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Donetsk Lugansk Ukrainian Women To Date

Eastern Ukrainian women are some of the most beautiful Ukrainian women and girls, I have seen in my life. I dated several Ukrainian women from this region. It was very difficult the first few days I was in Donetsk.

It all worked out in the end with my two new friends Dasha and Marina. My first trip to Lugansk was very eyeopening for me. It let me see how it would really feel to be in Russia! Every city I have been to in Ukraine there is some English feel to it. The menus are in English many cafes have English names. In Lugansk none of this was present. I found only one restaurant that had a young server that spoke English. It was called Melange, a very nice place great food.

 Thinking back, I saw these dark-haired women with green or deep blue eyes. I was mesmerized by these women. When I met a Woman Alla with jet black hair, dark green eyes, with an amazing body.


I have never seen eyes like this before. Time after time I saw these jet black haired Women. When I met Nastia, she had beautiful green eyes, she spoke English quite well. She insisted we go to every part of her city. We found an outside cafe right in the middle of the forest along the river. I do like Lugansk very much there was not much modern to it, an old city that years ago had many factories.

We dated for five days it was one of my favorite times in Ukraine. She was smoking hot but you would not know it from her personality. 

I do not think she knew how gorgeous she was. We would go to a place I forgot the name it had a place to eat out in the garden. One evening Nastia asked me if I wanted to go to karaoke with her and her friend. I did not like to sing, but how could I say no to her? She was the first to sing, her friend said she is one of the best singers. She was great she could sing many different songs. In English, Russian and Ukrainian. She sang to me a love song in Russian, I fell in love with her right then. Read More