Ukraine Dating Culture

Ukraine dating culture is this true? Is it different to date a Ukraine woman or girl, then in other countries? Yes, It is! With my dating service, you will be in good hands. Let me help you date Ukraine women.

I remember most of the times when I said something or did something wrong with a Ukraine woman. Unless it is a big problem she will not tell you. But she will remember it when it comes time for her to make her decision about you. I have read through so many dating site culture advice articles. Articles on dating secrets or things you need to know dating a Ukraine woman. Only a few can say they actually dated a Ukraine woman. I still have a problem no one explains how to meet a Ukraine woman!

There are many ways to meet women, but it is not always the same. All I have to ask someone who thinks they have the answers, are they an older American man?

Beauty In Snow

If not then you could not possibly know what it takes to meet a Ukraine woman for us. Most men that go to Ukraine to find love are midlife. Most do not have a dating clue how to meet these woman. Do you know what all different women want and need from a man? Is it the same to meet a 23-year-old sexy girl as it is to meet a 40-year-old divorced woman? Is it the same for a good looking guy with money as it is for an older average man?  Finally is the same for a Ukraine man or a foreign man? There are so many variables on what to say how to say it and who to say it to. It can not be a general thing.

In my experience, different women take different approaches. Some women feel threatened by good-looking men or think he is only after sex. Some prefer a man with a little belly fat, some prefer muscles.


I have met quite a few women and learned quite a lot of information from them. One sexy hot girl told me if a good looking guy gives her a compliment she does not take it so seriously. But if an average man gives her a compliment, sometimes she gets a flutter in her stomach.Very curious? She did tell me why this is and how each approached her. So there are some secrets in dating Ukraine women. Or should I say every woman is different!

 Of course, they are all different, the culture there is different. It is also different for an English speaking man. Someone once told me the Ukraine men do not want you to date their woman.


I am sure some men feel this way. I have a few guys in Ukraine that ask me to go out with them so I can help them meet women. One of my good friends told me you help us with the girls. You are like a puppy that the girls cannot resist to meet. I do not know if this is good or bad but it does work. Come to think of it I am like their dog! When they see a group of women, they say, Rod, go over say something in English. I do because my Ukrainian is not the best, my friends come to my rescue. Nice guys that they are!

You see it is the same in all countries, men have a hard time meeting woman. Unless you have an American puppy! It is different in Ukraine the culture I mean.

Let me ask is it proper to kiss a Ukraine woman on the first date? It can be, I have done this a few times. With most women it is not propper, she will let you know when it is time to kiss her. When she does you will need to know what her sign is, don’t miss it. I have missed the sign a few women gave me to kiss her. It will be a subtle gesture on her part. I can teach you what I know in the subject. By the way in their culture kissing is a big step, it is very personal to them.

There are different rules for different men, also different rules for women of different ages. Some of the younger women do not fallow the culture rules so strictly.

One guy, I met with was a young man mid 20’s a cute kid. The rules were much different for this guy, I think it was his laid-back personality. He was a magnet for these young girls like he was famous! I saw one time two girls want to date him, they were arguing about it. He just sat there, one of the girls got up and kissed him. Shock was on the others face, she also got up and kissed him. It was a kissing fight, I guess you could call it. The funny thing was he did not want to date either of the girls. He was there as he told me just to meet girls nothing serious.

Very Cute Girl

After a week with one so cute girl Maria, he told me I think I am in love with her! They will be married this summer in Arizona.

There is no right way to date every woman, some like smart guys. Some like goofy men like me, how do you know which it is. This takes time to learn. I was with a woman a few years back trying to take it to the next level. When I asked her if she could see herself living in America with me? Her answer was nope! What do you not want to go to America and live? She said I would like to live in America, sorry not with you. Why then do you keep dating me? Because you are fun crazy entertaining, but not a serious man.

I did not see it that way, I thought I was winning her heart. For the next few days, I was not a clown. I lost hope to be with this woman, we had many long talks about life.

We talked about each others culture, about the war in her country. One night after we went to a jazz concert, she gave me that looked like she wanted me to kiss her. I did not notice I was sulking in my self-pity. On the day I was leaving she went with me to the airport we said our goodbyes. When I was on the plane I received a text from her tell me how she would miss me. Later she wrote me that she found out she had feelings for me when I left her. Again I missed the signs she was giving me.

Now after all these years of dating Ukraine women I know I can help men not only find a woman but also date her. I will also be available after your trip to help you understand her.

Some men I coached got a hold of me after he ruined it all. I always tell the men if you are not sure to let me know. I do not know everything, but I have made so many different mistakes. I might be able to help you not lose the woman of your dreams. Book a tour with me, it might be the best thing you ever did!

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