The Truth Ukrainian girls Date Older Men

A question that many write about and many are afraid to admit! Do young Ukrainian women date older men? Is age difference important? Does the age of a man matter to the Ukraine girls?

I do not know why it is such a terrible thing. Some people think that if a couple is 20 years difference in age it is not right! OK, let me ask you when you were 23 years old did you know the difference, between what you wanted or what you needed?  Maybe not completely I am sure. I am sure we knew what we wanted! When I was 19 years old I dated a woman that was 38. Did she take advantage of me? No of course not I went with my own free will. I was curious, she was very sexy to me I do remember that. My friends would tease me, it was not that I wanted to marry her. it was just an experience for both of us.

  We dated for a few weeks, I will have to be honest she taught me some things. Things that some of my future girlfriends were thankful that I learned!!

23 Years Old

I have dated some girls or should I say, young women? Does writing young women make them any older or change their age? Not only in Ukraine but also here in Las Vegas. Once you become an adult you become curious about sex about the opposite sex.If it were a crime to date a girl 20 years younger then you I am sure the authorities would find out. Here is what so many men want to know about Ukrainian girls over 19 years old( to satisfy the uptight crowd).

 Yes, they do! I will have to say it is not the easiest or sanest thing to do. Sometimes I look back, think what was I thinking! It was an experience I will not forget.

The Ukraine girls I have dated were somewhere around 23 to 26 years old, a few I still keep in contacted with. No, I do not date them anymore, but I will give them advice when they ask me. If you are a man that wanted to go to Ukraine and find a young woman to marry. You need to find out how your government feels about this. I know in The USA immigration will not authorize a fiance visa if they feel the couple it too far apart in age.

If you want to date a much younger woman, all I have to say is it will be a challenge. Even with my help as your date guide. My suggestion to you is, come to Ukraine, see which women want to date you.

26 Years Old

Here is something to think about if you are 40 and wish to date a girl of 20 it is not going to happen. If you are 45 and wish to date a girl of 25 or 26 years old, it could happen. For the most part, most of the men I help find a Ukrainian woman 8 to 15 years is about the norm. Also, I have not seen two people of the same age work out with me. I think because Ukrainian women have been played with so much by younger men, men their own age they want a more mature man.

I think this is why we men are not monogamous at heart. We do grow to learn this through life, eventually, we decide it is time to find that one woman.

Women are different they want a man to marry settle down, make a family have a child or two. The Ukrainian women are taught through traditions and customs, they need to marry a man start a family. Whether they want to admit it or not most women know a man older then they are is better. More secure ready to be loyal, because he is through playing around. I have found it to be true in most countries. In Ukraine, I talk with girls all the time most want a man that is a few years older than they are.

With the divorced and single moms in Ukraine, they are more willing to not care much at all about the age of a man. These women want security they do not want to take a chance on being left alone again!

Singel Mom

Life there can be hard for a divorced or single mom. Most of this type of women live with their parents or grandparents. I like to help these women most of all. There are so many single moms, from what I understand one in every four Ukrainian women are single moms. Who is going to help them? I have heard many single moms tell me no one wants me because I have a child. Rod, would you please find me a man that will be good for my child. They do not care if he will be good to them so much as he will be good to their child.

Another thing to think about when coming to Ukraine to find a wife. Her age will dictate what she wishes to have in her life, her wants not her needs. Younger women want stuff like all women do, shoes nice clothes.

I will always bring some sort of gift when I date a woman. I have had older women or single moms that tell me, do not bring me flowers or chocolate. I need practical things for me and my son. Not something that will be gone in a few days. I can advise you on what will be appropriate for the woman you will be dating. The younger women I can tell you exactly what they want as a gift from you. The girls from 25 to say 32 again I know what will make them happy. Then the women over 32 years old it is an entirely different thing these women wish to have.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a personal date guide that knows the secrets of a certain culture? Someone that has given a woman of 40 years old some flowers, that she forgot to take from the restaurant where you just ate.

Then give her a gift on the second date that she wants to leave the cafe and take you home with her! It wasn’t sexy pajamas, by the way, it was kitchen knives. She had to go home to use her new gift to cook for you! I have done many things in this country that made me look silly or immature. I can help you with this, some people have called me the Ukraine Hitch.

Come with me to Ukraine and have the time of your life, maybe find the woman of your life!

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