Ukraine Girls Easy To Date?

Why do beautiful Ukraine women want to date and one day marry a foreign man? Simple, security love a better life?

Ukraine women are easy to date! Western women have it all already a good job a good life they can be picky stubborn. If they make good money, they can wait years before they marry a man because they do not need a man. Ukraine women have none of this all they have to offer is themselves. Everyone takes advantage of other people, and all through history women took advantage of the man to provide for them. Is it wrong? I do not think so but there is a line that some people cross, and that is where it gets to be wrong. When a woman is with a man only because he is rich, it is wrong. Living in Las Vegas, I see this all the time. Once when I was working in a casino, I saw this beautiful girl with a much older man. They were from Texas; this guy had a lot of money the way he was betting. I was going on break and saw the girl we talked a little. I asked her are you happy with your relationship? She said yes I love my husband very much. I asked if he was not rich would you still love him? She said no f…ing way.

Katya Ukraine girl
Katya Looking For A Man

The women of Ukraine that I have dated or met either are the best actors or are genuinely looking for the one man. To marry and support her, yes it is true.

But isn’t that what marriage is? Give and take? Maybe one day it will be different in Ukraine, but for now, the Ukraine girls are just looking to get married. Put yourself in their shoes for a second. If all you had to chose from was a young guy that did not have a good job or even a job at all what would you rather? To be alone or take a chance with a foreign man? There has to be a reason why there are so many Ukraine online dating agencies. If the Ukraine women were not interested, do you think these sites would still exist? I know so many of us including me have been taken advantage of in the past by some pretty girl. But that does not mean all the girls in the world are this way.

I have many Ukraine friends that are married and most to younger Ukraine girls. Does this mean they are all gold diggers only looking for a rich man to support them? 

If you were a young girl and found a nice older man that makes enough money to support you. Would you marry him? Or would you go

sext Ukraine girl
Just A friend Maria

after that young hot guy that doesn’t work and plays with all the girls? It is very logical; I know women are wired differently than us men. Men look at a woman’s body her chest her butt, and within minutes we know if we like the girl or not. A girl looks into a man’s eyes and listens to his voice. If she feels he is weak or afraid something in her tells her this man cannot support you protect you. Have you ever walked up to a beautiful girl and got into her space and asked her a question? I am not saying to date her but maybe a coworker or a customer.

The women can feel this about a man; she does not think oh he is cute she thinks wow this guy has balls! 

I remember when I drove a cab, I would transport sexy girls all the time. I did not think of them as potential girlfriends they were customers. I talk to them like I would a guy made them laugh. I was in control this was my space and the girls would sometimes respond to it. I did not know it at first, but I started to get phone numbers for some of these hot girls. I would occasionally even reject a phone number, and it would shock this shit out of her.

If you want to get a hot sexy girls attention, say something negative about her. But you have to do this with confidence and a little smirk on your face.

gorgeous katya
Gorgeous Katya

Every year hooters have the hooter girl contest in Las Vegas. It is not about talent just who is the sexiest most gorgeous girl. I had these three hooter girls in my cab, and one said as we passed the New York hotel. When did they move the statue of liberty to Vegas? The other two laughed and said good thing you are beautiful. I looked at her and said I do not think you are that hot! Absolute silence in the cab, she said do you mean that? I said yes, your friends are hot but you…well I think you are cute. She said so if I asked you to go out with me you would not? I said ya I probably wouldn’t. She said can I see your phone and unlock it, please! She handed it back to me and said I put my number on your phone! If you decided to change your mind.

 OK, now back to Ukraine women that are easy to date they do not have much of a choice in their cities. Everyone thinks there are more Ukraine girls than men.

I have read that it is right and also not true. Being in Ukraine, I do notice that there seem to be more women than men. But I think that there are not many dateable men in certain cities! When I go to some of the smaller cities in Ukraine, I notice when I go to a cafe or maybe the gym. The place is filled with girls even the staff is all women, a single guys paradise.  Why so many beautiful single women everywhere I go. I have been asked and told by many men here in the US that all those Ukraine girls want is money a man with a big wallet!

It is far from the truth in Ukraine, yes you will find your gold diggers. I have met this type of girl in Ukraine, but the strange thing is. They let you know from the start it is money they want.

Yana easy girl
Yana Looking For Sugar Daddy

Usually young girls 20 to 25 years old they are looking for a “papa” looking for a man that will pay her way. Now girls that want a sugar daddy are everywhere in the world. Just like in America! But if all sexy young girls wanted sugar daddies, the not so rich men would be alone. It is hard to get men to believe the Ukraine women are not money hungry. Like that old say don’t hate me because I am beautiful!! They are hungry to find love and a better life yes. If this is your definition of a gold digger, then all of us married a gold digger. Of all the women I have dated in Ukraine not one asked me for money.

Well with the exception, of the girls I found on an online dating agency. Now every girl I met this way asked me for money in one way or another.

Their mom was sick and needed money for medicine, or the best was they needed money for their child’s schooling. Which is free all the way through college, free education. If what is stopping you from going to Ukraine to find love. Is the fear that the Ukraine women are just looking for money. Then stay home and hope to look for a woman like these in your city. My grandfather told me once all women need and want money. You can give it to a woman that is not attractive or to a sexy woman you decide!!

Come with me to Ukraine and find your love or just to date beautiful girls you decide. Date Ukraine Women

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