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Single Moms OF Ukraine

There are many single moms all around the world. So why date single moms from Ukraine? The first reason is that they will make a great wife, second is they are alone and need a good man.

When I started to go to Ukraine, I was like most men from the west very nieve about this country. I thought it was like in the old movies where they did not have all the modern conveniences of the modern world. I soon found out I was terribly wrong; there is not much we have here in America that you will not be able to find in Ukraine. But there is one thing that I have not been able to find there, ziplock bags!  Maybe I have not looked for them everywhere, but in the markets, I have been to no zip bags! They do have every brand of American products shampoo, candy bars, even clothing. I looked for a t-shirt with Ukraine writing on it one trip, and could not find a

Tatyana Single Mom

single shirt. All T-shirts have English slogans or saying.

 OK back to the single moms. When I met the first single mom Tatyana, of course, I did not know she had a child when I met her. We talked a lot but not about her life.

When it was getting late her phone rang, she said she had to get home to help her mom. I asked if I could see her tomorrow, she smiled and said she would call me in the morning. We met in the morning at a cafe near her house. Tatyana was a little weird all through the meal we had. She all of a sudden said, Rod, I have to tell you something! She had a very serious look on her face. What is it Tatyana I asked are you OK? She said I have a child his name is Oleg he is five years old. I waited for her to say something more, was this all she wanted to tell me.

She said, Rod, why don’t you say something? I smiled and said I thought you were going to tell me something bad or that you have a big problem. 

Tatyana asked me if I minded she had a child, I answered no I have two kids myself. I ask her if I could meet him. She said you want to meet my son, of course, you can meet him. She stood up and said I will call you later and walked away very fast with a big smile on her face. Read More