time finding the right one. I was in a cafe at the city center having a few beers, talking with the server.

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$120 Affiliate Commission Pay

I would like to pay the people that help me with helping others. I get a few referrals from friends and people I do not know, even family members. I have opened an affiliate page on my site, so I can pay anyone who refers a client to me. I have made it a flat amount $120, the more you refer the higher your rate goes up.

By referring clients to me I will be able to help more people find happiness. But the biggest thing I will be able to help those that can not help themselves The Orphans the single moms and a new group I found reading an article. They are women that have been hurt and displaced in the war zone. I did know this had to happen but not many talks about the separatist in Ukraine. It hurts me inside, Donetsk was the very first city I stayed when I came to Ukraine. The people of this region help me, took care of me when I was lost. They help me get from wanting to go back to America to want to come back to beautiful Ukraine. This article is a bit sad but people have to know about a country that has been divided.

Ukrainian women find themselves bearing the cost of endless war

Anna Nemtsova:

On a recent evening, several Ukrainian women pushed their wheelchairs along the narrow hallway to the kitchen, where they pounded dough into a pie.

For the dozens of women and children sheltered here in a run-down, four-story community center in Odessa, sharing food is just one small effort to keep together a community ripped apart by war. Across Ukraine, authorities registered almost 1.8 million internally displaced people, driven from their homes and villages by the violent conflict between Russia and Ukraine started in 2014. Thousands of people have been killed. Salaries have plummeted.

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A Saint In Ukraine

Why do I want to help Ukraine women kids and single moms? I was asked in a comment, Rod are you a saint in Ukraine? No of course not but I do like to help people.

On one of my first trips to Ukraine I was asked do you want to visit a Ukraine orphanage with me? I declined that time, I love children and did not know if I could handle to see this. I was very selfish thinking of me, not the kids! Many of my friends in visit Orphanages. There are over 100,000 orphans in Ukraine and growing because of the conflict in the South East. I am now taking clothes to help these children. Clothes are a big cost in Ukraine, you can buy a new shirt or eat for a week. Most do not have much and the single moms have a huge problem. Here is a fact, depending on what group you research. The number of Christians is between 80 to 90{77d98b13d243b44f31c75ad84883e5d111de0b8c49265fea6922cba70cebec2f} of the population.They are good people!

Singel Mom

I once met a woman she was a single mom had a very nice son five years old. I was told he did not know his father.I gave him a toy and he was very appreciative of this. By the end of the day, he called me dad, what a cool thing that was.

The single moms of Ukraine live a very humble and hard life. A woman on her own makes about $200 a month so with a child you can see what she faces. One woman, I met a few trips ago she was a single mom I could see she was struggling. We just finished lunch in my apartment and I offered her some money, she refused. I had plenty of food so I ask would you like to take some food she accepted. I packed a bag of sausage, cheese some sugar and a loaf of bread. I also slipped $50 dollars into the bag. I receive a call a few hours later from her. Thanking me for the nice gift, told me I help her with her rent. Most women will not accept money!

Single mom

 Another friend I have she is also a single mom. I wanted to get her daughter a present for her birthday. I asked Marina what toy should I get your daughter, she said she does not need a toy.

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Help Ukraine Girls?

Why do I want to help single women of Ukraine? It is a little odd, there are so many foreign dating sites online. Most are there to help single men get married.

Why are there not any to help women get married? I think it is because maybe men are more open to see what is out there. So why do I do this? It has become a big problem in Eastern Europe not only in Ukraine. It is this way in Belarus and Moldova many single women but why? I know that in some countries the woman and girls are getting desperate to find love but also money for living. There are many small towns in Ukraine where there are no women. They have moved to Italy, Poland and Hungary.  Why for a job, it is sad the women leave their children and go to work in another country. In this documentary, it is hard to believe it is true but it does happen quite often.

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