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Do Ukraine Women Like Affection?

Do Ukrainian women like affection from their man? Is it acceptable for a man to kiss a girl in public? What would you think a Ukrainian girl would do if you hugged her in front of her parents?  How far would a woman let her man go in public before she was embarrassed? 

Being in Ukraine for quite a lot of time I have a good concept of when how and what is acceptable. Most girls do like you to be affectionate with them. There is a limit for most girls that are in a public place. You will not be able to have long wet kisses with her. A kiss on the lips all do not mind this. By the way, do not kiss her on the forehead that is done by her dad!

It is nice when a girl likes you she will kiss you on both sides of your face when she meets you and when she says goodbye.

If you want to let her know she is the only girl for you. When another girl especially if she is a sexy girl walks by hug and kiss your girl to let her know she is all yours. I promise she will like this very much. As the economy in Ukraine is not getting any better more and more men are leaving to other countries to work.

So this makes it very difficult for a girl to find a good man. When she has a man she will want you to show her all the time you are her man and she is your girl.

This does not mean you always need to be holding her. But you will need to reassure her you like her. How with a simple kiss or helping her across a roadway. Some of the girls I know want complete attention from her man but most want her man to show he wants to be with her. So many girls have told me do not tell me you love me show me you love me.

Far from how it is in America, the girls here want you to buy them things to prove your love to her. Oh, my man bought me a new car he really loves me.

Or maybe this is how he gets her off his back!! I was talking with a friend the other day he asked me if the Ukrainian girls were the best women to marry? It does help me if I know the man. If you have been in a bad relationship before then yes they are. If you do not want a girl that is needy, by this I mean need you to show her you love her. How by making her first. Read More

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Sexy Professional Dater

Here is what happens on most Ukrainian online dating sites. There are agencies most of the time it is a travel or tour Agency. They hire very sexy girls to be professional daters.

Sexy Girl

The online dating sites partner up with the agency, they will refer a man that is coming to Ukraine. When he is to meet a woman from a site he has to pay for her private information. It can be from $70 all the way up to $300.

Once he pays for the so-called private phone number, email, and address. Depending on the company one of two things happen.

Either he gets a dummy email and phone number, which is not hers, it is the agencies. Most of the time it is @gmail, so when he sends an email it goes to the agency. This is how everything is controlled. It is not a real date!

 Another scenario, he receives her real phone number and email. He can write her or call her if she speaks English, some women do most do not. Either way, it goes the end result is the same.

The man and an agency decide when and where to meet. Let us say they decide to meet in Kiev, which most do.  No matter what, they will both tell you they need an interpreter. If the woman speaks English, she will tell you I do not know you how can I meet a strange man alone? Read More

Personal Date Guide Ukraine

Is Date Ukraine women different? I am asked over and over again why are we different? Are you a scam like so many other online dating sites.


sexy girl
Seay Marina

Am I a scam many ask? If I were would I be honest with you?? It is hard nowadays to tell who is real or who is a scam. I can not convince you by you reading my world. I can only show you in real life in Ukraine side by side. After only one day with me, you will see as so many other clients of mine say, Rod, you are well worth the money!

Sure this is a business I do make money doing this. The reward is simple to see two people have some sense of hope and pleasure.

I was asked by a friend of mine how do people know you are real? I am sure everyone has heard about the scams the online girls that take your money. Not only in Ukraine but everywhere on the internet. This is why I do not have online profiles of women nor will you be able to video with any girls through my site. It is not natural to meet this way, well not for someone with serious intentions. This what I know about meeting someone. Let us start by online dating, can you really meet a girl online? You can look at her photos or see her in a video cam.

But did you meet her? Of course not! I will walk with you as many days as it takes to find you a real woman not some fake online.

How many of us have wanted to meet our favorite movie star? When the day come as it did for me when I met a supermodel. I will not tell you her name but it was very disappointing. She was so skinny and did not have much makeup on I did not know who she was until someone said that is whats her name the supermodel. We all know TV and the movies lie with all the computer generation tools soon we will not need real stars. Read More

Ukrainian Sexy Fitness Models

The sexy Ukrainian girls who take great care of their bodies. I know what it is with these girls it is the shape of their bodies, to begin with. These so curvey bodies, thin waist beautiful round butt down to their thick long legs. Most men dream about sexy women like these!

Good Girl Marina To The Right

These women work full-time jobs sometimes 12 hour days and still keep themselves in shape. Some of these women go a little too far and become muscular like a man. But the fitness models are just right for me perfect bodies they have a great form without having hard muscles. I have dated both types one woman I was with her abs were rock hard it was a little bit of a turn off for me.I feel a woman should be soft when you touch her.

I have friends in Las Vegas that are fitness models. They do think they are better than other women so they can be conceded. It is just the way it is.


If you had people telling you how incredible you look all the time, you start to feel like you are better. This is why it is hard to find a genuine sexy girl or model. I have date models before as hard as they try to be the same they use their looks to get what they want. One girl I was with for a while had a hot body and dressed very sexy. We were late to see a movie she was so upset she did not get to see the start of the movie. She told me I have to do something about this.

A few minutes later over a loudspeaker, I heard because of technical difficulties we will have to restart the movie from the beginning! As she sat next to me with a big smile on her face!


She was always getting things free or going to the head of the line using her hot body. Now you ask if the women are the same in Ukraine? No not at all the only women I noticed that thought they were special, were the rich girls. Also, the women that had an impressive job made more than all the rest. I have been with women that were so sexy in Ukraine but had great personalities. Thought they were just like everyone else. It was a little hard for me to understand in the beginning.

As I have been told by many sexy women there are a lot of sexy women in Ukraine. We all try to keep ourselves in good shape to attract the men of course. Also to make other women feel jealous!

When you come to Ukraine with our company Personal Date Guide you will see this for yourself. So why would you want to prearrange a date with some girl you met online? What if she is a fake what will be your fall back plan? Have a dating agency find some professional dater to pretend like she wants to date you. Only to find out later she was paid to date you how humiliating this can be. Here is what happens if a person does not research the country they are going to.

I know these dating agencies make it sound like you will have no worries right? What if the girl you have been writing is not the same as the photo. Maybe it will be the same girl in the photo but she has a boring personality?

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Ukrainian Girls

Ukrainian Girls to me are magical! They can be sexy sometimes so cute and lovable. These young Ukraine women are very intelligent not silly or conceited at all. Most are looking for a man to marry, age is not a major concern to most young women.

Anna Poltava

The women I am talking about are from 18 to 25 years old. If you are a man from 30 to 40  you have a good chance to date this type of girl. Wouldn’t be nice to walk up to a beautiful young woman, ask her name and she tells you. No games no rolling of her eyes just a simple my name is Julia. That is what you will find in these Ukrainian girls, it is so refreshing to be able to sit and talk with them. When I was in Lugansk I met three young women 18 to 20 years old we talked for over three hours. They were so curious about me as I was about them. There is one trick to meet and talk with these girls, one thing that I had no idea I did it.

When you become a client of mine I will let you in on a few secrets or maybe I should say dating tips. Sometimes the two cultures clash, the next thing you know the girls get up and leave you.

I many times have talked with the girls in Ukraine, it was not about dating them it was very interesting how these young women think. How even though they live in a country that has many economic problems. They have a positive outlook on life, they would be the best support for a good young man. Even so the women there are the same maybe not so optimistic about life seeing how they are single. But they do have a good attitude for the most part. I can help you meet and date these beautiful women do not believe all the bad press about Ukrainian women.

I would like to tell you about some of the young women I had the lucky chance to meet with, in Vinnitsa. I was sitting in the park with some friends.


I saw these two women walk by I smiled at them, they smiled back then stopped and said hello. We just talked for a few minutes, I asked them to join us. The mom spoke English a little, the daughter spoke pretty well. The few hours I talked with Irina and Julia, I found out they were from a small farm grew potatoes and cucumbers.The Irina asks me if I wanted to get married again? I said yes, of course, if I find the right girl. She said you could marry my daughter Julia!

I was surprised by this was not expecting this at all, why would she want me for her daughter?. Julia said I would make you a good wife I can cook, do all house chores.

I ask her how old do you think I am? She said maybe 32 to 35 years old. I said I am older than that; she said OK it does not matter all that matters if you will be good to me. In Ukraine, it is not that odd to see younger women looking for older men. I could not see myself doing this, but it does happen. Read More


Ukrainian Sexy Girls

The sexy girls of Ukraine are looking to date young and older men alike. Why are there so many sexy Ukrainian women? How do you date these beautiful women?


It is no different than where you come from it is just more publicized here. That younger girls date older men in Ukraine. Many men write to me why do these women want to date older men, why are they not married yet? Is there something wrong with the sexy girls are they looking for money? Here is the thing when you see these women in person you will understand why they are still single. Do you want to know the secret? It is because there are so many sexy girls that men have their choice. Most Ukrainian men want a good partner a woman that has a good job comes from a good family.

It is no different than most countries you want to choose the best mate for you. Another thing that can make it so a sexy girl does not get married is her mom.

Yes, her mother! Some moms only want the best for her daughter, so they will make it very difficult for any man except the right man to marry her. I have had this happen only once, she was Armenian and both her mom and dad did not want her to be with me. In all the other cases all the parents want their daughter to marry a western man, especially from America. All the dads I met with that I was dating their daughter welcomed me. Even if I was 20 years older then her.

One girl, I dated in Lugansk was 25 I was almost twice her age, but her father wanted me to fall in love with her and one day marry her.


He told me his country is a hard place to make a good life if he knew she was with a good man in a good country. it did not matter how old he was. He was a realest he also told me if you someday did not want to be together, at least she would have the opportunity to continue to live in her new country. It sounded a little strange at the time. If my daughter met a good man that could provide a good life for her what is the problem? Most of us want is what is best for our kids.

I dated a Chines girl once that was 20 years younger than me. I asked her why do you want to date a man so much older than you are.

She said I look at it a today not tomorrow or 20 years from now. Today I have strong feelings for you and that is all that matters. If later it changes then I will decide which way my life will go then. Very smart reasonable girl I thought, why worry about the future? In Ukraine, it is the same way of thinking I have not once been asked how do you see your life in 10 years. Really what a stupid question, what do we say I hope I am rich or I hope we have a terrible divorce then? Live for today as they say.

When I am with a younger woman I get no bad looks from people, friends of my girl do not question her decisions. It is your life live it the way that makes you happy.

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Ukrainian Women Follow The Man They Love

Would you go to the edge of the world for love? Ukraine girls tell me they would go almost anywhere for love. But few would go for money! Do Ukrainian women just want money? Everyone wants a better life, but the Ukrainian women want love happiness.


I had a discussion with a guy the other day about sexy women in Ukraine. He said most of them only want money or to marry a guy so they can live in America. Where did he get this information? Of course from the online Ukraine dating sites they want to scare you. I do understand their motive. Online dating sites serve a purpose. For the people who have no desire to leave the privacy of their home. I know these big companies do not force men to join their sites. Here is the problem I see and have seen. What happens to the man that after a few months decided to go to Ukraine who will help this guy?

It was a problem I faced the first time I went to Ukraine to meet a girl I met online. Katya was her name, we wrote many letters, spoke on the phone many times before I decided to go see her.

She did not show up to meet me in Donetsk! I was alone in a strange country I could not read the signs, speak the language, and had no idea about the customs. I had traveled a few times to Europe, I was not afraid to travel. Ukraine was so different I had no idea what to do in this strange country. I would have paid almost anything for someone to show me how to meet these incredibly sexy women. All I was able to meet were young girls 18 to 23 years old. Why? Because these were the only people there that spoke English. I made some friends but I want a girlfriend!

Single Mom

 So when a man goes to Ukraine thinking the dating company has his back, well it is not going to happen. As soon as you leave the site it is all up to you now.

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Are Ukrainian Girls The Sexiest

Are the Ukraine women and girls the sexiest in the world? In my opinion, the girls are very sexy. It is not only in the way they look but in the way they act. These sexy women have a way about them that makes it hard to resist them. It is like they went to school for how to turn on a man. 


I do not know why they are so sexy they do not know they are being sexy, they just are. Here is an example, when I ask a girl if I can take her photo. She does not stand and look at the camera like American girls do. Ukrainian girls say wait for a second, then they find a place to pose. Again it is like they went to school for this also. In the photos, I have on my site all decided how they would pose. A funny thing if they are not wearing high heels they stand on their toes! Sexy women they are!

If you have even dated one of these women you will know what I am talking about. After a few dates when they feel comfortable you will see a new side of them.

One girl I dated was walking in front of me, I was looking at her butt. What a hot butt she had! She turned, asked me what are you looking at? I said your butt is it a very nice butt. She asked do you like it?  Yes, very much it is perfect for me. She stopped walking grabbed my hand and put it on her butt. Then said how do you like it now? I learned a long time ago the women are not modest, or afraid to give you their opinion. Many times with the women I dated they surprised me in a great way.

Sexy Anna

When we see a sexy girl the first thing we think is she is too good for me. I am the same when it comes to American women. But I have learned over the years going to Ukraine this is not so true.

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Best Countries To Date Women

What are the best countries in the world to date women or girls? What are the best countries to meet women? The Ukraine women are not in the top 25 in either category. Why? Not many can show you how to meet or date Ukrainian women!

Ukraine came in 28th on meeting women and to date women, it was 43rd.The statistic does not bother me at all. They are right it is not the easiest thing to learn how to meet and date Ukrainian women! In the countries I have traveled to I think for me it was Mexico. Beautiful women in Mexico, very friendly and, they love Americans. It is very difficult to get a visa for a Mexican woman. The second would be Belgium most of these women speak English, they are very sweet girls.

Here in Las Vegas where I live some of the time. It is easy to meet the women that come to Las Vegas, but very difficult to date them.

Lugansk Woman

The local women are much easier although they do not go to the strip very often. The women that come to Vegas, unless you have pockets of money it is difficult to date one. One night in a high-end nightclub will set you back $1000 to $1500 for two people. If you get crazy it could cost $20,000 to date a woman here. I could help 5 men in Ukraine date many women not just for one night, but the whole week on 20 grand! They would probably be more fun and sexier.

The first time I went to Kiev I spent over $5000 not including my flight over. Now it would cost a few $1000, but more importantly, I could date as many women as I liked.

Ukraine is a great place to meet women if you know what you are doing that is. With me as your personal date guide or as some call me the “Ukraine Hitch”. I will show you in a matter of days what took me over five years to learn. If you are looking for a wife, or just want to date the women to see if you like them. Either way, I am the guy to help you. I have helped many men meet and date these beauties. They are not only super sexy, also smart, funny, and easy to get along with!

In the eight years, I have been going to Ukraine I have had only one heated argument with a woman. It was over money, of course, she is now a typical gold digger.

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Favorite City Vinnitsa

 Are you looking to travel and date Ukraine women or girls? This is the place, Vinnitsa is my favorite place to bring clients. The first time I went there was to meet a woman named Katya, a tall blonde sexy woman. That meeting lasted 4 hours.


I was in a strange city I knew no one, it is so funny this happened to me so many times. I guess I am insane! You know they say if you continue to do the same thing over and over. But expect a different outcome, it is insanity. After I left Katya I was lost I knew no one, did not know where to go. Cities in Ukraine can be very intimidating if you are not used to the customs. I was lucky enough to have met my good friend Ira.

I have spent more time in Vinnitsa than any other in Ukraine. It is a place that you don’t want to leave. From the people to the cafes and let’s not forget the beautiful women.

Oh, and of course the famous Multimedia Fountain Roshen. The fountain display was built on the Southern Bug river, by Roshen Confectionery Corporation. Which is owned by the Ukraine president from Vinnitsa Volodymyr Borysovych Groysman. I don’t know what makes Vinnitsa so welcoming, but I do know if you decide to go there you won’t ever forget it.

I have made many friends in this city and probably the best place to meet a cute Ukraine women to date. The women here are not used to meeting English speaking men, but this is good. Read More