Success Rate? Ukraine Dating companies

Have you ever wondered what is the success rate of Ukraine dating companies I mean that have match two people together?

The most successful online dating site for Ukraine women or The top rated online dating sites for Ukraine girls? Do you know anyone who married a Ukraine girl or even heard a story of such a thing? Me only two times and both are my friends that I introduced to Ukraine girls in Ukraine! Not from some Ukraine online dating sites because it doesn’t happen. All those sites are in the business to make money off the membership dues or their translation of letters. In this day with all the technology who needs to have a real person translate a simple letter? They are taking your money there is no translation anymore it is done with google translate try it!

Katya from Kharkov
Scam Julia

See if you can tell me who is the scammer Julia on the right or Katya on the left. Click on the girl’s name and tell me who!

If you go to one of these Ukraine online dating sites and look for the testimonials or the success stories, there will not be many.

One company I researched had over 300,000 members and only four success stories I wonder what the percentage is? But if you go to youtube or just search for how many Ukraine companies scam their members you will find quite a bit of reading on this subject! I once wrote to a dating agency that a certain girl is a scammer. They took down her profile, but a few weeks later she was back.

There are many Ukraine dating sites and all claim to be legit. But how they are rated is by the response percentage that is so ridiculous. Not on the members that actually meet one another or the couples that marry. Do you know why this is? Because these companies don’t care if you meet or date and they sure don’t care if you get married. Like this company, Russian Cupid.


Here is a review by someone who thinks they know about these sites.

The Top five Best Ukraine Dating Sites

Russian Cupid is an alternative to the UkraineDate. The reason I recommend this dating site is because Russian is the second official language in Ukraine, so many Ukrainian women will also register on RussianCupid.

The site has more than 1.5 million members, with nearly half, are Russian and Ukrainian beauties. When conducting a simple search, you will find at least thousands of attractive women online. Most of them have detailed profiles hoping to find a man from Western countries.

The site has its own screening tech. However, not every scammer can be detected. A simple and easy way to identify the fake profile is to check its profile pictures. Those with only one or two attractive model-like photos are probably scammers but not always.

Have you ever heard that saying how can you tell if a lawyer is lying? His lips are moving!

The same goes for Ukraine dating sites how can you tell if a Ukraine girl is a scammer? She joins and Ukraine online dating site!!

It is free to sign up and you can enjoy standard services like creating profiles and uploading photos without any cost to you. If any woman has an interest in you, she will contact you via email or instant message.

But if you want to actively contact many women you like, you need to upgrade to a paid member. A monthly membership fee is $29.99, this is reasonable but a little expensive for just one month. Or  12 months package for just $119.99, which is only $10 per month.

OK so it is free or not free they lour you in with some smoking hot photoshopped girl she writes you and you being a man falls for it and next thing you know you grab for your credit card. I am not telling you don’t ever try a Ukraine dating site but remember going in this will not be what you think. If you are just a guy that wants to waste time and money sure go for it!!

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