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Your Personal Date Guide

What would help you meet and date the beautiful Ukrainian women or girls? A personal date guide like me. I have helped many men in Ukraine date beautiful women. I take out all the guesswork, from the date customs to how to get around in Ukraine.

I have for over eight years been dating Ukrainian women. I first used anastaisiadate it did help me meet a few women online. It was very difficult until I learned some of the rules. Slavic women can be a challenge to understand, how their mind works. For one thing, if she tells you something she means it, there are no head games with her. If you are too old she will tell you if you are you fat she will tell you. You need to have thick skin most of the time. When she does like you, start to trust you it will be like no other woman before.

I have been getting a lot of emails asking what exactly do I do for you. What would a typical tour with me be? From the beginning, we will pick you up from one of two airports in Kiev.

Imagine Meeting Her!

Bring you to the apartment office where you will be given your keys, and escorted you to your apartment. Which is included in your tour package. Me or one of my staff members will instruct you on how to get in and out of the apartment. We will give you a quick tour of the neighborhood. Places to buy water and some essentials you made need during your stay. It will not be a formal tour like some expect. I will not give you a tour of the city sites, this will be done by the women you date. Most Ukrainian women are very proud of their cities, it will be a must for them.

The reason why I like the number of guests for me to be 4 or 5 is the interaction. Most women are not easily persuaded to meet a man by himself.

It will also be better for you and your date to have another couple to interact with. It is not a must but it seems to work better. That is unless you want to take a private tour only you, we can accommodate this for a high price. When you first arrive the group of men on the tour you pick will be together the first night. Read More


The Ukraine Hitch

Have you ever watched the movie Hitch with Will Smith? I was with a friend and was explaining what I did for a living. She said wow you are the Ukraine Hitch.

Watch the Trailer here

I thought that was a great compliment, so I sat and watched the movie again. Kind of cool this is what I do, but not from behind the scene. I am with you every step of the way. I will help you meet and date some of the most beautiful women in the world. With a guy like me that has made some of the biggest mistakes in Ukraine dating. I can show you and coach you on how to not only meet these women but also how to date them. Over the past 8 years in Ukraine, I have learned through trial and error the culture and dating customs. The women of Ukraine are beautiful, sexy, kind and very well educated. I can help you meet them!!

Olga In The Park

I remember the first time I help a guy meet and date a Ukraine girl. He was a coworker, I won’t tell you his name. He went to Ukraine for the wedding of his sister.

Before he left I gave him some pointers on how to meet these sexy girls. But I did not explain it completely to him. A few days later I get a phone call from him, telling me he could not meet any girls. I asked him where was he going to meet them, he told me the bars, clubs on the streets. No, I told him then explain where he needed to go the parks are good. I said try to talk to every girl you see there. Again I get a call he said still no girls would meet him. I was confused, I asked what type of girls are you trying to talk with?

He said my type girls on my date scale 5 and 6’s. OK, I said there is no scale in Ukraine talk with all the girls even the ones you think you could never have. Ask them this…

I did not hear from him for 3 days, I get a call he tells me he met the most amazing girl. She is way out of my league he said! I asked him where is she now? She is with me now we have been together every moment since we met, she is so sweet and very pretty. I had a good feeling for helping him find a sweet girl.

 In the movie Hitch, there was a goofy guy trying to get the attention of a very wealthy woman. There is this type of women in Ukraine for instance. On one of my trips, I met a tiny woman her name was Oksana.

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