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Odessa Date Sexy Girls Here!

Odessa is a great city by the Black sea! Some of the most amazing sexy women in the world there. The girls do not have much on when they go to the beach. It is a great place to party, but also a great place to find your future wife.


I have been to Odessa quite a few times the first time was in the early spring, it was very cold at this time. I date two women on this trip Anya and Victoria. Anya was an image stylest she would help men and women dress in style. She was 38 years old have been divorced for 4 years. We would go from restaurant to restaurant and try different cuisines. With her, I was introduced to Georgian food one of my favorites now. There is a Georgian place in Kiev Mama Manana,  I have to go to as soon as I get settled. In Odessa, the place we went to was great a little cottage. I had my first shashlik there it is grilled pork with a plum sauce amazing.

One morning Anya comes by wants to go to the black sea! I have always wanted to see this famous sea. From in the USSR days when it was so secretive because this is where Russia had its nuclear sub base.

Now they have tours down into the tunnels where the subs were kept underground. But it is under Russian rule now Crimea. The day we were at the seaside it was so cold we could only be there for a few minutes. It was great for me to finally see this place. Anya was a little apprehensive about us dating because of her ex-left one morning. She woke up saw a letter that read sorry I am leaving I cannot


be with you any longer. We decided to date as only friends this seemed to make her more at ease. The afternoon I was going to leave Anya I almost missed my plane. She was very sad I was a little confused, she told me she would miss me. I said why we are just two friends, we can write anytime. She said I have strong feelings for you now, Rod! Our relationship did not last long.

The next time I went to Odessa I did not see Anya, but I met a woman. Elena, she was from Donetsk we decided to meet in Odessa because I could not go to Donetsk.

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