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Find Your Love In Ukraine

Ok why go all the way to Ukraine to meet single girls? Is it easy to find the love of your life in Ukraine? What are the chances of finding love there?

Pretty Girl

This is a question I would often find myself thinking about almost every day! Are these women better are these women what every man is looking for or is it just another scam? A way to take lonely men’s money!

When I first started my search some 8 years ago. I thought the same thing. Go over 7000 miles just to meet a girl! Most men would not do this but they would if they knew what they would find there. It is not a dangerous place as some might think, it is very safe and hospitable.

If you have ever been in a relationship that was just boring or in a relationship that you were not appreciated Ukraine is where you need to go.

I once had a friend that went to Ukraine his sister was getting married to a Ukraine man. Let’s say his name is Camron. So Camron told me about his travel plans and I said if you need any help I can give you some advice. Cameron said he has traveled many times and would be fine on his own.

Now Camron is not a good-looking man in his forties and does not date much.

So when he got there like most Americans, he was lost it is not Europe it is way eastern Europe nothing familiar at all with the USA. On the 3rd day, Cameron called me and said I need help. He told me he could not find girls and the ones he tried to talk with just held up their hard to him. Kiev is a funny place and very hard to get around in if you do not know it that well. I said Cameron where are you trying to meet girls, he said on the streets.

Cameron,  you don’t meet a girl on the streets of Ukraine, they are too busy to talk to you.

You go to a park! I told him where the bigger parks were in Kiev and said to just to talk girls. He called me the next day and said he did not meet many. I said what the parks are always full of people! I asked Cameron what type of girl did you talk to; he said the same as if I were there.

Older women, my range 4 to 5’s I said Cameron you are in Ukraine you are at least a 6 or 7 there!

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Ukrainian Sexy Girls

The sexy girls of Ukraine are looking to date young and older men alike. Why are there so many sexy Ukrainian women? How do you date these beautiful women?


It is no different than where you come from it is just more publicized here. That younger girls date older men in Ukraine. Many men write to me why do these women want to date older men, why are they not married yet? Is there something wrong with the sexy girls are they looking for money? Here is the thing when you see these women in person you will understand why they are still single. Do you want to know the secret? It is because there are so many sexy girls that men have their choice. Most Ukrainian men want a good partner a woman that has a good job comes from a good family.

It is no different than most countries you want to choose the best mate for you. Another thing that can make it so a sexy girl does not get married is her mom.

Yes, her mother! Some moms only want the best for her daughter, so they will make it very difficult for any man except the right man to marry her. I have had this happen only once, she was Armenian and both her mom and dad did not want her to be with me. In all the other cases all the parents want their daughter to marry a western man, especially from America. All the dads I met with that I was dating their daughter welcomed me. Even if I was 20 years older then her.

One girl, I dated in Lugansk was 25 I was almost twice her age, but her father wanted me to fall in love with her and one day marry her.


He told me his country is a hard place to make a good life if he knew she was with a good man in a good country. it did not matter how old he was. He was a realest he also told me if you someday did not want to be together, at least she would have the opportunity to continue to live in her new country. It sounded a little strange at the time. If my daughter met a good man that could provide a good life for her what is the problem? Most of us want is what is best for our kids.

I dated a Chines girl once that was 20 years younger than me. I asked her why do you want to date a man so much older than you are.

She said I look at it a today not tomorrow or 20 years from now. Today I have strong feelings for you and that is all that matters. If later it changes then I will decide which way my life will go then. Very smart reasonable girl I thought, why worry about the future? In Ukraine, it is the same way of thinking I have not once been asked how do you see your life in 10 years. Really what a stupid question, what do we say I hope I am rich or I hope we have a terrible divorce then? Live for today as they say.

When I am with a younger woman I get no bad looks from people, friends of my girl do not question her decisions. It is your life live it the way that makes you happy.

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Why Hire A Personal Date Guide

Why would you want to hire a personal date guide for Ukraine dating? Why not join a free online dating site? Is there a big difference in Ukrainian women dating? Why not take a day tour instead?


I have been asked these questions a few times by men that have no Idea the differences between the western world and Eastern Europe. If you are a serious man with intentions to travel to Ukraine to find love, either go at it alone or hire me. Most online dating sites are not interested to help men date real women. Even the women on their site are not real.

I am so curious why would a man spend thousands of dollars to chat with a girl online. You are going through a third party that makes millions off stupid men.

How do I know this? I was one of those stupid men. I do not want to think about how much money I spent looking for a Ukrainian woman online. But I can tell you it was over $4000 in a 3-year period. I got nothing from these sites except for more money out of my pocket, when I traveled to Ukraine alone. If you come with me to Ukraine as your personal guide I can promise you will meet real Ukrainian women or girls.

Many ask me about the cost of my services some ask why so much? The men that have been to Ukraine to find love but only were scammed by greedy dating agencies, ask why are you so cheap?

A few men I have met told me they spent over $10,000 looking for a wife in Ukraine. I always argue why would you want to prearrange a date with a woman in a foreign country? I have been to many countries, not once did I think to look for a woman to date online. I have been to Belgium, Netherland, Germany, and other European countries. I have date women from a few countries none were prearranged! So why do it this way in Ukraine? Because the dating companies want you to so they can make money off lonely men. Writing paid women and men to pretend to be interested in you. So you will send more letters, to chat more and buy more credits.

If the online dating agencies were really trying to help men and women meet from around the world. Why no guarantees?

I will guarantee you will meet real Ukrainian women in Ukraine. Here is what they should do if they were honest to give you half of your money back if the girl you are chatting with does not meet you in person. Why would they never do this Read More


Ukraine Dating Agencies.

Can you trust a Ukrainian dating agency to help you meet and date a sexy girl? Would it be easy for a foreign man to go to Ukraine alone to find a wife? Is it true that the agencies are a scam with professional daters, women that are paid to date you?

Natalia Lugansk Girl

In the past, I used a few dating or marriage agencies in Ukraine. They were very expensive in the long run. The first one I used was in Lugansk, they provided me with an interpreter. These agencies are very private they will not let you see the business address, you will not get a receipt for their services. I think for 4 days it cost me $1300 for the very unprofessional service I received. Many times I would tell the woman Anastasia the girl I was dating, a part of my life. I waited for the young interpreter to translate it for me and nothing. Her mind was somewhere else.

It was a very strange experience for me, but I had no other choice at that time. Anastasia would meet me around 11 am we would be together for 10 to 12 hours every day.

We went to the same two restaurants every day, both were very expensive. When I think about it now what a fool I was! The three of us would do nothing of interest to me, every suggestion I made would be shot down. I wanted to go to the Antonov museum, where I could see the largest aircraft ever made. I was told there were several of these aircraft you could walk through. Instead, we went to the forest.


When they saw I was getting bored or frustrated Anastasia would make me a promise. Tomorrow we will go to the market buy some meat, and thing for a cookout by the river.

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Sexy Middle Age Women

I have met many Ukraine women that are over 35 that are incredibly sexy. Some are divorced others were single moms never married. Some did not have a child are just single women.

But a lot of these women were very sexy! The one thing I absolutely loved about these older women, was how passionate they were. I could see it in their eyes, the way they would touch me, and the attention I received. They were not judgmental or uncompromising. I do have a great respect for the middle-aged woman of Ukraine.

 One one of my trips I was in the gym, I met these two trainers. Both with incredible bodies, both were over 40 years old.Tatyana and Sveta! The three of us would go out together to lunch, dinner, or to walk.

Beautiful Middle Age Woman

It was so nice to be cared for looked after by these two wonderful women. The funny thing was they were not jealous of one another, they actually complemented each other. One spoke English very well the other not bad at all. Both were very affectionate with me, hugging holding hands. People would look at us strange sometimes, Sveta love this.

One afternoon we three had a long talk about life and our past. Sveta was married to a man for 15 years until one day she caught him in bed with a girl half his age.

She said she was off from work a little early that day. She opened the door to her apartment, there they were on the floor. The girl was so surprised she left holding her clothes in her arms. Her husband was a heavy man and could not get up off the floor, begging her to help him. She said, he finally crawled to the couch and pulled himself up. He was sweating so bad she thought he might have a heart attack! She left him, went to live with her sister in a different city. She laughed very hard while she told me this story. Such an easy going woman.

Tatyana was never married but had a son that is a jeweler in Crimea. She told me he had a very good life there, would send her money every month.

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Why date Ukraine divorced women?

I have dated and met many divorced women and girls in Ukraine! Some with children and some wanting to have children. Why are these women so approachable, what will you get if you marry one?  

Tati Divorced

I remember the first divorced woman I met in Ukraine Dasha was her name. She was so cute very friendly and did not speak much English at all. She was with a friend Marina another cute girl Marina was 23 at the time. It was over eight years ago, my first trip to Ukraine. It was an awful time that turned out to be one of the best times of my life. I went to meet a girl I met online. She did not show up, just another man that was scammed by a Ukraine online dating site.

But the best thing happened to me. I was in the park and feeling sorry for myself, and I met three sweet young girls. They helped me with the problem of being in a strange country alone!

They assured me it was safe and to go and introduce myself to people in the city. So I did, and this is where I met Dasha and Marina. Marina was the outspoken one spoke perfect English. Dasha quiet and so sweet I introduce sushi to Dasha very cool night. As we got to know each other, I started to feel Dasha’s pain and sadness. She seemed to be happy, but I felt there was something sad about her. One night while we were drinking beer, I said to Dasha why you are so sad? Read More