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Dating Russian Women

Dating Russian women is the same as dating Ukrainian women? Is the culture the same for these two countries? Do the sexy girls from Russia and Ukraine just want money? Do they look for a better future?


Have I been asked a few times are Ukrainian women that same as Russian women? I think not at all except for the language they both speak Russian. I have dated only three Russian girls in my time. Two were in Odessa the other was in Las Vegas. There was a noticeable difference between the two. I would say the Russian girls are quite a bit louder when they speak, not modest at all! Ukrainian girls are shy in the beginning a little more reserved. The Russian girls wanted to have fun they did not think about settling down. I feel they were a little materialistic.

Ukrainian women are about the family keeping a nice home taking care of the children and her man. Most of the women I know or have dated in Ukraine are very kind sweet caring.

They can also be harsh to someone that doesn’t understand their culture. They will almost always tell you the truth when asked a question. Most are well educated and have strong opinions when it comes to politics or the state of the world. Do not ask a Ukrainian if they like Russia, they don’t!! What do these women really want? I will tell you what many women have told me or should I say asked me. Why can’t I find some who loves me? One of the biggest reasons why  I started this company for the women of Ukraine. I do not know the reason, so many single girls and women there. Some say it is because there are more females than males. There are a small percent more women than men there, so why all the single women? Some Ukrainian girls tell me a lot of Ukraine men do not work, who wants to marry a guy like that? Some say it is because of the war all the men are taken from their cities to help fight!

 A big question is how do you know a woman likes you or is interested in you? When you meet a woman to date she will let you know if she likes you.

If you have not found her, just looking for the signs when you do find a woman to date. I will tell you there are no signs, there is no right time. Never never tell a Ukrainian woman you love her in a new relationship. You have only one chance at this with Ukrainian women so you better get it right! I have made the mistake a few times telling a woman I love her too soon. The women I did this with I have no idea where they are today. It is not a good idea to try to impress these women. She will always call you on this! Do not tell her you like her eyes if you don’t, she will ask you what do you like about my eyes. Now, what do you say?

When you meet a Ukrainian woman she will let you know if she wants to spend time with you. Once you are with her be prepared to be asked many questions.

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