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Story Of A Ukraine Bride

Should you marry a Ukraine women? Do Ukraine women make good wives? These are questions many men have. Let me help with the answer, Story of a Ukrainian bride.

A few months ago I was in an Eastern Europen market in the USA, most cities have these markets. I bought some things that you can only find in Ukraine. I saw a very pretty women walking down the aisles of the store. We both went to the cashier at the same time. I said to her in Russian hello you first, thank you she replied. She said you do not look to be Russian, but you have a nice accent. I told her I go to Ukraine for work, she asked what do you do? I am a personal date guide. What is that, your a dating guide? I was telling her part of my story, she said would you like to have coffee I want to know how you do this. (The photos in this article are some women that are looking for their hero)

Beautiful Woman

 We went to a Starbucks, I told her how and when I started my company. She said it must be very interesting for you to help people find love

. I asked when did she come to America, about 9 years ago. Why did you come to America I asked. She said to marry my husband, my love, and my savior. She asked me if I wanted to hear her story, it is very personal. She began it was 13 years ago I graduated from the university, I studied ecology. I received an offer to go to Thailand to help with the environmental issues they were having.

I knew nothing about Thailand at the time, but I was up for an adventure. In 2 months I was in Phuket, Thailand. I had no idea it was so hot, the bugs were so big it drove me crazy!

I was not being paid a lot, after five months I decided to go back home to Kharkov. My profession was not in demand in Ukraine I decided to move to Kiev. Kiev was very scary for me, I was young and knew no one there. Read More


Elena The Ukraine Girl.

Is it common for Ukraine women marrying American men?

One trip to Kiev about three years ago I met a girl through a girlfriend. She was cute but a little shy! I was only able to talk with her for a few hours; she was going back home to Donetsk. We exchanged email and phone numbers before she left. A few

beautiful Ukraine gilr Elena
Beautiful Girl Elena

months later I received an email from her asking how I was doing. We started to write one another almost every day, and I called her a few times a week. I found out she was once married and had a 5-year-old child a boy. She was 33 at that time worked in a restaurant and lived with her mother.

It is very common for single moms to live with their parents in Ukraine.

We were getting to know one another very well, so we decided to meet. As I said she was from Donetsk and Americans would not be allowed to go to that part of the country. We decided to meet in Odessa, this way her and her son would be able to have a vacation. She was very excited to meet with me, and I was also to meet with her and meet her son.

Elena and me beautiful ukraine girl
Me and Elena

I arrived in Odessa two days before she arrived; I had plenty of time to check into an apartment. I like Odessa very much it has a small town feeling and also great nightlife.

I rented an apartment in Arcadia it is a section of the city that has a promenade and beach club after beach club, it was a 5-minute walk to the beach. Read More