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Are there feminist in Ukraine?  

I researched this for a few days, not much on the subject. So why is this? From my experience and the women, I know they do not have a need for this. Sure they want to have the same salary as a man. I have been told by many Ukraine women they like it how it is. As a matter of fact, most women want the opposite. They want a man to treat them as a weak girl that needs a strong man to protect them. The women in Ukraine like their role in society. I did find one article that is not over five years old about feminism in Ukraine. Peace Palace Library 

Women’s Rights and the Emergence of a New Wave of Feminism in the Ukraine: The FEMEN Movement

In recent years, the actions of FEMEN have been featured in many international media outlets. Originating as a Ukrainian feminist movement in 2008, FEMEN has since acquired an international position, establishing their European headquarters in Paris and expanding their focus on women’s rights violations worldwide. Nowadays the movement’s voice is heard all over the world. The FEMEN movement describes itself as “a founder of a new wave of feminism of the third millennium”. Their goal, like many other feminist activist groups in the past, is undermining the foundations of the male-dominated world. Their tactics are using their topless bodies, on which are written, often in blood-red, a variety of shocking slogans to catch the public’s attention.


FEMEN became famous for their playfully orchestrated topless protests that targeted women’s rights violations in Ukrainian society and most prominently the sex trade industry. FEMEN blamed the economy for ruling out women and letting them slip into the sex trade industry to make a living.

After the transition to a market-economy that followed the fall of communism in Ukraine in the beginning of the nineties, women (and men) officially gained new social and political rights, for example, the right to association and political participation. And according to the new Ukrainian Constitution, the equality of men and women would be guaranteed with regards to political and cultural activities, in educational and vocational training, as well as in employment and wages.

However,  the law did not always correspond with reality. After Ukraine’s transition to a market-economy, many discriminatory practices that were rooted in the unequal treatment of women and men during communism remained. According to communist ideology, both men and women workers were formally equal, but in reality, the woman was seen as a mother and family caretaker first, and a worker second. This meant that women often had to deal with a double burden. Despite the formal guarantee of equality, traditional gender roles prevailed. Discrimination concerning positions and wages was rampant because by holding lower-status jobs, women could find more time to act as caretakers for the family.

Femen Ukraine Flag - Blog Ania Here is the full article

As you can see feminism, it is not a significant movement in Ukraine. Like I wrote earlier most women and girls are not concerned with this.

It is a big plus for western men to find such a culture. Women that want to be a woman!

American men ask me all the time how do Ukraine women feel about the structure of the home. It is always said the man is the head and the woman is the shoulders to support him. Ukraine women a so feminine they dress and talk and act like a woman. They want a man to help them cared for and treated as if they were helpless. I have met many Ukraine woman that tells me. I am tired of being strong I want a man to support me, I need a man to support me. I am not talking about financially but with the day to day problems.

I met a girl a few years back that was so strong mentally. Her personality was right in your face she was not afraid of anyone she had her own business and made a good living for her and her son.

Not a feminest
Ludmila, The Tough Girl

She was a beautiful girl and sometimes scared me of how strong she was. I saw that when she talked people listened to her, she was a master in the market haggling the price. When we went to a cafe, she always sat where she wanted even if the table was reserved. She was not a bitch if that is what you are thinking just a strong woman. I also saw the kind side of her. In most cities, there are kids poor kids that sell flowers. Luda would always buy flowers from these kids and not keep them. She would give them to some older woman and make her day. One day we went to the outdoor market and bought so many fruits and vegetables bread and cheese. I said are you planning to have a party today.

She said yes let us go to the park and have a party. What happened next was one of the kindest acts I have seen!

We get to the park, and there are many people there. Parks in Ukraine are so nice and always have many people with their children. It is a great place to meet women or girls. OK so we get to the park, and Luda walks and walks, finally she stops at a bench. An old man was sitting on this bench. Luda said hello to the man he did not respond to her. Without hesitation, she goes into the bags of food we have. She gets some apples and vegetables, bread and cheese make a package for the man. She hands it to the man; he does not react to her. Finally, he says I do not have money to buy your food.

She says this is a gift for you I am sure you are a nice man!! He now has a big smile and goes through the bag of food.

not a feminist
Luda The kindest Woman.

He makes a sandwich with the bread and cheese and eats so fast while taking bites from a cucumber. Luda and I say goodbye to the man as he is thanking us for the gift. I told Luda what a kind person you are, she said don’t tell anyone with a smile. We continued to walk in the park and give these bags of food to the old people in the park. She told me that the seniors that are alone in the park do not have anyone. So she said I never met my grandparents so now I have some every time I come to the park. It is such a gratifying feeling directly helping and making someone’s life better.

When all the food was gone, we sat and talked and I saw a whole new side of her. I told her you are a great person!

She said I am not so great, and I do try to be a good person. I saw tears in her eyes; I knew what she was feeling. I said Luda you are not such a strong person as you show to be. She said yes I am just because of some fruit. No, because I can feel your hurt I can see it in your eyes. She looked at me as she was going to hit me or yell at me. Then she started to cry and cry; she said Rod I am tired of being strong. I wish I can find someone to be a weak little girl with a man that can be my wall.

I need some to be strong for me I am a woman, I am weak fragile soft, I am a woman!! Where is my man Rod, why can’t I be happy I am so tired of being strong.

The good news is she did find that man he is from Australia. From what she tells me he is a real, strong man. She said his hands are so rough and she loves when he holds her so tight. Also, she told me her son now has a man to teach him to be strong too. Living in a new country is hard but if you have someone that will support you is great. I do not hear from her anymore she has her life and I am so happy for her. She deserves to be happy! Like so many other single women and girls in Ukraine. If you like this story you might want to Read Paying It Foward!

Feminism in Ukraine I don’t think so. Some of the kindest sweetest women in the world I think so!!

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