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Real Ukraine Dating Sites

Is there any real Ukraine online dating sites? Does such a site exist that is Legitimate? Who is writing all the articles that we read about online scammers?

Is She Real Does She Want You?


Is there any real online Ukrainian date site? If there are I have not heard of it. The whole online Ukraine Russian dating is a lie right from the type of business they do. Online dating! What is online dating? It would be the same to have a company that has online eating food. They show you photos of a beautiful plate of food tell you how real it is. But you can not smell it taste it or touch it but they tell you it is real. Would you believe them? Or would you keep paying to look at more photos of beautiful food?

This is the same as so many lonely desperate men are doing with online Ukraine dating! Looking at a photo of a young sexy girl that says she wants to be with you.

Why do we believe this, why do we trust a company that is using our emotions against us? Is it real dating? Of course, not it is playing with people for money. There are no other countries that do this sure there are online dating sites, I have friends that use Philippine and also Mexican sites to meet girls. Yes, they meet the girl online but then switch to Skype and continue until they have a personal meeting. They do not need translators or interpreters when they arrive they use google translate.

 I have a few friends that are professional translators or interpreters, they fear Google translate. They say it will take their jobs away someday.


There is now a new app put out by Google that is real-time translation. The way it works is, say you meet a Russian girl in a park. Either of you speaks the other’s language with Google you speak in a normal voice, your phone speaks to her in her language. When she replies to you-you hear the translating through an earbud. Check it out Here! This will stop some of the scamming going on in Ukraine there will be no need to pay $25 dollars an hour for a chaperone that speaks English! That is all the interpreters do you know, they are there to get all of your money.

 Why is it Russian and also Ukrainian sites do this make you think you need an interpreter, well you might for the beginning of your relationship.

With our company Personal Date Guide Ukraine we will provide you 5 hours free to get to know your woman. After the first or second date, you will not need an interpreter. One will be standing by if you do have a problem 24 hours a day by phone or in person during normal business hours. OK, what does normal business hours mean? It depends on you and your date if she works during the day it will be evening and night availability. If you are more of a daytime person it will be what is most convenient for you.

Is there such a thing as real online Ukraine dating. No of course not online dating is not real, not real dating at all. How can it exist?

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