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What Is It About America?

When I am in Ukraine I hear this all the time America is a great place so why are you here in Ukraine?

Everyone wants to be like like us why do they want to be us ?? The women I meet are always so curious to know everything about me about my country. Some know more about America than I do! In this video, there is a Russian woman telling why it is better to marry an American man.

I remember a time when I was in Kiev just about a week after the Maidan incident it was a terrible day for Ukraine people. I went to one of my favorite cafes about 7 pm and there was no one there. I asked the staff why is nobody here? They said because people are still in shock. I did meet these 3 men they asked me to have a drink with them knowing I was an American. As we talked I was unaware of who I was talking with. One of them asked me if America would help them in this crises, I told them I am sure we would.

I said America loves the underdog and hates bullies so give it some time and I am sure we will be here.

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