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Do Ukrainian Women Date Indian Men

I received an e-mail the other day asking if Ukrainian girls date Indian men? Yes, they do! Also Morrocain men, men from Arabic cultures and Turkish men.

I have said this many times before Ukrainian women are open-minded, all they ask from a man that wants to date them is! He should be kind, caring, and loyal. That is about it oh also the women are very clean, hygiene is very important to them. I have been with women that shower 3 times a day, I have to say they also smell sweet like candy. You will not find a better woman to marry than a Ukrainian. They are very family oriented, family always comes first. All know how to cook and take care of the home. But they do not want to be housewives, they like to work they need to work!

In all my travels to Ukraine, I have not seen one instance of a woman or girl not wanting to talk with or get to know a man because of his ethnicity.

Julia Pretty Girl

These women are very curious about the world, most have college educations. If you want a quiet woman for a partner do not marry a Ukrainian woman. They like to talk, not like some silly girls do. They like to talk about politics, one of their favorite conversations with me is what is America like? Not just America but Americans, are they all kind do they all act like on the TV shows. It is very refreshing to talk with a smart sexy woman for a change!

I come from a mixed background my mother’s roots are from England and Poland. On my father’s side, we are all Mexican. I was brought up with the Mexican culture, it is the same as Ukrainian for the most part.

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