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Soccer In Ukraine

I remember a time I was in Ukraine, and there was a soccer match Ukraine vs. Wales it was a crazy week.

I just happened to be in Kiev this week of an International soccer match. There were so so many welsh men and women in the cafes and hotels it felt like I was in the United Kingdom. I have to say it was a good week to see and learn how two cultures would come together. Now the Welsh are not a quiet people, and the Ukrainians are a somewhat reserved people but what happened that week was very good. A good show of how all people are for the most part good! In the first few days.

Ukraine soccer
Ukraine won 1-0

I talked with some Welsh men, and they were not sure about Ukraine. Said the service was slow and the people seem unfriendly.

But as the days went on I got some different comments. I heard the Welsh say this is a very nice place the food is good and very inexpensive. The Ukraine people were also adjusting to the foreigners, saying these people are so happy. I was staying in a hotel, and it was full of Welsh people, I do not know how many times I was offered a free ticket to the game. All in all, it

was a very good feeling to see how these two different cultures came together. My Ukraine friends told me these people are crazy but in a good happy way. The Welsh people I met said Ukraine people are so helpful and kind. Two totally different cultures and they got along great. Most people I meet in Ukraine say the same thing. Ukraine people are kind and caring and appreciate the simple things in life.

 This brings me to a problem I had in Ukraine late one night.

I was walking back to my apartment, and I saw the guy looking at flowers. Read More