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Your Personal Date Guide

What would help you meet and date the beautiful Ukrainian women or girls? A personal date guide like me. I have helped many men in Ukraine date beautiful women. I take out all the guesswork, from the date customs to how to get around in Ukraine.

I have for over eight years been dating Ukrainian women. I first used anastaisiadate it did help me meet a few women online. It was very difficult until I learned some of the rules. Slavic women can be a challenge to understand, how their mind works. For one thing, if she tells you something she means it, there are no head games with her. If you are too old she will tell you if you are you fat she will tell you. You need to have thick skin most of the time. When she does like you, start to trust you it will be like no other woman before.

I have been getting a lot of emails asking what exactly do I do for you. What would a typical tour with me be? From the beginning, we will pick you up from one of two airports in Kiev.

Imagine Meeting Her!

Bring you to the apartment office where you will be given your keys, and escorted you to your apartment. Which is included in your tour package. Me or one of my staff members will instruct you on how to get in and out of the apartment. We will give you a quick tour of the neighborhood. Places to buy water and some essentials you made need during your stay. It will not be a formal tour like some expect. I will not give you a tour of the city sites, this will be done by the women you date. Most Ukrainian women are very proud of their cities, it will be a must for them.

The reason why I like the number of guests for me to be 4 or 5 is the interaction. Most women are not easily persuaded to meet a man by himself.

It will also be better for you and your date to have another couple to interact with. It is not a must but it seems to work better. That is unless you want to take a private tour only you, we can accommodate this for a high price. When you first arrive the group of men on the tour you pick will be together the first night. Read More


Ukraine Women Dating

As I go through the internet and look up how to date a Ukraine woman. There are many so-called help blogs out there. Some want to help you date Ukraine women. Some want to warn you about scams.

Then there are the ones that try to tell you what are the best Ukraine online dating sites. It can be pretty comical! Some online Ukraine dating sites have blogs that warn you about online dating. What is so insulting is they give you advice, then they want you to join

Irina Ukraine scammer

an online Ukraine dating site. What the Fu..!! I have looked through most of the articles from many many sites. Most are just trying to entice you to join a specific site or two or three.

I love the ones that say we are the best site you can trust us all of our women are real with real photos. Wow, I have been to Ukraine many times. I have yet to see a photoshopped woman sitting in the park!

90{77d98b13d243b44f31c75ad84883e5d111de0b8c49265fea6922cba70cebec2f} of the online sites have photoshop pictures of their women. I know it is hard to not look at these photos being men. Really do we all believe Ukraine women are flawless sexy supermodels? If this


were true wouldn’t there be more Ukraine professional supermodels? I did a little research and found over the years from 1980 to today there were 7 models that could be considered supermodels!  How can this be? It is simple we are all being scammed tricked. I am very sure we all know the difference from an enhanced photo to a real one Right? Here is a test which woman is real?  Olya or Irina? If you get this wrong you deserve to be scammed.

 What I am trying to say is use some common sense when you look for an online Ukraine dating site to join. I have some recommendations but they are from friends I met with, in Ukraine.

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Ukraine Women Ukraine Girls

Why are Ukraine women or Ukraine girls so sought after? Are Ukraine women or Ukraine girls the most beautiful? Why are men looking to meet Ukraine women or Ukraine girls? Do Ukraine women or Ukraine girls make better wives? Finally, who are these Ukraine women or Ukraine girls?

Sofia Beautiful Woman

Is it their looks are they the sexiest girls in the world? Is it their way of being very easy going friendly? Is it their culture and customs, family comes first. Why are there so many Ukraine online dating sites? From my experience, it is all of this. I have not met a more complete woman in my life! Are they the most beautiful in my opinion no. I have been to Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Mexico, Canada and here in the US. For me, the most beautiful women are in the USA. Have you been to Las Vegas or Miami?

I wrote an article a month or so ago, about a woman that came to see me here in Las Vegas. Kris, we always argued about this if Ukraine women are the most beautiful!

I told her no they are not, it is you are so used to so many online sites stating this. So one night I told her to get your sexiest outfit on, let’s go see who is right. We went to the Encore casino there is a nightclub called XS. It is probably the best in Las Vegas.

Cute Woman

When we arrived it was early about 11 pm, Kris said I do not see all these sexy women you are talking about. We sat and had a drink, around midnight they started to come. Groups of beautiful sexy women! I have not seen Kris like this before, she was mesmerized by these women. Blonds, brunettes, Latin women, Asian women, even some Russian women. After about a half an hour, she said you are right these are the most beautiful women I have ever seen!! Read More

Beautiful Women Beautiful Ukraine

 The beautiful women in Ukraine are also the sweetest, kindest women. If it were not for two Ukraine girls I met I would not be writing this. Ukraine women are smart, easy going, Sexy and have high family values.

I remember the very first time I came to Ukraine nieve scared and very unsure. Until I met Marina and Dasha, these two changed my life for the better that week! I was raised in a family first culture also. My fathers family was from Mexico, we had a huge family. Now when I see my family it is very comforting how we all turned out. Not the richest or most powerful but very supportive and kind. I do not remember a time where there was a fight among family members. Ya, sure some did not agree with others so they don’t talk to one another, but no fighting! I love my family very much. On my mom’s side, they were from England and Poland a few generations back. Again they had their differences but no fighting. I had a good childhood!

It took me three times to plan a trip to Ukraine I kept on canceling it for one reason or another. It was late September when I finally got up the nerve to go. After a long 20 hour flight from Las Vegas, I was in Kiev the capital city.

Apartment Complex Kiev

I made a reservation at a small hotel it was on the left bank of the city. At that time I did not know any difference between left and right bank of the river. Now after being there at least 20 times, I know the difference.The left bank is where most people live, in these big apartment complexes that we have seen in movies. Read More

Successful Couples From Online Dating!

Why don’t any of these sites talk about the successful couples that have married by using their site? The success rate of Ukraine online dating companies that have match two people together in Person?

The most successful online dating site for Ukraine women marrying or dating western men women. The top rated online dating sites for dating Ukraine girls? Do you know anyone who married a Ukraine woman, or even heard a story of such a thing? Me only twice, there are a few couples I helped that will marry this summer. Not from some Ukraine online dating sites because it doesn’t happen. All these

Vlada Photoshopped
Vlada Real

sites are in the business to make money off the membership dues or their translation fees. In this day with all the technology google translate for example. Who needs to have a real person translate a simple letter? They are taking your money!

If you google beautiful women in America and beautiful women in Ukraine. You will see some

gorgeous women from both countries. One problem I have is the amount of photoshop that is used on the Ukraine women. Read More

How To Meet Ukraine Women

How to meet a Ukraine woman. Is there a secret to dating the Ukraine women? Is it easy to date a Ukrainian woman?

These are some of the questions I am getting from men that want to go to Ukraine. What do these women want? Well, it is a bit different than their western counterparts Ukraine women love compliments from a confident man. A Ukraine girl will let you know when it is time to touch her. You will have no problem reading her for the first kiss. It is not like western girls that give you false signals. 

There are many ways to meet women, but it is not always the same. If you go online, read some of what other sites think. All I have to ask them, are they an older American man?

Daria Kiev

If not then you could not possibly know what it takes to meet a Ukraine woman for us. Most men that go to Ukraine to find love are over 30, most do not have a dating game as they call it. Do you know what all women want and need from a man? Is it the same to meet a 23-year-old girl as it is to meet a 40-year-old divorced woman? Is it the same for a good looking guy with money as it is for an older average man? There are so many variables on what to say how to say it and who to say it to. It can not be a general thing like “5 ways to meet a Ukraine woman” Or read my e-book on dating women.

In my experience, different women take different approaches. Some women feel threatened by good-looking men or think he is only after sex. Some prefer a man with a little belly fat, some prefer muscles.

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Ukraine Online Dating Scams

The only sure way to not be scammed is to not use an online dating site. You have a 90{77d98b13d243b44f31c75ad84883e5d111de0b8c49265fea6922cba70cebec2f} chance of being scammed using a Ukraine online dating site!

Yes, the girls are real, most of the time but this is a business for online scammers. She is a paid associate of the company and in the end, she will also be scammed!  She gets a commission for every letter every live chat she has with a man. If you plan to go to Ukraine for a personal meeting. She will insist on an interpreter.  But it will most likely not be with the girl you met online. Here is where they make big money. Now instead of you dealing with the online company, you are with a dating agency two very different companies.

A guy I met told me when he was in Lviv he spent over 1400 dollars on an interpreter. He then found out the girl spoke English and did not need an interpreter.

Be Careful Of Women That Look Like This Scammer

But what do you do you are in a foreign country the laws are different and unless you recorded it you have no proof.

As I said before Ukraine online dating sites is a billion-dollar business!!

How did this come about over the last few years? It used to be the girl would ask you for money online for medicine or because her cell phone was stolen. But now it is a completely different scam. You do not even know it is happening because you are on a date with a beautiful woman. Like they always say if it looks too good to be true it probably isn’t true.Now do not understand me wrong I am not in any way saying the women in Ukraine are scammers. They are kind honest Christian people. Read More


Is It Safe To Visit Ukraine

Is It safe to go to Ukraine? Some bloggers are writing about things they do not know. Yes, it is safe to travel to Ukraine. If you ask any of the 100’s of friends I have in Ukraine this question.

They would look at you and wonder what are you asking me? Then continue to say what is not safe about my country? Sure if you dumb enough to go to eastern Ukraine where the war is. You would not be safe, nobody would. I found this video on youtube a few days ago and it will show you what a beautiful country Ukraine is.


Here is an article, written by Katie Matthews. It is great that someone got it right about this beautiful place.


We Like Ukraine So Far & There’s A Lot On Offer For Curious Travelers

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Protection From Ukraine Scams

There are so many ways to be scammed through online Ukraine dating sites, Now there is a problem with social media. This is more of an individual effort by Ukraine women directly scamming men.

Here is how it works, you find her on facebook or twitter or one of the many social media apps. She is a real girl but her intent is to trick you to send her money. There is a company that can help you with this it is called Ukraine passport.com What they do is help you identify the Girl you are communicating with, by checking her passport. One of the easiest ways to tell right from the beginning is her

Real Photo

photo. Is it real or Photoshop?


Ukrainian dating websites are increasingly gaining popularity. Finding yourself online is no longer a shame, it’s become a normal situation. 

But, unfortunately, there you can find not only love but also get into the clutches of scammers. How to recognize the fraud on the Ukrainian dating website and what rules should be followed in order to not fall for the bait of swindlers?

The ultimate goal of any fraudster is money. But the ways to get it are different. Some prefer quick small earnings, others focus on large amounts and are ready to work for them for a long time.

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Cost To Live In Ukraine

It is getting more and more popular with the number of people traveling to Ukraine. Is it cheap to live in Ukraine? Some of the men I met in Ukraine are planning to move there.

Quite a few have already moved to Ukraine. One man, I met had spent two weeks in Kiev. He met several beautiful women, had the best time of his life he told me. Next thing I know 3 months later I see him in Kiev. He told me he sold everything he has in California and

Would You Move To Ukraine For This Single Mom?

move to Ukraine. He went on to say he was looking to buy an apartment outside of Kiev. It was going to cost him $35,000 for a new three-year-old place. This sounds crazy to most people I know. I know exactly how he feels about this place. It is not only the sexy women but the culture the quality of life. It all moves a little slow there.

 Do I think this man is crazy for doing this sell all he has and moves to a foreign country! Nope, not even a little bit I actually envy him.

I would do the same thing if I did not have many responsibilities in the USA. Did not ask him how much money he had total for this move. So let me break it down on what it would cost to move to Ukraine. First I would not move to a big city like Kiev or Kharkov, these cities can get very congested. There are many cities you could get a good deal on an apartment, you wouldn’t have to buy one. So let’s say Vinnitsa or Poltava maybe Ternopil. Even Cherkasy. All of these places are very nice and depending on what your hobbies are, in which place you choose. If you want central Vinnitsa is the place, it is 3 hours in a train from Kiev which will cost you $8 round trip. If you wanted to go to Odessa area next to the black sea. It is 5 Hours away.

So let us pick Vinnitsa and the cost to live there. First, an apartment would run you between $250 to $400 a month.

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