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Ukraine Female Fitness Models

Are you a man that takes care of his body? If you are, these are some of the sexiest Ukraine women there are. The Athletic, or the sexy female fitness models of Ukraine. Super Sexy Ukraine Women and girls.

I have been going to the gym most of my life. The tough thing about gyms in America are the people working out. Some gyms are for the

My Friend Marina

pretty people and older or people out of shape don’t belong there. Then there are the gyms for muscle heads you know the steroid guys. Sometimes it is difficult to know which gym to go to. In Ukraine, I have been to many gyms it is so nice all types are welcome. Muscle no muscle skinny heavy they do not discriminate.

I usually workout for one and a half hours. In Ukraine, I am there sometimes two to three

Marina From Gorlovka

hours. Why? The women are amazing! The trainers are so sexy and of course in great shape.

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Dating Ukraine Tattoo Girls

What is it like dating a girl with a tattoo in Ukraine? This might seem to be an odd question! I have dated women with tattoos in Las Vegas, most people do not mind.

In the early part of 2017, I was in Kive waiting for some friends to show up in the next few days. Being a hamburger fanatic I found a new type of restaurant well new for Kiev. It is the Happy Grill Bar very good food, And some of the sexy servers you will find in the city. One

Happ Grill Bar

evening I was about to have one of the delicious burgers. A couple of very pretty women came in and sat in a booth next to me. What a

dilemma I was facing beautiful girls all around me. How could I even eat at the moment? One server I think her name was Katya or Christina, I don’t remember. The women next to me were making comments about the girls serving them. Asking if there were cold with so few clothes on! The girls just laugh and said nope.

When I was talking to my server who spoke English quite well. One of the women turned to me and ask me where are you from? It was kind of rude I thought at the time, I was talking with the other girl.

Finally, I said I am from America, what is it you need? Taking her menu she asked what should we order? What do you think is the best American food here? I told her I do not know my first time here, but from the photos, it all looks like American food. The server came over, she added to the conversation. One of the women said come over here with us, so you can help us decide. What a lucky day I was

Julia From Donetsk

having. Marina and Olga were the names.We sat talked and got to know one another. When the food came it looked very good, one of the women said. Wow, this does not look like McDonald’s food!! Olga was very sweet smart and very sexy, Dark long hair very nice.

We were getting along well and Olga asked if I would like to go out with them to another place. Of course, I accepted, we went to a place I have not been it was on the left bank of

the city.

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Sexy Ukraine Girls

Most men like to look at a sexy girl right? But most men are afraid to date sexy Russian girls or sexy Ukraine girls!

When we see a sexy girl the first thing we think is she is so out of my league. I am the same when it comes to American girls. But I have learned over the years going to Ukraine that this is not so true. There is no rule

Anastasia From Odessa

there no appearance scale. it took me many trips to figure this out. I remember one of the first times I met a sexy girl in Ukraine. it was my third trip to Kiev.

I was in a cafe, as I ordered I saw this very sexy girl at a table on the other side of the room.

For some reason, she was looking straight at me and a small smile formed on her lips. I got up walked over to her, trying to think of something to say. Well, she beat me to it and said where are you from? I said Las Vegas, oh Las Vegas it is my dream to one day see such a city. I asked what is your name she said Stasia I replied my name is Rod. She then said what I would hear quite a few times this trip. Why are you here in Kiev to meet sext girls? I told her no but now that I have, it looks like that is the reason.I am wondering to myself why is this super hot girl talking with me now? I wonder what she wants from me, money to buy her something? We talked and she said we should go for a walk after we eat, will you join me, Rod? We did go for a walk but I did not see her again after that one day.

I was like so many men that think this girl could have any man why is she with me? What does she want from me?

Here is my mistake, after learning what these sexy girls thought about Western men. Most of the Ukraine women are looking for a special man someone different than the type of men they are around. I am not saying Ukraine men are bad guys, I have some very good friends that are great guys. One of the sexy women I meet she was a little older in her mid 30’s. Told me, I am looking for that one man that is different. A man that will never cheat on me a man that will be my one love and support me. I asked Anna what does he look like what does he have to do for a living? She said I don’t know yet what he looks like and as long as he had a job that he is happy with, that will be all I need. Read More


Ukraine Girls Easy To Date?

Why do beautiful Ukraine women want to date and one day marry a foreign man? Simple, security love a better life?

Ukraine women are easy to date! Western women have it all already a good job a good life they can be picky stubborn. If they make good money, they can wait years before they marry a man because they do not need a man. Ukraine women have none of this all they have to offer is themselves. Everyone takes advantage of other people, and all through history women took advantage of the man to provide for them. Is it wrong? I do not think so but there is a line that some people cross, and that is where it gets to be wrong. When a woman is with a man only because he is rich, it is wrong. Living in Las Vegas, I see this all the time. Once when I was working in a casino, I saw this beautiful girl with a much older man. They were from Texas; this guy had a lot of money the way he was betting. I was going on break and saw the girl we talked a little. I asked her are you happy with your relationship? She said yes I love my husband very much. I asked if he was not rich would you still love him? She said no f…ing way.

Katya Ukraine girl
Katya Looking For A Man

The women of Ukraine that I have dated or met either are the best actors or are genuinely looking for the one man. To marry and support her, yes it is true.

But isn’t that what marriage is? Give and take? Maybe one day it will be different in Ukraine, but for now, the Ukraine girls are just looking to get married. Put yourself in their shoes for a second. If all you had to chose from was a young guy that did not have a good job or even a job at all what would you rather? To be alone or take a chance with a foreign man? There has to be a reason why there are so many Ukraine online dating agencies. If the Ukraine women were not interested, do you think these sites would still exist? Read More


Soccer In Ukraine

I remember a time I was in Ukraine, and there was a soccer match Ukraine vs. Wales it was a crazy week.

I just happened to be in Kiev this week of an International soccer match. There were so so many welsh men and women in the cafes and hotels it felt like I was in the United Kingdom. I have to say it was a good week to see and learn how two cultures would come together. Now the Welsh are not a quiet people, and the Ukrainians are a somewhat reserved people but what happened that week was very good. A good show of how all people are for the most part good! In the first few days.

Ukraine soccer
Ukraine won 1-0

I talked with some Welsh men, and they were not sure about Ukraine. Said the service was slow and the people seem unfriendly.

But as the days went on I got some different comments. I heard the Welsh say this is a very nice place the food is good and very inexpensive. The Ukraine people were also adjusting to the foreigners, saying these people are so happy. I was staying in a hotel, and it was full of Welsh people, I do not know how many times I was offered a free ticket to the game. All in all, it

was a very good feeling to see how these two different cultures came together. My Ukraine friends told me these people are crazy but in a good happy way. The Welsh people I met said Ukraine people are so helpful and kind. Two totally different cultures and they got along great. Most people I meet in Ukraine say the same thing. Ukraine people are kind and caring and appreciate the simple things in life.

 This brings me to a problem I had in Ukraine late one night.

I was walking back to my apartment, and I saw the guy looking at flowers. Read More


Young Girls Date Older Men In Ukraine?

Ok, I am sure I will upset some people with this post, Why in Ukraine are young girls looking for older men?

It is not so simple of an answer, but I will write what I know and have had young girls, tell me the reason. Let us start with what most people think the reason is money; young girls want money. OK if this is the case why do some young girls in Ukraine have husbands twice their age, but he has no money? It is common in most of the smaller cities, where a girl 19 to 25 years old want to get married. The reason here I have been told is the girl wants a family and comes from a small village, and there are not many men. You might be surprised to hear this I was once approached by a girl with her mother in a small town she was young early

Pretty Young Girls

twenties. It was very odd what happened; I was sitting in the park with some friends. I saw these two walk by I smiled at the mom, and she stopped and said hello. We just talked for a few minutes, and I asked them to join us. The mom spoke English a little, and the daughter spoke pretty well. Over a few hours, we were together I found out they were from a farm grew potatoes and cucumbers.

The mom asks me if I wanted to get married again I said yes of course if I find the right girl. She then said you could marry my daughter!

I was shocked by this was not expecting this at all. The daughter said I would make you a good wife I can cook and do all house chores. I ask the girl how old do you think I am she said maybe 32 years old. I thanked her for that. I said I am much older than that; she said OK it does not matter all that matters if you will be good to me. Read More