Ukraine Tattoo Girls

In my travels to Ukraine, there was one type of girl that always stood out to me and to other Ukrainians.

She was always different always happy most of them the center of attention. I have met a few Ukraine girl with tattoos and like here most are no different than a girl without a tattoo. So I thought! After talking with theseApollonia girls and getting to know them most had a secret to hide. You see it is not at all popular for a Ukraine girl to have a tattoo. Most men in Ukraine think they are lower class or prostitutes.

Most of us have seen the movie the girl with the dragon tattoo right? In the movie, she seemed nice but had a terrible past.


daria tattoo girl
Daria Tattoo Girl

Well, the first girl I met with a tattoo was Dasha, now Dasha was so cool and fun to be around always smiling having fun. She had a tattoo of a scorpion on her shoulder and I thought nothing of it. One night Dasa and I were with some friends drinking beer and talking about our lives. They wanted to know what it was like to live in Las Vegas! they thought I was rich to live in such an expensive city that is not the case. One of the girls had a good job as a translator for a technical company translating plans from Russian to English.

I knew Dasha was a nurse but that was about all. One girl said oh very nice you are a nurse like to help people you must have a satisfying life.

The way Dasha looked after she hears this was like she smelled something bad. I took her aside and said, Dasha, I know you have had a bad life and I know you are not a happy person. She said Rod how do you know this about me? I just felt it about her she was sad very sad. We told the others we would go for a walk. As we walked Dasha and me we talked and she asked me, do you want to know why I have a tattoo of a scorpion? I said if you want to share that with me OK.

She said she was married once and her husband of only 6 months slept with her best friend!

I said wow that is crazy so now I see why you have the tattoo so you won’t be stung by another man. She said no it is so I won’t be stung by someone I thought was my best friend. Dasha told me every time she feels safe or close to someone she looks in the mirror to remind her.

 The second girl I met with tattoos all over her body some years after Dasha was also a very happy person and had a job as a manicurist.

Her name was Elena she was from the south-east of Ukraine where the war was happening people in fear of

their lives every day. Elena was a very smart girl and very cute, she was more of the artistic type. Always thinking in her own world sometimes. We date for several weeks and it was great she was never boring and

Tattoo Lady Ukraine

always up to do something anything not just sit and watch the world go by.

I knew she had a very bad past.

because she came from a war zone. I would not ask her about it if she wants to tell me she would. One afternoon we were having some wine out in a country restaurant there are many places like this in Ukraine.  We were drink talking and then Elna asks me, Rod, why don’t you ask me about my tattoos. She said I know you do not mind that I have them because you are here with me now. I said OK Elena why all the tattoos.

Elena looked at me and with the slightest tear in her eyes said it was from all the pain in my life. I wanted to cover it up!

I went on to say Elena I know war is bad many bad things happen in wars and for a country to have cousins and brothers fighting one another makes it so very sad. I went on to say you do not have to tell me what went on in your city. She looked at me and said Rod you don’t understand. I left home before the war started. These are not because of the war! I was a little confused.

Elena said my stepfather was not a nice man when I was a teenager he would beat me.

He left a lot of scars on my body my arms my legs my back and I got all these tattoos to cove those scares. I was so helpless at that moment what do I say what do I do? I just held her in my arms. She said do not feel sorry for me I am happy now I have a job friends and soon I hope to find the love of my life. I ask her you are a beautiful girl why aren’t you married? She said not many men in Ukraine want a painted girl but I will find him one day.

 I have met a few girl with tattoos and most say the same thing no man from Ukraine wants a painted girl!

Angela Ukraine Tattoo Girl
Angela Tattoo Girl

There was Angela a nice girl had her own business Tatiana is a personal trainer in a gym.  There were a few I met but none were any bad easy girls and for the

Tatiana Tattoo Girl
Tati Tattoo Girl

most part, these girls with tattoos were more mature and reasonable and easy to talk to. If you are a man that does not mind tattoos or to be seen with a girl that has tattoos this is the place for you. I am sure you can find the girl of your dreams in this type of girl.

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  1. The truth is that your site confirms that the best women are in Russia and Ukraine. All very beautiful, special for lost men who seek the love of a good woman. I did not know that this type of service existed, I take the opportunity to congratulate you. You also offer packages with accommodation in beautiful places that one can book. I will contact you again at any time. Regards!

  2. Thank you very much for the comment. I started the company because I met so many lost men in a country I love and most had the same bad experience. Ukraine is a nice place but not the easiest to get around in and these Dating sites take advantage of this. So I am here to help the men of the world but also the girls of Ukraine to find a good man. You can contacted me any time thanks again.

  3. Wow. This is a very interesting website. I think it’s really cool that you offer the opportunity to go to Ukraine and potentially meet the lady of your dreams.

    I’d love to know if you’ve taken anyone as yet? And how it went.

    Aside from that, the article itself was really interesting as well. I didn’t know it was shameful for women to have tattoos in the Ukraine. Personally, I think tattoos can be sexy. But it all depends on the size and location really.

  4. Hey Joeka, thanks for the nice review. Tattoos are not so shameful but most do look down on these girls. Yes I think they can be sexy too. No I have not taken anyone yet I do have a few appointments for late November. The reason I started this is I met this guy in Kiev and he was sitting at a pub and we and you can read the story here Online Ukraine Dating Sites post Online Ukraine Dating Sites thanks again!!

  5. Thanks for the insight to Ukraine girls with tattoos. It is sad for the girl Elena, it makes me wonder how some can be so cruel to their family. I know it happens here too.

  6. Yes, this happens in many countries but it is very sad that it happens in a place where the people are poor. She is a strong girl has her own business now.

  7. Very well written and interesting to learn about different cultures . And how women are looked upon for their choices, like tattoos. Great site for those looking to find Love. Everyone deserves a chance at love right?

  8. Yes everyone deserves to be loved and happy this is what my site is doing without being like the other date sites. I hope to connect people so they have a chance to fall in love.

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