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Ukraine Justice For Women

Do the Ukraine women have equal rights? Is there violence against Ukrainian girls? Who will protect the Ukrainian women? Is domestic violence an issue in Ukraine? Who will help the Ukraine women?

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Like so many bad things in life, people do not want to talk about certain things. Nobody wants to talk about bad or lack of sex or their financial problems. Definitely, no one wants to talk about domestic violence. So who protects the women? Here in America, it is not talked about but it happens here quite a bit. Depending on the culture you come from it is more accepted to hit your wife. Some cultures do not agree with violence against women but they overlook it. I have heard many times this, if it was so bad why doesn’t the woman leave her husband?

I think most do not want to have to hear or deal with domestic violence. I have heard stories of communities passing judgment against men that beat their wives.

One such story is a friend of mine she was from Turkey. She was 5 months pregnant, her husband did not want the child. One morning they were in a terrible fight he was beating her stomach wanting for her to lose the baby. The neighbors heard the problem, went to her rescue. They beat the husband and put him in the hospital, but the child was lost. It was enough time for her to pack her things and leave the country. This is how she came to Las Vegas.

I remember when I first moved to Las Vegas it was a time when the so-called mafia controlled Vegas. I have to say it was much better times then before the corporations came in.

They did know how to take care of people back then. One night the pit boss gets a call from a dice dealer that was in jail for being drunk and disorderly. In about 1 and a half hours later the dealer was back to work. Another time an employee was in jail for beating his wife, nobody came to his rescue. You see we all know what is wrong and right we just need to be strong to support those that can not support themselves.

Angel Single Moms Need Help

This brings me to a story that a Ukrainian man told me about his wife. She was a food server in a nice cafe she liked her job, until the owner started to make advances to her.

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Why “Date Ukraine Women” Is Different

What is different about personal date guide Ukraine? Is it an online dating company with a membership every month? Is it a Ukraine company? Do they help women or men while in Ukraine? What exactly do they do?

I have received many e-mails that ask these questions. I will answer them the best I can. What is different about us? We are not a Ukraine company, we do not have a big staff nor do we do any online dating services. I do not want to talk generally about the marriage agencies in Ukraine. From my personal experiences in the past 8 years, these companies did not care about me. They were about making money, it is a business that takes advantage of lonely men.

I was one of those men I used several agencies, I will not tell you all of them are bad. Some were not so greedy, made a few hundred off me. Some could have made thousands off me if I let them.

I have spoken with men that spent over $10,000 with these companies. This is how it works, there is a need for the men who decide to go to Ukraine to find love. Some men show up thinking there will be a woman to meet with them that they met online. Some women do meet these men, but for a big cost. You will be charged for everything you do in Ukraine. You will pay double or sometimes triple for an

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interpreter that is not on your side at all. She will advise you on where to take your date, restaurants, cafes, and sightseeing. She will do everything to make the date as long as possible. If you decide to do anything different from what the interpreter asks the date will be over.

Ok now with personal date guide, this is what we do. We do no online dating you will not have a membership with us. No monthly fee no fake photos with untrue profiles. It is a one time cost for your 8-day tour.

In this time you will be able to meet and date as many women you like. We will have interpreters for you if you need them, the first 5 hours are included. After that, it will be $10 an hour or $80 a day. Some dates you will have with a woman could last 10 to 15 hours! Read More