Real Victims Of Ukraine Dating Scams

Ukraine Dating Scams

Here is a video that is very good at describing Ukraine dating scams.

But the sad thing is the real victim of these scammers.


This video is so true I have had this happen to me and have had many men tell me about this is how they were also scammed.

The real way to not be scammed is not to use an online dating site.

Yes, the girl is real most of the time but this is a business for her. She is a paid associate of the company she works for. She gets a commission for every letter every live chat she has with you, and if you do make it to Ukraine to meet her, She will insist on an interpreter. Here is where she makes big money. I had a guy tell me when he was in Lviv he spent over 1400 dollars on an interpreter. Then he found out the girl he was dating spoke English and did not need an interpreter. But what do you do you are in a foreign country the laws are different and unless you recorded it you have no proof.

As I said before Ukraine online dating sites is a billion-dollar business These days.

It makes me so angry how this came about over the last few years. It used to be the girl would ask you for money online for medicine or because her cell phone was stolen. But now it is a complete hustle you do not even know it is happening because you are on a date with a cute girl. But like they always say if it looks too good to be true it probably isn’t.

scam Ukraine girl
Looks innocent but Anna is a scammer

The first time this happened to me it took me some time to realize what happened, then that thing we all have inside us say this is not true. I remember two girls that turned out to be professional daters. I am not talking about those professional dating services or professional matchmaker. I am referring to these independent agencies in Ukraine and the girls that supposedly want to marry a foreign man.

They are just making money off these trusting sometimes desperate men!

If you want to meet and date a girl in say Miami, then you book a flight to Miami and go to a cafe or the beach and meet a girl and see if she wants to date you. So why do it different in Ukraine? Is it the language thing or because Ukraine was once thought of our enemy. I know this all started with the mail order brides of many years ago. I have a few friends that did this over 20 years ago some of the marriages worked out, and some did not. But back then you had to pay the agencies a few thousand dollars for a finders fee.

Now with the internet, it is easy, and these dating sites became smart and took advantage of the situation. 

If you go with me to Ukraine, I have your back, and you meet girls or women the natural way. You see a cute girl, and you walk up to her and ask her name and go from there. If you are not the best at meeting a girl not a problem I have many ways to show you what to say and what not to. I will take you to cities that are not used to American men and will be more than happy to meet you and date you. Not for money not because they need a new phone but because you asked them to go out.

Now to the main part of this article the real victims of these dating scammers.

angle victim Ukraine
Pretty single mom

I was going through some of my pictures from a few years ago and found this girl Angel, yes her name is Angel. She was one of the cutest girls I ever met there a friend of mine introduced us. She was amazingly sweet kind and very easy to talk to even though she did not speak a lot of English. Angel and I talked for several hours and had a great time we talked about her life my life what was our plans in life. She told me she had something to tell me before we can see each other again.

I was a little shocked I thought we were just talking nothing more!

She said Rod I have a child she is four years old, and if you want to continue our meeting, you will have to except this. I was very taken by this; I was not even for a minute thinking I could be with a girl this good. She was serious and looked me in the eyes and said I need an answer. This girl was amazing so beautiful and very mature how could I be so lucky. I asked Angel how old she was and she told me 23,23 no way I could not believe it she had such an older way of being. I asked Angel how old do you think I am she said it does not matter but if I had to guess 38. I said why you would want to be with me? We just met and how can you think I am a good man. She said I could feel it in my heart you are a good man.

She asked if we were to get married would you care for my daughter as she was your own.

I said yes, of course, I would if we were to get married. She said see I knew you were a good man. Angel then said that is why young Ukrainian girls marry older men, not young boys. What do I do how I could be so lucky but at the same time I was thinking how I could do this what would people think? I said Angel could we meet tomorrow and she said sure if I can bring my daughter. I accepted of course.

Now I went to my friend and told her what happened, and she said so what is the problem.

Victim of ukraine dating scams
Angela Victim Of Ukraine Dating Scams

It happens here young girls marry older men but not a girl with a child most men do not want a girl with a child. My friend said Angel might think you are the only hope she has to be happy, and you are a good guy Rod. We met the next day Angel her daughter and me; we sat in the park most of the time. It was a good day her daughter lovely little girl.

But my mind could not understand why this beautiful young girl wants to be with me.

After some time I could not hold it anymore I said Angel I need to talk to you she had a smile so big on her face. I said, Angel, we can be friends I can help you any way you like, but it is too much for me to understand why! She started to cry and said you do not want me. I said Angel I will help you to find a nice American man to marry she said I want you, Rod.I told her it would not work she went to her daughter and left me sitting there. My friend called me the next day and said she talked with Angel and she was very upset.

She also asked if I promised Angel I would find her a man to marry!

I said I would try she is a good, beautiful girl it would not be hard to find a good man more her age I thought. So what happened next is sad very sad. I did talk with Angle over the years, and she told me she met some men from America. But hey all thought I was a scammer and would not take me seriously, she said it is sad how my country is look upon now. All Ukraine girls are scammers, and men just want to have fun with us it is sad Rod.

If you have any questions or a comment, please feel free to ask you can write me here.

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10 Replies to “Real Victims Of Ukraine Dating Scams”

  1. Hi Rod, interesting site. A couple of things. I laugh when I here Americans say, The Ukraine.” It’s Ukraine, like you use it in your post. You wouldn’t say The Chicago or The Miami or the any other state.

    Secondly, I had a doctor, before my latest move, who was from Ukraine. She was excellent and down to earth. Enjoyed your article.


  2. Hey, Thanks, Don and yes some of us Americans are not good with our English, imagine that!! Yes, they are good people and that is why I would like to help some of them.

  3. I am so sorry that you got scammed by that Ukranian lady. I have not been scammed yet, because I was too cheap to send money when I was dating. I have always thought when a girl asks for money while dating then it is time to move on, even if it is a girl locally.
    I did try a Ukranian dating site 8 years ago. After talking and chatting for a month she needed 5,ooo UAH because her mother needed a medical procedure. That was my turn off and figured it was a scam. Thank you for publicizing this so more people may not get scammed.

  4. Yes, Mike, you live and learn luckily it was not that much money. It is sad I have heard this before and you know what in Ukraine all medical procedures and free. Thanks, Mike for your thoughts!

  5. Hi. I think sometimes we get so focused on the problem we don’t look at the people that are also part of the scam, oftentimes against their own wishes. It gets to a point I imagine that they’re not even sure anymore what’s truth and lies. Sad stories to hear.

  6. Yes, Rick, I have met some of these girls that used to work for those agencies and they tell me they were bullied to lie to the clients. They knew it was wrong but the needed money and were told by the manager these men are rich so don’t worry.

  7. I have read many of your stories you like to help the women that is good I would like to meet the women can you help

  8. Hello comrade I am Brazilian, have three women from Uckrania who have contacted me by email, talking about themselves, it happened sometimes they leave their countries to visit the men??

  9. Hello Lailson, yes they do like to travel but never send them money for travel. Now with the internet, you can make and pay for all the arrangments through the internet!!

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