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Ukraine Tattoo Women

 Is it OK to have a tattoo in Ukraine? The Ukraine tattoo women I have met say it depends on two things where you are and where is the tattoo!

Meaning if you are in a big city Kiev or Odessa then most do not mind if you have a tattoo. But if you live in a smaller town then you could be looked on poorly. Also, where is the tattoo on your neck or the small of your back or shoulder where most will not see it. To be honest, when I look at a girl with a tattoo I ask my friends what they think about such a person. Their reaction is almost always not very favorable. Some say she looks dirty or maybe she is a stripper! I felt very unhappy for these women; they just want to express themselves. All the Ukraine women that I met that had a tattoo had a story behind it, and most were not good stories! I found this blog post a few days ago written by worldly.us


Tattoo Girl Inna

If you know me, you know that I have a few tattoos I dearly love. I am also planning on a few more and don’t really set myself up with limits as to how many. I love having art on my body – I love having pieces that are meaningful and those that are just for fun. Tattoos are the way of expression and the more grown-up you get – the fewer ways of that expression you get. For me personally – it is crucial to keep it alive.

Growing up in a small-town Ukraine tattoos were always a taboo so now when I go back, I always need to sort of prepare people for the fact that I have ink on my body. You would think ‘my body – my choice,’ but then I would know that you clearly did not grow up in a small town where your neighbors are waiting for your visit each year so that they can have something to gossip about. And trust me: I gave them plenty in the last couple of years. From becoming a flight attendant to getting yet another tattoo: I guess I am glad to be of service to our elderly.

Circling back to tattoos. First time I ever saw a lot of people who clearly did not all go to prison in order to get one (a constant misconception of the small-town folk)

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