The Ukraine Perfect Date

What would be the perfect date with a Ukrainian woman? What would she look like how would she smell? The best is how would she look at you?

Before you have the perfect date you need one thing, that is a Ukrainian woman! How do you go about doing this on your own? Most men are told go online to a dating site to meet the love of your life. Really, what ridiculous advice this is. Let me ask you how did you meet your last girlfriend? Was it online? If so did you chat only online until you met some five months later? Or was it a girl that was introduced to you or maybe you met her at work! These are all very good common places to meet your future woman.

So why do you think only in Ukraine and Russia do you have to meet her online? Is it the cultural problems maybe the language barrier?

Why are so many men tricked into believing the only way to meet Slavic women are through an online dating site? I read there are 85,000 British men that go to Ukraine every year, but only a few thousand marriages. Why is this? Because most men have no idea how to date a Ukrainian woman. Yes, all these sites promise you will meet many beautiful women right?

Do any tell you the chances that you will date even one woman? No, they are not in the matchmaking business they are in the online dating business.


Which means they make their money from memberships or translation fees. I have noticed over the years all of the bigger companies have changed their names from marriage sites to online dating sites. They do not care if you find your love, they probably hope you never go to Ukraine so you will just stay a member for years to come.

This is where Personal Date Guide is different as you can read in the name we are a dating guide. Not an online dating site, we are a site seeing tour but instead of seeing the tourist sites.

We show you how to meet and date the most beautiful women! Over the years I was one of those men that had no idea how to date a Ukrainian woman. I use many different online sites I met many women but dated few. Until I went out there on my own. I learned from my Ukrainian friends how to date women. It was not so easy at first, but over the years I learned. Book a tour with me I will show you how to do this.

We do not expect anyone to go there by themselves without any knowledge of what they will find. It is very difficult to meet and date one of these women if you do not know the dating rules.


Many do go alone get lost or can not seem to find what they are looking for. I get around five men a week that are in Ukraine that need my help to find a good woman. It can be like the difference of buying a diamond on your own or buy a diamond with an expert gemologist by your side. You can not expect the salesman to tell you, that stone is not worth the money. You are getting scammed. It will be the same in Ukraine as long as the company gets your money for dating a girl. They don’t care if she is real and you get your money’s worth.

We will not only help you meet as many women as you like we will also be by your side to make sure she is real.

You are not paying us to meet women but to make sure when you date one it is for the right reasons. My staff is there to see if her intentions are real for you. We will know if she is hiding something or trying to scam you in any way. Do the other do this for you? No, because they are the ones scamming you with a professional dater. A girl that is paid to date foreign men, to make him feel she likes him so you will pull out your credit card. You will have to pay $25 dollars an hour for interpretation pay a cost for every different girl you date.

In the end, she will thank you for all the expensive meals all the gifts you bought her. But you will never see her again they got your money and some of your pride.


On the way back home you will first feel good you met an amazing woman. If you do stay in touch she will then have an excuse to ask for money from you. You will give her some, one day you will realize you were just another victim of online dating. You will tell your friends and family that you met a beautiful woman. When you finally realize you were taken advantage of you will have to make up some lie for why you do not communicate with her anymore.

 I have heard the story over and over how men spent $3000 to $11000 an a woman he never saw again. Don’t fall into being just another statistic of online dating scams. 

With me, the only way I can scam you is to take the money you paid me for a tour and I did not give you such tour. I live in Las Vegas half the year Ukraine the other half. So if this did happen you would have no trouble finding me. Can you say that about a foreign company you hired?  There are a few companies that do some of what I do but all have some kind of online dating either through skype or through their site. They charge from $5000 to $11000 but do not provide the same service as we do.

 Here is where the problems start you are communicating with a girl that could be real or could not. If she is real you make plans to meet her. What if the moment you meet her, she or you decided it is not right?

All the time communicating with her is for nothing and it cost you a lot of money. Here is where I think the perfect date would come from. You and I are walking in the park we spot 3 pretty women sitting on a bench. I am your wing man we introduce ourselves the next thing you know we are at a nice cafe having tea. You might find one you would like to date, if not we continue our quest. Even the smaller cities we would never run out of real women to meet. So why would you waste all your time and energy on someone you have never met?

Come with me to Ukraine and have the time of your life, maybe find the woman of your life. I will take care of everything all you do is show up in Kiev!

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