The Ukraine Hitch

Have you ever watched the movie Hitch with Will Smith? I was with a friend and was explaining what I did for a living. She said wow you are the Ukraine Hitch.

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I thought that was a great compliment, so I sat and watched the movie again. Kind of cool this is what I do, but not from behind the scene. I am with you every step of the way. I will help you meet and date some of the most beautiful women in the world. With a guy like me that has made some of the biggest mistakes in Ukraine dating. I can show you and coach you on how to not only meet these women but also how to date them. Over the past 8 years in Ukraine, I have learned through trial and error the culture and dating customs. The women of Ukraine are beautiful, sexy, kind and very well educated. I can help you meet them!!

Olga In The Park

I remember the first time I help a guy meet and date a Ukraine girl. He was a coworker, I won’t tell you his name. He went to Ukraine for the wedding of his sister.

Before he left I gave him some pointers on how to meet these sexy girls. But I did not explain it completely to him. A few days later I get a phone call from him, telling me he could not meet any girls. I asked him where was he going to meet them, he told me the bars, clubs on the streets. No, I told him then explain where he needed to go the parks are good. I said try to talk to every girl you see there. Again I get a call he said still no girls would meet him. I was confused, I asked what type of girls are you trying to talk with?

He said my type girls on my date scale 5 and 6’s. OK, I said there is no scale in Ukraine talk with all the girls even the ones you think you could never have. Ask them this…

I did not hear from him for 3 days, I get a call he tells me he met the most amazing girl. She is way out of my league he said! I asked him where is she now? She is with me now we have been together every moment since we met, she is so sweet and very pretty. I had a good feeling for helping him find a sweet girl.

 In the movie Hitch, there was a goofy guy trying to get the attention of a very wealthy woman. There is this type of women in Ukraine for instance. On one of my trips, I met a tiny woman her name was Oksana.


We were in the gym I was working on my arms and she was watching me. Not in a sexy way but more of a curious way to watch me lift the weights. She came over to me and asked me where did you learn how to be a weightlifter?  She told me she has not seen this technique before and wanted to learn. I helped her, showed her a few other techniques I have learned over the years.

 She asked me after we finished working out if I would like to have tea with her. I mentioned a cafe that was close, told her I would be there in one hour.

We had a nice lunch and talked about fitness for over 3 hours. I asked her why are you so interested in fitness? She said I own the gym where I met you! Now I understood why all the questions she had for me. We decided to meet again that night in a very nice restaurant she insisted on paying. I told her in all my travels to Ukraine she was the first to pay for dinner. We met a few more times, Oksana always insisted on paying. I asked you must make a lot of money from your gym?  She said, Rod, I own 14 gyms in different cities so I can afford to pay for you!

Through the years of me going to different cities in Ukraine, I have met and helped a few men. Guys that had been stranded in a city because his online dating service abandoned him.

Katya In The Park

Most online dating sites use agencies in Ukraine are not part of their company. These agencies are subcontractors. They agree to work with the foreign men when they get to Ukraine. Once in Ukraine, most online dating sites have no control over what happens to these men. If the man does not want an interpreter or to follow their agenda which is very expensive they abandon him. I have seen this many times, I meet men in bars or hotel lobbies with no idea what to do next. Lost In Ukraine

One of the first men I help, I saw him drinking tea in a hotel lobby of a nice hotel in Kiev. I heard him speak English, I went over and introduced myself.

We talked for a few minutes, he told me the story about how he thought he found the love of his life. She did not even show up to meet him so he spent three days alone. He told me he did not care about the money he wasted, only the wasted time. I said let’s go for a walk. I took him to a park not too far from his hotel, we walked and talked. I saw three women sitting on a bench, decided to go over to meet them. They did not speak English very well. My new friend came over, said hello, we tried our best to talk with the girls. I asked if they would like to have lunch with us, they agreed. Over the hours of eating and drinking, the women became more comfortable with us. With the help of Google Translate, it was now becoming fun to communicate.

My new friend got the phone numbers of two of the girls. He was surprised at how simple it was, they told him to use Viber to communicate with them.

The women had to leave, we hugged and said our goodbyes.We were still at the cafe my new friend had a huge smile, he said I could kiss you, Rod! He told me how much money he spent with the online dating girl.Then said I just spent $30 on lunch, met two beautiful women. He said you should do this for a living, thank you for all your help. I do like to help people out, to be honest, I do this for the Ukraine women and girls.Their society does not come with a lot of available men to date and marry.

I would like to invite you to come to Ukraine with me it will be a great time. You will be able to date some of the most amazing women in the world. Date Ukraine

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  1. so you call yourself the ukraine hitch. I liked that movie how do the women think of you doing this??

  2. I do not call myself this some of the women I know call me this Hitch guy. The women I find do appreciate what I do, after all, I am trying to help them find a good man.

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